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  1. Smh. I do think Bedtime Stories was a disappointing album after Erotica, but that's also the same year her infamous Letterman interview was aired, the same year she hosted that ultra gay album release party on MTV (you know, when she told her fans to shut the fuck up for interrupting her on TV), the same year she released Human Nature and the title track. There was nothing poised and calculated about her image, (like, let's say, repeating the same rehearsed lines 50 times an interview) despite the release of Something To Remember, which at least was done on her terms and sparked a new trend on the industry and not vice versa which is Gaga's case. And you could count on her to release her most experimental work of her career the year after (as if any other Pop star would go full on Kaballah mode on the industry and expect to be taken seriously) followed by a completely new show, she was still evolving and was still a factor of statements, artistic concepts and visions, which requires risks to be taken (you'd know since you saw how that turned against your own fave post 2011), she didn't run to encapsulate her career in a Vegas residency (again, back to having nothing to say). I'm not even talking about wanting to redeem your relationship with the public, it's about the sacrifice you're willing to make and how you achieve that.
  2. Different career dynamics, Madonna was almost always simultaneously working on a movie project on the side, she didn't specifically run to Evita, nor did she ever calculatedly began transitioning to a more "relatable" Pop star image on a clear choreographed campaign. Gaga is slowly but surely making the transition to "Lady" while still using flashes of "Gaga" (which she realized doesn't work anymore, on top of not being able to withstand her own artistic career's philosophy) to appear different and more interesting than her peers but more importantly for the sake of her fanbase not falling apart. I'm not saying that should upset fans or anything, but for someone who actually gave a fuck about what she had to say and paid careful attention to her artistic progress and evolution, like me, it's a disappointing turn of events. The Gaga that communicated in a sort of a "meta" way and wanted to impact the momentum / atmosphere of Pop culture and defy the industry game is dead now and has been for years and is now replaced by her own shell that consciously and actively participates in the Hollywood game herself (although she's giving the impression that she's not, see, that's her genius) - now you might agree with that and regardless still enjoy her projects, which I'm fine with and support. I'm at that state myself basically, but she gave up on the vision, she betrayed way too many artistic principles that she set and she became the type of Pop star that she herself warned us about in 08-09. She's smart and I'll hand her that, her career transitions have been mostly interesting and fascinating to keep up with but I don't want to ameliorate what she does now as something admirable or artistic. Again, as someone who paid attention to pretty much every detail in her career, her motives are transparent. I'll go stream Madonna's universally acclaimed albums, a feat Gaga has yet to achieve, thank you very much.
  3. Jjang

    They mean close to nothing.
  4. Jjang here

    This performance remains impeccable to this day. 


  5. Jjang

    She probably sent it directly as an audio recording to Quavo on whats app and he sampled it The scary bit is that people are actually positive in the comments.
  6. So I was wrong, lol. She gave a better performance than I anticipated, but I still don’t think It deserves Oscar buzz and I can go into detail about that. But let’s not, Im enjoying the soundtrack, the film was ok and so was her performance. Still not a fan of her done being the Pop outcast and is settling to be a cliche Hollywood chick. That just means that she has nothing to say anymore to me. But whatever, enjoy this project all you can. You got your bit of glory after years of disappointments. Lose at everything? Is this the part where you bait me to state that Madonna’s the highest selling / most acclaimed female Pop artist ever so you can tell me how insecure I am for stating that?
  7. Lol, that’s one of the worst songs on the album but the whole point of the rap verse was to be ironic. It’s a notorious behavior to brag about possession and power in rap culture but here she is, in classic Madonna “juxtaposition”style is doing the opposite : she’s mentioning all of the things that are a supposed consequent of fame and the American dream but she’s saying it did not grant her happiness or satisfaction, just materialistic gratification. So yes, that’s a pretty bold statement.
  8. Jjang here

    Shit, that Cher ABBA cover album is just depressingly bad. How the fuck did Björn and Benny approve of this. brit5

  9. Jjang


    Well, it better be good music. Bitch.
  10. And yet she outsold, outacclaimed & outtoured all of them. We love an artist that doesn't rely on sex appeal!
  11. Jjang

    I’m not mad, a thousand times better than a song like Million Reasons. At least it’s shaping up to be an organic hit and not something that was shoved down our throats.
  12. Jjang


    I hated them at Coachella, mainly because they were like an hour late and that bummed me out. Travis >>>>> Migos live.
  13. Jjang


    True, but substantially more songs sucked. A lot of cringey songs were also pretty much saved by Quavo's abilities to captivate you with an amazing hook. WITI has an amazing instrumental but the content itself - meh. If it's good I won't be mad though.
  14. Jjang


    Migos' quality is only declining and hearing Drake as a feature on any song is a cliche at this point, I hope it tanks. (won't happen, but let me be hopeful).