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  1. Jjang

    Witness is 100% better tbh but Smile def has a good portion of songs that I absolutely adore
  2. Jjang

    At this point he should just retire and make a comeback in his 40’s tbh
  3. Jjang

    Kings & Queens is a bop
  4. Jjang


    Whatever it is just drop it already
  5. Jjang

    And again, for the people in the back: there's nothing inherently wrong here... it's just my fucking opinion
  6. Jjang

    No... and Madonna herself says that she leaves the directing aspect (meaning the actual art direction...not the video treatment) to the director. For instance, she comes up with treatments or mere themes (such as: in the LAP video, it was her idea to include the black Jesus scene, the burning crosses and for the church to end up being the prison etc) and would collaborate with Mary Lambert, who is a professional at harnessing others' vision and making them artfully come to life. It's that part of Gaga that I have been missing and I'm simply saying that she had a sick ass opportunity to prove that she has an amazing mind with this video but she wasted it. That's my opinion - something this thread is asking for. If it triggers you that much then block me sis what are you waiting for Almost the entire arbitrary dream scenes were visually borrowed from The Color of the Pomegranates which also within its' plot lies the message synopsis of 911. So she really didn't add anything she just modelled on others ideas (even the film reference wasn't her idea). Just like Stupid Love was empty af, and so was ROM, concept + ideas wise. Even John Wayne, the heavily praised "recent" MV by her is just another jonas akerlund take on her "I keep chasing the guys who are bad for me - what if we kill them?" concept ala Judas ala Bad Romance ala Paparazzi ala Telephone etc etc so really in my eyes her last great music video was probably Born This Way or maaaybe Applause and ever since then she completely and I mean completely lost her creative juices. Sue me, bitch. The concept that she could have added is the car accident plot which just makes me think she made the video worse (in my eyes) I mean, take Express Yourself for instance - yes, the entire aesthetic and initial premise was based on Metropolis (which was her idea wink wink) but the concept + message of the video was something completely different aka ............ Madonna's contribution! got it? Again, if you enjoy it, then enjoy it. I don't care about your opinion lol, i don't see why you're so fucking triggered about mine.
  7. Jjang

    ok but there's clearly different ways of collaborating with directors and this one just seems like someone else's idea that she just latched herself on (you know, the same thing everyone calls Bey a thief for lol) which is okay, but where's her input? Because if you haven't noticed by now, it's the lack of that I'm criticizing. If you're kind enough to let me know which idea/concept/whatever she contributed I'll be happy to focus on that.
  8. Jjang

    I just thought there was a deeper implication/message behind the 'arbitrary' scenes, why is that such a ludicrous thing to expect from a Lady Gaga music video of her most personal track? Ok she has no ideas you win, happy? The direction is great but that's on the director. Singh is brilliant. Welp
  9. Jjang

    That's a fair point and I already said in this thread: if it's your cup of tea, then good for you. Just don't pretend that it's anything more than that and we're fine. And with Gaga's case... she rarely says anything these days lol. I just thought well maybe in this supposedly personal ass song she was gonna give us some underlying insightful twist (message wise - which was always her thing) but nope. And we as Madonna fans know that it's also possible to serve a plethora of visuals with mind blowing video treatments, it doesn't have to be one or the other.
  10. Jjang

    So... the concept I described already. There's nothing deeper than that? lol, what's the point then
  11. America: spies on the entire world through Big Data analytics Also America: BuT ChInAAA I mean, this probably means an American company is gonna buy/invest in it instead
  12. Jjang

    What video is that from her last era?
  13. Jjang

    Obviously... but, what's the point She created an arbitrary fantasy world in her mind that only makes sense to her (chromatica), cool? Katy was clowned for Oblivia and that had legit like 10 genius commentaries in it about social monotony. I don't get why Gaga's less detailed oriented and far more vague work gets praised more tbh, if you have an answer for that, please share. I don't think there's anything remarkable or insightful here because all those "attention to detail" moments only had to do with the accident itself (reference wise - as in the pain in her foot was the only thing keeping her alive and grounds her back etc), which yes, is a super generic concept and withholds the video from having any unique messages. If she wanted to make a visual expressing the notion that she's the catalyst to her own misery in life then do that. Idg why she had to reverse it and add this unnecessary storyline... just half baked af and I know you're smart enough to recognize that tbh. If it satisfies your fan needs, then good for you. That doesn't bother me at all, I'm just genuinely, genuinely curious to why people pretend like she's deeper than she actually is. Now please don't be bothered by my opinion (not u but Gilly, Royal and Freaky) The reality of the matter is that this is probably a video treatment that was handed to her (the way Enigma was her friend's concept, not hers, for instance) and she tried to make sense of it with 911. If that satisfies your fan needs, then good for u but for me it's a total missed opportunity.
  14. Jjang

    liddos have zero argumentive skills regarding their own fave and relying on personal attacks? color me surprised. She says "I didn't have any pills" tho and even then... still super uncreative like there could have been so many ways that she could have implied the danger of doing drugs when in a bad mental state and she chose to show it by taking a bicycle ride while being drugged? Is that really quality story telling for you?
  15. Jjang

    Erm... weren't you the one trying to "gang up" on me for whatever opinion I was sharing? Check your superiority complex before coming for mine. I simply shared my opinion and asked her fans for explanations, which was only met with hostility. Hypocrites just like your fave