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  1. How could i live 20 years without BØRNS music?gaga13

    1. Pennywise

      Lemme stream 'Blue Queen of Music' sass1

  2. The Way last, Break Free barely top 10? Reported
  3. Game

    ****ed My Way Up To The Top
  4. Other

    Such an iconic song
  5. You will not do Slayté like that
  6. Other

    A) lol B) she has her own base
  7. **** with me and get some money

    **** with me and get some money

    **** with me and get some money

    Resultado de imagen para atrl dancing gif

  8. 2017 people, grow the f*ck up
  9. Event

    Happy christmas snake fam! Getaway Car is the best song from Reputation and a career highlight xo
  10. Two episodes in and i must say that Dark (netflix show) is pretty darn good gaga13

    1. Kleth


  11. Happy christmas! xo


  12. Charts

    We love her flop era!
  13. My Darlin's is Miley's best song, don't @ me

    Resultado de imagen para Gretchen crying gif

  14. Discussion

    were iz sumi by pork
  15. The I'm A Lady songstress is engaged, congrats Meghan!