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  1. Hopefully the sales are reported anyway...
  2. Other

    I mean, we've watched Truth or Dare. Her brutal honesty + cunty behavior sure is entertaining to watch but I wouldn't wanna be on the receiving end of it.
  3. Hung Up, La Isla Bonita, Like a Prayer & Material Girl are getting more daily views than any Celine song And isn't she destroying her on Spotify? What kid of hoax thread And Madonna's the only one who is still getting a bunch of retrospective reviews on her old work, critically, her material still matters. Her flop albums are being called musical masterpieces nowadays by the biggest music publications, when will any of the other 3
  4. Only one of them has her Greatest Hits slaying US / European iTunes rn and that's Madonna tho
  5. @Angelus Do you think TIC will manage to sell ~ 10k copies this month? I mean, it's top 15 on iTunes with a bunch of new releases (including P!nk's) ahead of it.
  6. Awesome top 3. Agreed with Girlie & Drowned, I'm not sure about my third pick though, she has so many good ones... And don't forget the LAV performance Brilliant how she keeps you on your toes during that entire 'theoretically speaking' boring performance, if any other Pop star attempted it it would have staled the first 30 seconds, she has conviction powers like no other in the Pop business, on paper (really, try to write down the performance) her ideas seem totally whack and ideas that would never work, but she somehow turns them into entertainment gold, and that's a result of pure showmanship and stage knowledge. And it was 100% different from Blond Ambition, which was so universally acclaimed and successful, she chose a totally different route and that's ballsy. Any other Pop star would have created a BA 2.0 show, cough cough, that's not what Madonna does, she brings you a whole new vision. That's why I hate RH tour, 'cause it's nothing new, sure there are some new stage tricks, nice visuals and a few nice efforts on her side but ultimately she's not saying anything on that tour that she didn't already on previous tours.
  7. Because today's Pop stars have no vision, nor the creative powers or showmanship to actually execute it well. People think that inserting a massive castle on your stage is being a visionary these days, when really Madonna did the exact opposite on this tour ; there wasn't even a main stage or anything that distracts you from her, yet it still feels like it's an entire universe we're seeing, just extremely rare for a Pop show, probably the only time it happened, really. And like, who else could pull it off? Not even Beyonce would be able to produce merit or sense of that kind of show, It's really funny how people say that Madonna always counted on gimmicks and distractions, she's literally the show here. Can we also talk about her Dita persona in the beginning She's terrifying, almost like I'd be scared to cheer for her or something if I were in the audience, just not human, that look in her eyes during Fever And then somehow miracously transforms into so many other sets of personas, just weird how she accesses so many mediums of personalities on one stage, every performance on that tour could be a stand alone performance for like an award show or something, that's how you know it's a fantastic tour.
  8. It's just... remarkable. That stage presence will never be formed again in any Pop star, she was a beast. The ending always fucks me up. Def one of the best tours I've ever watched.
  9. The Immaculate Collection #21 United States #66 United Kingdom #167 Australia
  10. @Angelus It's worthy of mentioning that there are like 30 new releases ahead of TIC.
  11. Damn, It's shockingly mediocre. The writing is just terrible.
  12. How do we exaggerate her impact when there are hundrends of books dedicated to the topic of her legacy. When there are thousands of articles writing in detail about what makes her an absolute landmark. When you have social studies, historians and social scentists arguing that she's the most impactful woman in mainstream music's history and a key figure to understanding today's dynamics. We're giving credit where it's due, you're the one who's trivializing it to "oh well, she just took her clothes off!". But why are you acting like just because she made it look easy - that it was indeed easy to do? It was an absolute risk, had she listened to her manager in 1984 who told her that the LAV performance is a terrible idea + a career suicide the VMA's wouldn't have been the fiasco of shocking and over the top events that we see today, had she listened to Warren Beatty who told her it's absolutely absurd to film every second of your life on camera, the idea of reality TV would have had a slower progress, had she listened to her team who told her The Blond Ambition tour is just not a realistic show for a Pop star, the way Pop stars present themselves on stage would have been drastically different. She impacted the media on several levels and sexual liberation was just one them. Her reinventions (which again, were not an easy task at all because unlike today's pop stars, she was the one generating the ideas and not her team of millions, because back then reinventing your image and formula was not the norm, but the exact opposite ; sticking to a winning formula.) Were also risks taken time after time. Slant Magazine wrote an interesting introduction about it in their Witness review ; Her contributions to both the pop music canon and societal views of female sexual agency notwithstanding, Madonna’s biggest impact on pop culture may be the idea that, for a woman, professional longevity is a party trick best achieved by perpetual reinvention. What most of the pop princesses who’ve followed in her reign don’t seem to realize, however, is that while Madonna may have changed her hair color like clockwork, her creative trajectory was largely the result of an organic evolution, and not about leaping arbitrarily from one trend to the next. Which is exactly why what Madonna did was an absolute risk that she deserves full credit for if in 2017 women are still struggling with men's power in the music industry imagine how tougher it was back in the 70's when Madonna was trying to make it. Just because we still unfortunately suffer from chauvinist pigs doesn't cancel Madonna's impact. And she absolutely changed the conversation around the female Pop star, by changing what it means to be a Pop star.
  13. She reached an unprecedented level of control a woman can have over her own career image/music/performing/business wise and that's not an easy task to achieve, there's tons of risks that you need to take in order to reach that status and she was the first to do it successfully, she didn't do it by being a musical whore. She changed the entire conversation around the female Pop star and public figures in general, and for that to occur you need to be the first of your kind, and being the first of your kind is always a risk. So no, she didn't "just" show her body, that's not even 10% of what makes her impact valid in today's mainstream dynamics. There are hundreds of books written about her legacy, do you think they wrote that she "just showed her body and got people talking, the end" You clearly don't know as much as you think you do about her, not that you must, but at least this is an opportunity for you to learn more!