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  1. Kesha


    How far is Rainbow from being platinum? Is it realistic?
  2. I don’t know if anyone noticed but it rose on the Hot 100 to a new peak at #61
  3. Kesha


    Does anyone know why some versions of rainbow have a skull floating in the water on the front and some don’t ?
  4. Kesha


    Ugh yessss I just bought the vinyl
  5. Omg I just heard it on the radio for the first time last night
  6. Omg I loved it especially “flicker and shine” and “tell it to me”
  7. All Too Well I just recently listened to it fully for the first time and it’s definitely one of my favorite songs by her now. I wish she would go back to country/country-pop
  8. Ugh I can’t wait I really wanna see her sing Wagon Wheel
  9. Kesha


    Pls no I really want Carrie to stay country. I wish taylor would go back to country too I miss her country music
  10. Kesha


    Ugh I love Carrie (and country in general) I’ve grown up with her music and still love it today I remember hearing Before He Cheats all the time when we would go to the lake when I was 5
  11. I think it could do fairly well but since it’s Kesha some people might try to avoid it if you get what I’m saying (cause she’s pop). I think Dolly’s feature would attract people to it also. Btw this is coming from someone from Alabama lol. It definitely leans a lot towards country But I think it’s definitely possible it would perform well considering there were songs on country radio that definitely were more pop than country such as “yeah boy”, “body like a back road”, and “the fighter”
  12. Uggh I wish they’d make “Old Flames” a single and especially send it to country radio I love that song so much
  13. Kesha


    I really hope Kesha and Kelly wins one
  14. She better be performing it at the AMAs