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  1. Its one of these classic albums that keep on selling like ABBA Gold or Queen’s GH, just tons of legacy behind it I guess.
  2. 35 +5 Madonna - The Immaculate Collection (US) 26 +1 Madonna - The Immaculate Collection (UK) Still moving up. EDIT : It's at #31 now in the US.
  3. I never followed her but I see she always has at least 7 Asian dates, so why not? It's a bit fishy that the stadium hasn't been announced yet, though.
  4. Well, considering it's a stadium tour and it's going to be winter by the time she's there there's not really any other option, but I think she'll add at least 2 Asian stadium dates beside the Tokyo ones (which will probably take place in Tokyo Dome, a massive stadium).
  5. Are her European dates as expensive though?
  6. Jjang


    This sounds too detailed to be fake. #M14Cancelled. I love the abortion part, though. That would be interesting.
  7. Coming for Madonna's wig. Bey's already snatched. Will she pass the adjusted tour gross of Madonna though (465m)
  8. I don't have the energy these days to write a synopsis of an album/era, it does fit with the narrative, if you pay attention. The songs you mentioned don't have the same structure though? I'd take a Music/ROL outtake over any RH track any day so idk if that's supposed to be bad for her standards these days lol
  9. She never had a song that practices that structure, actually, it works brilliantly in the context of the album (something that barely happens these days with her) and has some classic Madonna humor injected into it, which again : can barely found these days, it's never balanced.
  10. Falling Free, Love Spent & I'm A Sinner are honorable contributions to her discography, though. And I agree that her last 3 albums were subpar so
  11. Just release the damn song. Inb4 she announces a release date and it's like 6 months from now
  12. Jjang


    1. Dark Horse (2013) - 517.6m 2. Feels (2017) ~ 500m 3. Roar (2013) ~ 380m 4. Chained To The Rhythm (2017) - 335.8m 5. Firework (2010) - 269.2m 6. Swish Swish (2017) - 210m 7. The One That Got Away (2012) ~ 200m 8. Last Friday Night (2011) - 187m 9. California Gurls - 176m 10. This Is How We Do (2014) - 163.5m 11. E.T - 161.2m 12. Teenage Dream (2010) - 157.3m 13. Unconditionally (2013) - 147.5m 14. Bon Apetit (2017) - 141m 15. I Kissed A Girl (2008) - 128m 16. Wide Awake (2012) - 108.8m 17. Hot 'N Cold (2008) - 106.8m 18. Part Of Me (2012) ~ 100m 19. Birthday (2014) ~ 100m 20. Who You Love (2013) ~ 90m @Kuba This era slowed her down but overall her Spotify stats are great.
  13. Poor Janet. She deserves better but
  14. Out of the top 100. Not to mention this is TIC's 2nd week in the top 40, it also spent Jan / Feb the same way, so that's 3 out of 5 months. Look at her, selling more than her young competition while not even giving a shit.