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  1. 1,000,000,000 streams on Spotify.
  2. Jjang

    @Agugaga Before Gaga even debuted: Don't lie. Katy had that "quirky, fruity show girl" aesthetic going on way long before Gaga made a commercial impact.
  3. Jjang

    From Firework up to This Is How We Do she was everywhere.
  4. Americans are so hypocritical. I mean, technically we should all boycott the US as well since they’re the ones funding the oppression in the first place. I don’t have a particular opinion about it, it’s just a very messy situation all through and through lmao.
  5. Jjang


    She learned as a kid but never continued practicing as an adult I believe. She played the keyboard on some LAP songs. But I don’t believe she’s a legit player, no. But yes, she plays piano during Future performance.
  6. Jjang


    Not her casting her Kabbalah curse on Hollywood. It is an extremely fascinating system of belief, though. Just not the Hollywood version that celebrities preach.
  7. Jjang

    Honestly they're equally as memorable and iconic.
  8. What does your own subjective musical taste have to do with the quality of the performances?
  9. You'd think at this point her own fans would stop expecting her to heavily perform her older songs. That's your own fault. It's called The Madame X Tour for a reason, you know. I don't know where it rates, I haven't seen it, and I'm not going to ruin the whole project by experiencing it with one sense.
  10. Jjang

  11. Jjang

    Deflect what? You presented nothing but your biased garbage opinion.
  12. Jjang

    I don't value albums based on commercial success. We're not gonna enable your Selena Gomez stanning ass to tell us anything. Sorry.
  13. Jjang

    even those will not be tuning in to listen to Gaga's albums by the time she achieves a quarter of what Madonna did though
  14. Jjang

    And still more acclaimed than all of Gaga's studio albums since The Fame Monster.
  15. Jjang

    in the US alone, the singles stand at a combined certification of sixty times Platinum. That's 60 million singles units in the United States with one era. OT: Taylor clearly had a bigger peak overall, but Teenage Dream is more iconic than any Taylor era.