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  1. Jjang

    Fair, but then you don't go around posting to your millions of followers that it's all cool and rainbows 'cause we all sin and make mistakes in defense of someone that gets arrested for a living. That's the problem.
  2. Jjang

    You're the least eligible person to talk about sensibility of any sort, mam.


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    2. Urbanov

      She's been definitely inspired by Frank lately oprah2 And I'm living for that simplistic, minimal r&b

    3. Jjang

      She's literally the female equivalent. I'm pretty sure the album won't be as successful as CTRL but I don't care, I want need it. antm1

    4. Urbanov

      Well, we will see. I wasn't expecting CTRL to be as successful as it is in the first place!

  4. Jjang

    I guess lets all just kill each other, god will forgive
  5. Now merge the views, here and on Spotify
  6. @The One Beyond All I don’t think you realize how the downvoting system works sweetie
  7. The song is not great IMO, but that lyric video is brilliant.
  8. Jjang


    I'm disappointed in myself for hating it initially, too. I guess it's not instantly accessible musically, meaning it's not structured to be an immediate attention grabber, which is commendable in Pop music, rarely do we get Pop songs like Get Well Soon / R.E.M / Goodnight N' Go (I know it's a cover), that take time to develope and 'peak', most Pop songs have a predictable pattern, you know the songs' outcome by listening to the first 30 seconds. Now, I'm not saying Ariana released this big risky innovative album, but it's just a refreshing listen in the current landscape. I don't like the intro, thought it was pretty pointless. And stuff like The Light Is Coming could have been interludes instead. But overall it's a solid 7/10. Main Pop girl really did that.
  9. Jjang


    Not available in my country for some reason. Only tracks number 3,5 and 13.
  10. It's just hypocritical of her, she's the same person that claimed rapists should be stoned to death publicly and now not only she's dating one but this one in particular is a murderer with 12 felonies under his name. At least be 100% honest about it and just say that you have no clue what you're doing and is merely attracted to his bad boyness, irrational or not.
  11. This is no different than a Thanksgiving dinner, though.
  12. 'Caution' tour is doing 22 theater dates in NA, or is it not? That sounds to me like they belong to the same ethos touring wise. Obviously, Mariah is bigger but it is what it is, stats don't lie.
  13. That's a cute 7k crowd, I'm sure Christina is capable of that as well. But Mariah is notorious for hosting tons (and by that I mean tons) of floppy concerts. The Liberation tour is as successful as your standard Mariah tour.