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  1. It’s still charting. Unlike any of your fave’s albums
  2. Right. She out of anyone should have known whether she's technically part of the community or not, if she's bi - then bi struggle is real and it's not excluded from narrative, if she's anywhere on the gay spectrum wherever she falls, that alone should help her define where she stands. And if she, with all her knowledge, felt like she's an outsider/not completely part of the community then that settles it. Just like she out of anyone should have known but not to dismiss the rape victims of R Kelly several times in interviews, considering her history. Not even to conclude that she's
  3. Although Madonna has had her fair share of huge impact, she often times uses serious issues like oppression as a gimmick and someone needs to put her in her place from time to time Katy needs to stop living in 2013 and start releasing songs that sound relevant in 2022 Mariah has been sucking more than excelling for the past decade live, and will forever be seen as the xmas carol lady Gaga is possibly the worst Jazz singer to ever exist on planet earth Taylor is one of the most overrated songwriters, if not the most, in history.
  4. Right. I do know that. But Amy Pascal (which yes you are right, is good news for the project) is gonna be producing the film. Not directing it. I'm fine with Madge writing the film with another writer etc, I am however totally not fine with her directing the movie... or editing it. It's just gonna be a nightmare if she ends up doing it all. I honestly got a headache 45 mins into W.E and I felt like I was going crazy because the editing and directing was THAT bad.