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  1. Shall we continue? Yes we shall indeed. 19. 18. 17.
  2. Moonflower

    i personally dont like imagine
  3. Janet Jackson will be Inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame FINALLY!


    Now lets go for Whitney!

    1. Chris Morlock

      JJ shouldve BEEN in the HOF clap1 

    2. witchcraft.

      Wait... WHIT ISNT??? dead2 

    3. Moonflower

      A lot of legendary artist havent been even considered for solo inductions like Diana, Tina, Patti LaBelle and even Barbra dead7

  4. Moonflower


  5. I was saving that for the top 20
  6. The first three albums! 25. 24. 23.
  7. Moonflower's 2018 This must feel reductive to many of you considering the amount of threads like these that are floating about at this time of year However, when i did this last year, it made me feel good about sharing my fav albums of the year, those who I believe showed exceptional quality and simply appealed to what i wanted in my music. I'm not a music critic; I don't play in instruments or read music or have a degree that allows me to say things I say about anything or anyone's body of work, yet opinions, as little as they can be individually, matter in the grand picture, right? Anyways, I've picked 25 albums released within the year of 2018 and here in this thread, like i did last year, I will list them down and provide my fair share of commentary where I see it fit. Hope you guys don't think I'm too irrelevant to check it out!
  8. Moonflower


    @Venus XCX come do another one sis! Welp nvm
  9. LWYMMD. the song cause such conversation for a whole month after its release. The definition of anticpation. RFI, End Game are forgotten, literally noboy knows that they happened Delicate was the only organic hit off the album but as steady as it was didnt pick up the way mnay of us hoped. had a great run though, radio was very supportive.
  10. Moonflower


    That graphic in the OP is gorgeous, not fair @Luca now you are gonna overshadow MY album list!
  11. Moonflower

    Compared to...?
  12. Moonflower

    With post numbers accumalted over FOUR years? your logic makes no sense.
  13. Moonflower

    Yeah, im not sure about that other one cause i never got into t stats but Evita was widely praised...didn't she always get nominated for an Oscar/Golden Globe for the performance