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  1. Celeb News Lena Dunham defends "Girls" writer, Murray Miller, after he is accused of sexual assault

    Not surprised since she's an all around vile person
  2. We Remember: 1939

    Haters dragging Taylor with something Hitler related? Edgy
  3. hey you got drugs? Is the Habits (stay high) of 2017 i see


  4. Discussion Make "THAT-10-track album"s of Tay's discography

    Not you cutting some of her best songs. @Mods delete this blasphemy
  5. Best selling female albums of 2017

    Lana doing better than some girls with smash hits. We love a cult legend
  6. General News Country ranking based on WW Reputation

    My country is in the top 50, poor U R Gay
  7. Celeb News Nicki Minaj for Paper Magazine #BreakTheInternet

    ONIKA! I'm hyped up for her new era, she better serve
  8. LGBT Australia Votes "Yes" on Marriage Equality

    Lemme stream "Get Outta My Way" while i download Grindr and find a hot Aussie surfer!
  9. Achievement Loud turns 7 years old!

    Only Girl (In The World) knocks so hard
  10. Achievement Dangerous Woman (song) is now 3x platinum!

    Only her best lead single
  11. Why are sales/chart so important for some people?

    Because most stans live through their faves. You can sell a lot, but if the music is bland (see: Divide) then is trash
  12. Achievement Today in 2016, Million Reasons was released as the 2nd single from Joanne!

    The 4th best song on the record after DIC, JW & PI!
  13. I'm highkey down for a drag king special season of "Rupaul's Drag Race"