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  1. Meh, at least her shit is getting uploaded, maybe one day we will be blessed with HD uploads from other sources. I love that performance, it's minimalistic but feels so dreamy and zen, she had an amazing sensiblity as a performer.
  2. Jjang

    Madonna since 2010 Britney Selena
  3. Another day another broken record by the main Pop girl
  4. Jjang

    First a Xmas classic now this, she truly is the next Mariah!
  5. God forbid something happens, at least this era is a record breaking smash!
  6. Bey : stadium star Britney : cancels theater residency due to low sales Notice the theme/pattern with your faves?
  7. Jjang

    Stop pretending like purchasing a $0.49-0.79-0.99 single is much different than a $9.99 paid subscription. The vast majority of the world streams music instead of purchasing it nowadays, that's how it goes now, learn to deal and accept this reality and stop living in this phantom of a world where sales are still the defining medium. It's not black and white and you can play with that perception as much as you'd like, I can also twist that and say that at least with streaming we're completely convinced that a certain piece of music is being actively played by active communities - while you can purchase a song and only give it one listen just for the sake of supporting your fave artist, and with artists that have massive fan bases that can result in a tricky consensus. With streaming, on the other hand, we know that the songs are genuinely being actively played, all the time. Getting your song streamed a billion times on one streaming platform is just as impressive, if not more impressive, than selling 5m + copies in the digital era. And You blame that on streaming, I credit the artists who were going to break those records regardless but just happen to be in the streaming age so their stats are reflected in streaming. Lol. Like jesus, just from your own life experience - do you still know anyone who buys music?
  8. Jjang

    No one said she's as big as those legends, we just presented you with facts : she tied legendary acts such as The Beatles and Madonna's godly records. The way you chose to react to that piece of information is on you. Her stats are not inflated, do you even know what inflated means.
  9. Jjang

    No one can compete with Taylor, though. Even Bey during Lemonade - how is that a point?
  10. Jjang

    omg I love you for this
  11. Jjang

    They've been terribly overrated for a long time now, and with the release of this film it even elevated to a Michael Jackson type of overratedness. And I say that as someone who was a hardcore fan, for years.
  12. Jjang

    How many months ago was this thread? Agu's next thread : Ariana PLUNGES to the top 20 SIX MONTHS AFTER THE RELEASE OF HER SINGLE SHE'S OVER!!
  13. Jjang

    Thank U, Next - the soon x5 Platinum single that stayed in the top 10 for 4+ months
  14. Jjang

    65k in the UK and 33k in Canada, I think that's what we have atm