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  1. You said it - her WW sales are good. Diamonds doing 'only' 3.8 million in the US but almost 10 million worldwide is more impressive than Shake it off doing similar numbers ww with 5.5-6 million coming from the US. Even if you don't find her US sales impressive, overall ww she comes on top despite being a black woman. She is also the only one who managed to get good physical singles sales, the other girls flopped hard (especially Taylor who doesn't have a single selling 100 000 song). Rihanna sold tons of ringtones in the US too: 2,3 million – Umbrella 2,0 million – Take A Bow 1,9 m
  2. 1.In the US she is the second, worldwide she is the first even excluding her features. 2.She doesn't have 2x more singles/albums than her peers. Taylor has more albums than her (with most of her albums having like ~20 songs), Gaga has 8: TF, TFM (it's a separate album, she herself considers it her 2nd album), BTW, Artpop, CTC, Joanne, ASIB and Chromatica. Only Katy has less but considering how she's been doing lately commercially, it's not a big difference (she has 6 with Katy Hudson which is not that far from 8 anyway). You used Wikipedia page for the amount of Rihanna's singles, but d
  3. Kiss it better Love on the Brain Consideration
  4. https://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=...0%3A-BABY-LOVE Tuesday, June 9, 2020 TOP 20: BABY LOVE With no major new releases this week, Lil Baby moves back to #1 in its 15th week on the chart. My Turn has been out of the Top 5 only once during that run. Lil Baby (Quality Control/Motown/Capitol) 58-63k total activity, <1k Lady Gaga (Interscope) 52-57k, 17-20k Future (Freebandz/Epic) 37-42k, <1k Drake (OVO/Republic) 37-42k, <1k DaBaby (SCMG/Interscope) 35-40k, <1k All albums in the Top 5 doing sans Chromatica less than 1k pure. Sales are
  5. Yes. In singles sales, touring, acclaim, performing, earnings. Basically everything bar album sales and that's because Britney debuted 100 years ago when everyone and their mother was doing 20 million.
  6. I don't even like Madonna but absolutely not. She does better commercially than Britney nowadays despite being from a different generation.
  7. She is the best or one of the best female performer(s) of all time, so she's more than that.
  8. Wow she's doing great, good numbers.
  9. Can you Madonna? You didn't push any boundaries, if anyone did it was Grace Jones. She did everything that you are credited for long before you - being sexual, great visuals etc. and this video proves it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5EyewfIODI Maybe if you started acting your age people would take you more seriously.
  10. Absolutely. She doesn't have a single classic on the same level as My Heart Will Go On, I Will Always Love you, All I Want for Christmas Is You, I Will Survive etc. She brought nothing new to table. The entire sexual thing that she is credited for had already been done by million artists before her. Her performing skills are mediocre at best. Jack of all trades, master of none. Her musical impact is basically non existent, it's all about visuals and marketing when it comes to her. For example, Janet and Rihanna are not the best singers, but many girls try to sound l
  11. J.Lo is bigger in South America and Asia though. Her biggest album was her second one, J.Lo, which sold 8.32 million copies while Fever sold 6.33 million copies. Their sales in Europe: Kylie - 15,89, in the UK 9.895 (5,995 outside of the UK) J.Lo - 9.04, in the UK 2.24 (6,8 outside of the UK) so J.Lo actually sold more in Europe outside of the UK and she has way less albums than Kylie. J.Lo hasn't toured as much as Kylie, but I am sure her first tour grossed more than any Kylie tour. And her Vegas residency is doing amazing. J.Lo is also bigger on streaming services than Kylie a
  12. Looks like J.Lo is the answer after all despite having less albums than Kylie. Chartmasters: Kylie - 35,76 million equivalent album sales J.Lo - 42,78 million equivalent album sales