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  1. In the 90's? She was most definitely global for the most part. But yeah she hasn't been particularly global outside of North America in like 2 decades.
  2. FREE PALESTINE BITCHES. 1sm3s0p1gyrtbr.png

  3. I hear you and obviously agree in theory, but are we just supposed to accept that "it is what it is" (and what it is is that we live in a fucked up world, with highlighted and transparent tragedies being performed on the daily) and continue to live our lives? It is our duty as people to challenge all of our governments because at the end they are, even if just performatively, serving us (I know that's a cliche, dont worry) and we can at the very least practice our rights to perform that pressure on them. If history teaches us anything is that things are bound to be set in motion and revolution
  4. Israel has been forcefully ethnic cleansing (just like they illegally ethnically cleansed 40 families in East Jerusalem last week in front of the world's eyes) and occupying the land 40 years before Hamas was even formed. Hamas is just a distraction tactic from the real issue. And in no way is Israel actually looking to end the occupation. You have Israeli politicians literally priding themselves on being fascist (ask for a source and you will receive), you have Israeli politicians teaching that the Palestinians are not human and they must be beaten to death every day (Benjamin Ne
  5. @Simón. Too bad he won't recognize the genocide being performed by your favorite country Israel as we speak
  6. You don’t have to target Israel “politically” in order to have the mere basic understanding that shooting innocent children in their homes and kicking their families out is not normal lmao if that makes you an anti semite then by all means im the biggest anti semitic out there!
  7. Basically, Israeli settlers (backed up by military forces) are currently stealing the homes of local Palestinian residents. The Israeli forces have already shot and killed multiple victims (including children). It's important to spread awareness esp. If you're American because the U.S sends billions annually to Israel in form of military aid as well as a large amount of your taxed Money goes into the oppression of the Palestinian people. This has been actively going on for over 70 years and has only progressively gotten worse. Till when? Why is Biden on mute? https://www.aljazeera.