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  1. Jjang

    Let me adjust US - 95-98k WW - 150-175k
  2. Jjang


    That doesn’t mean that all contributors and critics agreed on the score or content, though. Head editors is different field.
  3. Jjang


    Best New Music would make sense - but that's absolutely not the same as your claim that each score is agreed upon by the full staff of contributors. And of course any reviews or articles for that matter get neutrally fact checked and modified - but once again, that's not the same as what you previously claimed. And like I said, had it been 2.5/5 stars but with a fair review, I would have taken it seriously. I agree with their Confessions review (6.2) and at the same time I think their LAP review is lame (9.0). So it's not half as much about the score as its about noting how the writer clearly has a certain personal agenda that he wanted to put out through this review. And to me, especially with a publication as respected as Pitchfork, that is completely and utterly unprofessional. He is good at making snarky remarks but they are blocked by his poor analytical skills and reflective cynicism. I mean, he couldn't even get the surface level meaning of Killers (for example, she's not merely sympathizing with anyone as much as she's presenting a concept - hence the Israel line.) So to even dare calling it wannabe deep when he couldn't even get the most shallow messages right (or downright asking us what these songs mean, smh) is pure self projecting and less than smart. Sorry. Unnecessarily name dropping Mariah, ending it with a clear jab at her age note... there's no way in hell this wasn't written with a certain motive in mind. So yeah, I DM-ed him on Instagram for the sake of it. If he replies, I'll clock his ass & screenshot for a hit thread!
  4. Jjang


    What did he write? Not viewable for me
  5. Jjang


    I literally wrote that I would have been fine with an epic negative review though . But not this, that was just an embarrassing, fundamentally off review.
  6. Jjang


    Link to where that process is detailed?
  7. Jjang


    It really wasn’t... it was pretty embarrassing, actually. Esp. From a publication such as Pitchfork. Their interpretations are never taken at face value like that - what the fuck. Anyway, I would have been interested in an epic negative (or positive) review - but this is just a bunch of nothing. Failing to spot the crux of the matter on so much ground basis & outrageously off on other aspects. Oh well, It’s more of a bummer this review was written by a contributor who was an ex - forum stan and is a lifelong Mariah stan. His grindr chat pics on Instagram the ass pics the glitter t shirt pic The Lambs won today, but embarrassingly.
  8. Go make another 0.25 page hit thread
  9. If only you give the thing in your avi "some thought" as well
  10. Um, then how are you going to invest in something's deeper meaning if you can't get past the "fuck, it's pretentious!" level. At least there is a deeper meaning - not some gay culture bandwagon-ing and omg I'm a totally nice person that has a bad reputation!!!!! ugly message.
  11. And I'm not gonna shred Taylor any further 'cause her fans (at least here) are cool but sweetie this whole "here's my product - now pay attention to this foundation or this cause" at the end of a video/performance formula was invented by Madonna, bish
  12. The point... is... literally.... in.... the....title.... "We lost God control" - that alone can be analyzed on various levels. Serving us God is Dead realness! Taylor's "message" seems way too self serving and calculated, sorry. She's just not genuine to me - when both your I'm a bad girl & but now I'm a good girl again eras look and sound disingenuous then that's a red sign for me. So yeah, typical Taylor for you - cute message but 0 merit regardless. I don't know man, I just find her severely overrated.
  13. Jjang


    Idolator just gave it a 4.5/5 It doesn't count too But I'm glad this album is getting so much acclaim, regardless. Well deserved.
  14. Jjang


    Nice review, but it's a contributor, not a critic. So doesn't count sadly.