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  1. is it me or did spotify shut down for a sec?

    1. Music Meister

      mine always crashes but my laptop and phone are pieces of sheisse

  2. Game

  3. What a voice and scene. My favorite in the entire movie katy3


  4. Well i like Camila but really only time will tell how she will go. As for Normani i dont think she'll make far at all but yet i dont know that.
  5. Well LMLYD is the superior song still so
  6. Um no but she did have her best vocal moments. She pushed her self to her peak there and sounded phenomnal.
  7. Discussion

    Well its by Rihanna so. Plus it was kept up mainly by radio and i dont think Delicate is really going to find a foor on airwaves as of yet. but you never know so
  8. Oh you wouldnt believe what people get called gay for. Here in my city its almost alarming. I know some of them boys be bopping to Gags or Beyonce but they would never in a million years let anyone know just to keep their selves away from the teasing. Its just sad. Of course a fag like me im already exposed but like Amber Rose said, it can mentally damage the mind of these growing boys and be chaos later for us.
  9. Discussion

    i dont think songs by established pop artist become sleeper hits...either they smash or dont. However, she can have a remix with someone hot and it will fly