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  1. I give my all to have one more night with you

    I'd risk my life to feel your body next to mine


  2. Achievement HDD: reputation Debuts With 1.29M

    like for real
  3. Whitney Houston

    What a performance
  4. Achievement Feeling Myself certified 2x platinum!

    Feeling my scalp you mean
  5. Album Jaden Smith | SYRE | November 17th

    I didnt expect this, wow. Imma listen!
  6. Game Song vs. Song [Queen Bey edition]

    STAN i love both tho Ave Maria vs Dangerously in Love
  7. Achievement I Am...Sasha Fierce Turns 9 Today!

    Trash album? Yes Full of filler? Yes of course Generic? Yes in some ways Won 6 Grammys in one night, the most in one night by a woman? YES Sold 8 million, confirmed her as the biggest icon of the 2000s? Yes Has some of the greatest singles of her career? HELL YAS Excellent overall vocal moments? Ave Maria exist so YES It may be one of her least artistic pieces, but Beyonce gave us a culturally relevant anf successful album that did much for her career and made he the iconic diva she is today. Happy Anniversary I Am!
  8. Game Song vs. Song [Queen Bey edition]

    Both are great songs ugh Halo vs Ave Maria
  9. Game Song vs. Song [Queen Bey edition]

    Mi Gente vs Halo
  10. 'When You Believe' Turns 19!

    Its been 19 years since the greatest duet of all time by the greatest voices in history graced our ears Reaching 15 in the US but smashing throughout Europe, the queens of music came together for the first and last time to give us some of the best work of both their careers Lets celebrate this ICONIC moment in pop music history!
  11. P!nk

    Its still great
  12. Single Dangerously In Love outtake from 2003 randomly appears on iTunes

  13. Best selling female albums of 2017

    he already said she is doing good sales wise sis.
  14. We Remember: 1939

  15. Discussion LWYMMD vs RFI?

    Her first two official singles off reputation which is the better overall song. I think both are simply amazing, but i lean a bit more towards RFI because of the video