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  1. Jjang

    Solidified facts, cant argue with them
  2. Jjang

    Unless you’re an international longevity queen like Madanna
  3. Jjang

    Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Canada etc are all major markets and there's no excuse to Gaga not doing better in those markets 12 years into her career when Madonna was on her 30th! It peaked at #37 in the UK, by the way
  4. Jjang

    Excuses + incorrect analysis and observations, next
  5. Jjang

    As if SL is a quality track lol JoJo Siwa makes more mature content
  6. Jjang

    Them having to make a “gaga is 10 years into her career!!!!” Excuses meanwhile trashing Madonna 30 years into her infinitely more impressive career
  7. Jjang

    "We'll see how her next single does" yes Gaga running to Ariana and Blackpink or whatever they're called for a quick lil hit after her supposed re-peak Weren't ya'll claiming she's bigger than Ari just a few months ago? Why is she counting on her to revive her career now
  8. Jjang

    Listing songs from the Bradley movie again
  9. Jjang

    Superbowl hype in Europe + Asia? Also SB hype for Joanne (which did good in the US, mediocre elsewhere hihi wonder why) next studio album single: Stupid flop Bradley is a side project that doesn't count! Otherwise why all this love and adoration and hype didn't apply to stupid flop? Madonna after Evita did ROL which was universally worshiped by everyone and then followed it with another smash solo studio album + single, the other cannot relate Anyway stupid flop wont be able to outstream NRO how embarrassing @GagaSavingPop time to jump ship again, she tanking
  10. Madonna, thirty years into her career, was able to get a bigger hit internationally than Gaga, 10 years into her career + at her supposed re-peak with massive promo and payola...WHY? GMAYL: #1 Canada #3 France #8 Germany #2 Spain #2 Italy #3 Japan SL: #7 Canada #36 France #21 Germany #50 Spain #15 Italy #48 Japan
  11. Jjang

    The fact that you're serious is embarrassing. Not worthy of a reply. Go stream stupid toucan nosed fad maybe that will help it not fall 20+ positions next week
  12. GMAYL outpeaked in Europe / Asia / Canada I love how monsters are now "well, Gaga is 10 years into her career!!!! this is so impressive!!!" while GMAYL was 30 years into Madonna's and they dragged that song for being a flop for ages. Karma.
  13. Imagine bragging about being #51 on Spotify and #127 on Apple Music your second week after major promo on both platforms lol
  14. Jjang

    It has more streams than any Anitta album track though. It’s not a single. Explain?
  15. Jjang

    Ok then ill never comment on a thread of yours anymore, ur relevance (wtvr remained of it) is officially over.