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  1. Everywhere in that part I highlighted
  2. This should be compared to Joanne. It would make more sense. Anyways, Katy wins for me
  3. Now sis ...
  4. Oh my gosh yesss release Roulette queen
  5. This IS sad, Witness is a good album and Katy doesnt deserve to flop to this magnitude.
  6. Album

    yes i cackled a bit at the title too
  7. Album

    Why all the hate? Just because she's being more commercial doesnt mean the music isnt good. She deserves love from the GP considering she spent the majority of her career releasing albums no one cared about. Anyways, i AM SO READY for this album you dont believe. The cover is cute and i can already image the bops! (dont disappoint me Sia )
  8. Your body's poetry speak and let me your rhythm tonight demi1

    move your body, move your bodyiggy1

    I wanna be your muse use my music and let me be your rhythm tonight bey6

    Move your body, move your body cheer1


  9. This will always be my song. The vocals, lyrics visuals are simply gorgeous

    Image result for adele gifs

  10. yes this is a bop
  11. About to play I Will Always Love You
  12. Yes the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award proves it. They didnt have to name it after him ,but they did because his legacy on videos surpasses ANYONE. Im not gonna argue because you obvious do not know what you are talking about.
  13. Yes she was. They should have learned from her how avoid the disasters that fell on them, she managed to.