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  1. All Too Well I just recently listened to it fully for the first time and it’s definitely one of my favorite songs by her now. I wish she would go back to country/country-pop
  2. Pls no I really want Carrie to stay country. I wish taylor would go back to country too I miss her country music
  3. Ugh I love Carrie (and country in general) I’ve grown up with her music and still love it today I remember hearing Before He Cheats all the time when we would go to the lake when I was 5
  4. I still wish they released it as a promo single or something with the video i wish they'd release the HD video omg
  5. Does anyone know why Backstabber was scrapped from being the 2nd single off animal
  6. What happened to the second Take It Off MV? Does anyone have an HD version of it?