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  1. She basically makes Hannah Montana music with pseudo intellectual metaphors / analogies. Thus, making her music extremely accessible to people with basic music taste (who also don't want to admit that to themselves, because they want to feel like they're listening to an important artist and thus feel good about themselves) while serving them the comfortability of being able to bask in her acclaim and thus shield them from the pretty damn obvious fact that they're listening Pop teenage angst music created by a woman in her 30's. My issue with her music is that the production has ab
  2. Right. I do know that. But Amy Pascal (which yes you are right, is good news for the project) is gonna be producing the film. Not directing it. I'm fine with Madge writing the film with another writer etc, I am however totally not fine with her directing the movie... or editing it. It's just gonna be a nightmare if she ends up doing it all. I honestly got a headache 45 mins into W.E and I felt like I was going crazy because the editing and directing was THAT bad.
  3. Yall I watched W.E for the first time and I can officially say the biopic is gonna bomb
  4. I keep forgetting this is more iconic than ur faves



  5. Ari and Cynthia are going to slay this alex1 I can't fucking wait man



  6. Nothing screams white feminism and performative activism like Taylor selling a $20 "fuck the patriarchy" keychain aura1 This age of pussy Pop stars is something else.  

  7. FREE PALESTINE BITCHES. 1sm3s0p1gyrtbr.png

  8. The taste she has





  9. We always walked a very thin line
    You didn't even hear me out (You didn't even hear me out)
    You never gave a warning sign (I gave so many signs)


  10. She looks and sounds angelic. The video is light years ahead of its time. Absolutely timeless. antm1