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  1. Jjang

    Celeb News

    Wow this is pretty shocking (In a good way)
  2. Jjang


    NOT everyone reading Madonna RIP...he is a legend in his field.
  3. The way we stood by it from day 1 A classic.
  4. I'd prefer to hear only Mariah & Ari on the record without Jennifer tbh
  5. Jjang

    Biggest Pop star from 2013 onwards
  6. Jjang

    The Gee Pee disagrees!
  7. Jjang

    She sweats talent... she's not even capable of recording a bad song That's why she smashes based on good music every.damn.time
  8. Jjang

    Spotify US: #2 Positions 1,245,896 #11 pov 781,753 #12 34+35 764,348 Solo power.
  9. Jjang

    @Madonna Disappointment, you said?
  10. Jjang


    The way Hung Up & Sorry randomly became bigger classics in recent years Ngl, not my fave Madge album. But that was a moment most pleasing in my career etc
  11. Didn't she have it back in May though? She should be fine by now.
  12. Jjang

    Madonna's imperial phase was 1984-1991 and that's pretty much the biggest a female Pop star has ever been.