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  1. Her farts are more relevant than the woman in your avi
  2. Yes. Literally. Yes. RH is her worst album, period.
  3. Also @Madonna Kevin can you make me a Positions avi as i'm officially an ari stan tbh where's that request thread again boo
  4. Ok one thing this concert film proved is that she's an absolute professional when it comes to live vocals. She impressed me so much.
  5. Ariana is more of a Gen Z darling while Taylor has a massive fan base. I think Taylor realized that her "smash hits" days are over and that she should focus more on being an albums artist, which is totally fine and respectable. Ariana is also doing her thing, I mean, the past 6 years she has been spitting nonstop hits in a consistent way no other Pop star has since Rihanna and Thank U, Next is pretty much a classic album (Look it up, it's currently in the top 20 albums on WW Apple Music after 2 years).
  6. Not true considering the song moved 2.5m units there alone. It's a Gen Z Xmas classic and will only get bigger as it passes by them to the next generation, like AIWFCIY.
  7. You know the answer sis. + It's only gonna get bigger because South Korea is gonna be added on Spotify next year (It's easily the biggest Christmas song there)
  8. If it's not the Madame X DVD I don't want it
  9. She barely gets out of bed for her own work, so I doubt this is real!
  10. Ariana would deadass take this song and elevate it This version is dreadful af. Ari's version would have like a billion harmonies and her soft sweet vocals would give the song a narrative. Christina just sounds like shes ranting sorry!
  11. Yes lol she's light years more consistent than Christina and the xmas lady.