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  1. JoshuaAfterDark


  2. I'm so proud of Britney and her team for crafting this amazing body of work. And it's so incredible that a publication as huge as Rolling Stone has recognized how fantastic this album, and Britney herself, is.
  3. JoshuaAfterDark

    Music Video

    Incredible. Can't wait for the full video to release!
  4. JoshuaAfterDark

    Music Video

    This is going to be her best video since Work Bitch. I am READY.
  5. Don't like the remix, but fucking LOVE this artwork. Thank you.
  6. JoshuaAfterDark


    I don't like it.
  7. JoshuaAfterDark

    Music Video

    This is going to be so fucking unreal. I'm not ready.
  8. Fuck it UP, queen. Can this be the new photo for the entire campaign/era?!
  9. I say scrap it all, pretend this campaign didn't happen, and re-release with Mood Ring as the lead single. Looking forward to hearing T slay on the remix though.
  10. JoshuaAfterDark


    Dancin' in Circles is the best song on the album in my opinion. That probably comes from the fact that I got into Gaga because she was one of the best pop music had to offer, and it's the only pop song on the record. Side note, I don't know what the hell you're listening to because Diamond Heart is the furthest thing from a dance song I've ever heard.
  11. JoshuaAfterDark


    Womanizer vs Invitation Circus vs Make Me... Out From Under vs Private Show Kill The Lights vs Man On The Moon Shattered Glass vs Just Luv Me If U Seek Amy vs Clumsy Unusual You vs Do You Wanna Come Over? Blur vs Slumber Party Mmm Papi vs Just Like Me Mannequin vs Love Me Down Lace And Leather vs Hard To Forget Ya My Baby vs What You Need Rock Me In vs Better Phonography vs Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés) Amnesia vs Liar Quicksand vs If I'm Dancing Trouble vs Coupure Électrique Rock Boy vs Mood Ring So I guess this means Circus is the better album....?
  12. JoshuaAfterDark


  13. JoshuaAfterDark


    If we want to be truly fair shouldn't we compare it to Blackout (Britney's 5th album as this is Gaga's 5th) or Glory, Britney's latest? Both comparisons Britney would win because they're superior albums. Joanne is better than BJ, but it's like comparing Gonorrhea to Syphilis.
  14. JoshuaAfterDark


    Not a fan really. It's just....... forgettable. I don't feel like this style/genre really suits her. It's not as bad as I was expecting though.
  15. I care because we're probably not even getting a second single at this point with how little Make Me and the album sold.