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  1. ‘Pose’ was heavily inspired by Vogue (season 2 literally deals with Vogue culture post Madonna’s impact) ‘Stranger Things’ (most watched series on Netflix ever) Material Girl scene is already iconic and elevated the song to a whole new level amongst the newer generation. ‘She’s gotta have it’ included Frozen in its soundtrack. And Im probably missing tons of other references (Lizzo referenced LAV at BET, Camila reference MG, and Dua is releasing a Madonna inspired track soon) Yet you’ll keep clinging to 2009-2017 when Madonna didn’t have a 100k+ or 100m video.
  2. That’s not true lol, LAP has more streams than ABMB and Material Girl will soon pass it as well. Inb4 youtube views = Madonna had tons of deleted and unlisted videos for 8 years, until 2017, and ever since then her channel has been getting more views sans Christmas time.
  3. The OP said Hero is bigger than any Madonna song, tho, thats where it comes from.
  4. The only one counting here is you counting days all year for Christmas so you can write this.
  5. Material Girl at 40 million views despite being uploaded on August 25, 2017 for the first time... 33 years after its' release. We love a forgotten catalog
  6. Not to mention Frozen was real close to 100k as well (98k) and Vogue hit 100k if you count the performances’ views Remember the “Madonna doesn't have a 100k vid, WHY?” Threads? Good times. They lost and they hate to see it.
  7. LAP's views last update : 107,864 Hero's : 91,750 Madonna had shitty management on that platform, but that ended in 2017. So get with the times and stop using dated excuses.
  8. LAP streams : 153m Hero : less than 100m. Mariah's Christmas song accounts for nearly 900 million of those and you know Madonna's catalog was blocked from 2009-2017, let alone 30% of her discography not being uploaded. For the last 2 years Madonna has been beating Mariah on a normal day.
  9. LAP is simply a much bigger classic, sunshine. Facts!
  10. Mariah Carey Live 8 2005 performance : 49k views Madonna Live 8 2005 performance (uploaded only a month apart) : 8.2m views
  11. Most watched videos last 24 hrs 279 +91 Madonna - La Isla Bonita (Official Music Video) 548,964 2,716
  12. Omg you literally think im an idiot. of course American Pie is a legendary song, im talking about dont cry for me... which yes madonna’s version is the most famous. she has the most views = you wont accept she has the most streams = you wont accept Her version sold millions and was the 11th biggest song of the year = you wont accept one way or another, you will go back into telling me i will always love u is bigger and whatevs... so yeah, im genuinely bored, have a nice day
  13. Madonna's version : 32m, 3.7m, 3.6m, 5.1m, 4.9m, 1.2m views etc = 50m + (there's tons of other uploads still) Elaine's version : 4.7m views WhAt HaPpEnD To ThIsS StAtEMeNt
  14. You seem... shaded and offended, hmm...