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  1. But I'm talking this version Yeah it's dorky and low-key embarrassing but it's new for her and fun so fight me
  2. Jjang

    FIRST SINGLE: Pon De Replay / Crazy In Love SECOND NO. 1 ON BILLBOARD: Umbrella / Baby Boy NICKI MINAJ FEATURE: Raining Men / Flawless MID 2000s STARGATE TRACK: Don’t Stop The Music / Irreplaceable SHAKIRA FEATURE: Can’t Remember To Forget You / Beautiful Liar DRAKE FEATURE: What’s My Name / Mine SONG CO-WRITTEN BY SZA: Consideration / Feeling Myself FIRST WORLDWIDE CHART FLOP: We Ride / Diva 2006 LEAD SINGLE: SOS / Deja Vu LAST SOLO BILLBOARD TOP 10: Love On The Brain / Formation LATEST SINGLE FEATURING JAY Z: Talk That Talk / Drunk In Love That was fairly easy tbh
  3. Jjang

    ..Baby One More Time / Genie In A Bottle Womanizer / What A Girl Wants Til The World Ends (Remix) / Woohoo Hold It Against Me / Your Body Circus / Hurt Stronger / Fighter Girls & Boys / Beautiful Radar / Not Myself Tonight Gimme More / Can't Hold Us Down I Wanna Go / Keeps Gettin' Better Make Me... / Accelerate
  4. It received 250k streams when Katy did 1.4m tho
  5. Jjang


    Yup. 1. Kiss It Better 2. Work 3. Love on The Brain 4. Needed Me
  6. Jjang


    Don McLean praised the living shit out of it, and called it a "gift from a goddess". That's all she needed as praise. The butthurt pseudo music elitists can suck it
  7. Yup, just another quick money grab project, like Vegas, like Haus Labs etc Her artistry and passion has taken a backseat and her love for money is now her #1 priority when literally she spent years acting like doing just that is a crime.. But no one is ready to have that conversation yet.
  8. Jjang

    My biggest problem is the mixing as well... like, it's so amateur and flat sounding when a song like that should have a more "3D" sounding mix But honestly, other than that, I hope she releases the version with Diddy as a remix and I'll bop to that one.
  9. Jjang

    In the morning buy me eggs is iconic Honestly Joanne to me That song makes me cringe so hard
  10. The searching had paused and will be resumed the next morning. This usually implies that they know she's basically dead and are just waiting for the corpse to naturally resurface in a few days, as it usually does. I can't even begin to imagine how traumatic this must have been for the poor kid. I hope he receives the care he deserves.
  11. Jjang


    I cant believe she invented sex. It went Reddit viral a few weeks ago too btw
  12. The panic in this gif sends me
  13. Oh wow thank you for the acknowledgement