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  1. DIC is coming for diamond
  2. All iconic but not bigger than BOTM And you forgot Video Games
  3. •Peaked at #1 in EVERY country that charted •+15M units sold •Iconic MV •Skyrocketed Britney as a living legend with only 17 years old •Inspired many artist (and many more to come) So?
  4. Feud is so good! Jessica Lange is a marvelous actress

  5. Me, i am Mariah...the elusive blockbuster maker
  6. @My Everything graphics have improved so much!
  7. Other

    The fact that Born to Preach the word of Jesus has a lower metacritic than Honeymoon invalidates the site
  8. The clickbait title Honey, Katy is anything but homophobic (now)
  9. Discussion

    Love, Ride, Young & Beautiful, Summertime Sadness, Cruel World, Pretty when you cry, Brooklyn Baby, etc
  10. When Heavy Metal Lover comes on shuffle and you weren't ready