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  1. I can't at the lyrics lmao 'Cause all I ever wanted is love who cares omg I want your stupid love, love I want your stupid love, love I would battle for you even If I break in two what the fuck
  2. It's even sadder (for you, of course) when they don't have to troll but simply just use Gaga's own words/statements. The best criticism is the most obvious criticism lol... this song is uninspired, dated, basic and repetitive. It would be cool if this was a The Fame bonus track, at this point calling this sound redundant is an understatement. You're so blind lmao
  3. And like... is she an imbecile or something? Didn't she vow to never make a meaningless Pop song again 'cause people are dying or whatever lmao... I'm sure freak out x8 I want your stupid lauv x16 is here to finally stabilize Africa lmao
  4. The defense mechanism kicking in already, love it. I will call out bad music when I hear it, just like when the whole Madge fan base turned on me when I trashed Rebel Heart. If you're going to bop to it, then bop to it. No one's stopping you. Nothing however will change the fact that it's a completely and utterly uninspired 2010 demo.
  5. Jjang

    Watch this be some background music for a Haus Labs event and not the 1st single, would make sense.
  6. Jjang

    I don't know, she told us that she's a brilliant musician who can literally write any song in the world, yet for some mystical reason she keeps releasing the same song over and over again. Yummy Yummy is better
  7. & You really thought Gaga did something with this song?
  8. Jjang

    Miss "I can't make a song about twerking because it's shallow when people are dying" + "I promise I will cure the mental health crisis internationally this decade" just released the most uninspired and pointless song of the decade so far, congrats!
  9. Jjang

    The way you can literally hear like 4-5 old Gaga songs in it She's truly incapable of making something new lmao
  10. Jjang

    The monsters didn't want to believe it though Watch them pretend this is experimental Disco now or something
  11. Jjang

    Madonna gave us Ray of Light after Evita, Gaga is giving you dated 000's demos Imagine if Madonna was still releasing Like a Virgin's and Into The Groove's 10 + years into her career...terrifying. Once again proving that she had major help on ASIB and didn't write most of the songs.
  12. When will the monsters start pretending this is anything but a dated 2011 sounding shallow ass song this gon b fun
  13. Didn’t the monsters call these flops?
  14. Idk but Jesus you can give her all the freedom in the world and she’d still come up with basic shit Downvote if you think Madonna destroys Gaga!