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  1. I’ve never been so inaccurately profiled and I demand an apology for your wicked accusations, thanks.
  2. I’m cringing just thinking about it lmao
  3. No lol, they should both just retire musically.
  4. Other

    She doesn't have the vocals to assist producers / songwriters of that type, why can't she just deal with it? Even if the content is going to be good this time around I'm 100% sure her vocals are going to ruin everything 'cause it just won't vibe with the overall mood of the record and will sound extremely cringey.
  5. Album

    Give us that electronic funk masterpiece.
  6. Charts

    So... @Kuba Dark Horse - 494m Roar - 362m Chained To The Rhythm - 307m Firework - 248m The One That Got Away - 181m Swish Swish - 172m Last Friday Night - 168m California Gurls - 163m This Is How We Do - 158m E.T - 146m Teenage Dream - 144m Unconditionally - 133m Bon Apetit - 122m I Kissed A Girl - 111m Wide Awake - 103m
  7. We've had other tours be delayed and still remain completely sold out on the day of the concerts, stop the excuses. I guess bots overestimated her demand outside of the US post - SB and no one bought tickets on the resales, how sad! Katy will do better.
  8. Well then okay, if you didn't view it as a problematic behavior then why did you note it out so aggressively in the first place? I see we're cool then
  9. But why is she not on the same level when she could do this The type of choreographies that Janet and Britney execute just does not fit the energy / overall mood of Madonna's music, which is elemental for a Madonna performance : the routine has to portray some sort of dynamic that radiates emotion rather than just hitting your mark. It's not like we don't have evidence of Madonna being a trained classical dancer, she was on her way to becoming a professional one, that's not "slightly" above Gaga, who has no rhythm or basic coordination requirements, and even in their Pop performances - if you take notice, 99% of Gaga's choreographies consist of her standing in the same spot, doing one random movement at a time, she's a graceless dancer, Madonna's performances are far more demanding, please. When you don't lip sync (which for the most part, she doesn't) you are handed with choreographies that allow you to balance your vocals with movements, meaning more structured. It's done with the intention of reducing the effect it has on your vocals, Britney and Janet rarely worried about that. You can immediately spot her background as her approach is more elegant but this number is just as demanding as, let's say, I'm A Slave For You's routine, as the movements rely on your whole body language, several movements (foot / hand work) done at once, which requires coordination. And I mean, she could do this at the age of 54, what makes you think she couldn't execute way harder stuff 30 years younger?
  10. That’s your problem though lol not mine.
  11. That doesn't explain the empty seats though.
  12. SB won't save your ass in Europe, sadly.
  13. Gaga fans being hypocritical once again?