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  1. Moon Queen

    Like i said, never a touring force before, why did you think it would suddenly change now.
  2. Moon Queen


    That does not qualify them as yours you husband-stealer, get your kids
  3. Moon Queen

    Hope that can answer your question
  4. Moon Queen

    Thats not the issue; the point is even at her prime Nicki was never a touring force and these days especially not so i dont know what you were expecting.
  5. Moon Queen

    Not in Germany sis wyd stop acting like she's Adele or smth
  6. Moon Queen


    He dont, my children always live with me, he gets to see them one a year
  7. Moon Queen


    Um no my children will live with no step parents thank you next
  8. Moon Queen


    Not Bad Romance being twice as much as the runner up
  9. Moon Queen


    Gotcha, sending mine in now
  10. Moon Queen


    She's 31? Oh my gosh our girls are growing up i literally remember the first time she caught my eye back in 2008 and she look so young despite the confidence she carried herself with.
  11. Its her third as a lead because Side to Side is hers, not Nicki's
  12. Moon Queen


    That depends on who is releasing that week and if Ariana's streams wont get in the way AND if she isnt floppy and releases Always End Us This Way