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    Madonna will always be the Queen of Pop. Even if newcomers surpass her achievements and build bigger legacies, Madonna will die with that title. I don't even get why Madonna fans still feel the need to drag other claimants to the title. They have nothing to be insecure of. Madonna was given that title and no one can take that away from her even if her relevance and artistic output is fading nowadays.
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    This thread made me smile. Thank you
  3. TJ

    Christina - 5 Céline - 6 Kylie - 1 Madonna - 6 Mariah - 5 Total 23
  4. Selena Gomez's tone and voice in general is just so rough. Even when she tries to give some texture and make it softer, it still sounds dreadful.
  5. TJ

    Has Gwen undergone chemotheraphy? And more importantly has Gwen toured the world and put on elaborate shows for the past few years? Kylie is an icon. Her longevity and accolades prove that. Gwen, not so much.
  6. The Britney-Christina rivalry is virtually one of the pillars of the teen pop culture boom in the 00's. The fanfare and money that this rivalry brought is iconic and intense. No one in today's pop tarlets can hold a candle.
  7. TJ

    Dangerous Woman on a worldwide scale wins.
  8. The Slumber Party video is slayage? When will Britney come up with something as left-field as Fighter, sexy and classy as Candyman or something as simple and effective as The Voice Within? Never. If writhing in lingerie, throwing in a few dance steps and getting totally overpowered by the feature artist is slayage, then the standards must be really low.
  9. TJ

    Neither of them. From our generation's popstars, with no bias, only Britney and possibly Beyoncé would go down as legends.
  10. TJ

    Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton - Just A Fool Christina Aguilera and Rascal Flatts - Riot
  11. Christina already the 2003 (?) MTV EMA's and I think she did well there.
  12. Why is the good sis Celine dragged into this mess? In terms of sales Madonna > Celine = Mariah. Isn't that an established fact? All the 3 divas have sold well and have nothing to prove. Although I think Celine's career surprisingly held up well in terms of sales because of her niche markets. Her core demographic still buys CDs. Unison - 3 million Celine Dion - 5 million D'eux - 10 million The Colour of My Love - 20 million S'il Suffisait D'Aimer - 4 million Falling Into You - 32 million Let's Talk About Love - 31 million These Are the Special Times - 12 million All the Way - 22 million A New Day Has Come - 12 million One Heart - 5 million Taking Chances - 3.5 million Sans Attendre - 1.5 million Loved Me Back to Life - 1.7 million Encore Un Soir (released 6 weeks ago) - 620k
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    L'Etoile is the next single off Encore Un Soir Also the album crossed the 600k barrier worldwide!
  14. TJ

    Nelly. The Loose album alone obliterates Avril's one-note discography.
  15. I'm usually one to bash Gaga but I don't think she's fake. I feel she puts in a lot of thought to her songs, imagery and performances but it gets overshadowed by her general pretentiousness. I do however believe that she's manipulative - from the payola'd Billboard write ups, Bionicgate with Perez Hilton, the Golden Globe Award she bought, thanking Whitney Houston to obviously skew away the Madonna influence on Born This Way during her Grammy acceptance speech and other incidents.
  16. TJ


    Forbes just posted an article about Encore Un Soir's global domination and success http://www.forbes.com/sites/hughmcintyre/2016/10/03/celine-dions-new-album-took-over-the-globe-last-month-and-the-u-s-didnt-even-notice/
  17. Happy with the results! Thank you to everyone who made this possible. Her overacting skills in Hurt were rightfully lauded. (And the guy who played her dad in the video is hawt).
  18. Xtina may be 'xtinct' as you say, but this girl will never reach even a fraction of what Christina's career has achieved throughout the years. This girl might most likely even be inspired by Christina judging from the way she sings. But I'd take her over the Halseys, Dayas and all those other homogenous pop girls anytime.
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    All the Back to Basics videos should rank high. Those were well-crafted videos! Even Save Me From Myself was perfect.
  20. Mariah cannot come for Celine though. Celine literally is one of the nicest people in the biz and she even dedicated an IG post to her when René died. Mariah knows Celine's achievements and sales surpasses hers. She did have a bit of animosity towards Whitney before they dueted.
  21. Such an influx of Namie singles the past year. Surely a Best Fiction Part 2 is in the works? Bless Utada Hikaru for also slaying the charts and for bringing us Fantome.