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  1. So if it were released as a solo single from Joanne it would have had the same commercial impact? That's what you're saying? She has been unsuccessfully trying to revamp her image for four years prior to Bradley casting her and getting a bunch of professional writers to dumb down the script for her mediocre acting skills (please ask for the receipts so I can post them) and she probably only minimally helped in the crafting of these songs, just like Till It Happens To You - which she was exposed for. It's not half as big or multi generational as the songs you've mentioned. Jesus, stop overrating her How can you even say that about a song that's not even one year old, I guess Just Give Me A Reason and Like I'm Gonna Lose You are as big as those as well!
  2. Jjang


    365 > Small Talk > Never Really Over.
  3. Bigger than any solo Gaga song since Applause. A fact that you need to learn how to deal with.
  4. It will end up out streaming it despite the 8 months advantage. Fadga at her solo peak can't even match Katy's flops
  5. By the end of this year. Despite fadga having an 8 months advantage.
  6. 2 months: 165m 10 months: 288m Do the math.
  7. It was sent to radio stations. It has a music video, vertical video, promoted in the movie... That's not the point anyway, point = NRO bigger than any solo Gaga song since Applause.
  8. Never Really Over Canada #7 Australia #7 UK #12 US #15 Germany #47 Always Remember Us This Way Australia #12 Canada #26 UK #25 US #41 Germany #84 It will pass it on Spotify in no time, too.
  9. True but NRO will still end up being bigger than any solo Gaga song since Applause.
  10. Gaga's 10's hits can't compare to Katy's, though. Firework, Roar & Dark Horse 1,2,3 punch Gaga just can't relate.
  11. Teenage Dream > Born This Way Prism > ARTPOP Witness = Joanne Never Really Over > The Cure Studio albums & solo stuff Katy wins. Not Katy's fault Gaga has other collab albums.
  12. Not even top 3. Also, Katy has a bigger set of hits than her this decade.
  13. Jjang


    The success jumped in global.