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  1. It does just like ''No one cares about'' and ''Yours Truly''
  2. Imagine winning an oscar for that tragic song called ''Moonlight''
  3. Bad Romance is really that iconic and timeless i'm shook cry7

  4. Kiii. I lowkey always knew that Katycats stanned her because of her success. As soon as she started to underperform, i saw a bunch of them jumping of the ship. And i mean, i don't blame them. Katy is great for dancing in the club or singing along to 'Roar' while you're on a road trip, but there's nothing stan worthy about her. She's a more successful and prettier Selena Gomez if you ask me.
  5. Discussion

    Only heard it once so far, but i like it! i like that Ariana's voice is more chill like in heatstroke, this type of music really suits her.
  6. I really dislike Zara's personality but 'Symphony' is the best song of 2017 and it deserves to smash hard WW. Don't quote me btw jj3

  7. The supposed Chainsmokers collab will come in handy i see
  8. I'm sure streaming will save her ass from flopping, just like it did with CTTR
  9. The song just goes nowhere, it needed a stronger chorus or something more knocking. The "Bon Appétit bebe" part is cute though, but if this is the quality of the album...
  10. -First the woke anthem that it's called "Chained to the Rhythm", whom underperformed for Katy's standards and only spent 2 weeks in the top 10. -After the initial underperformance of CTTR, Capital Records hosted a streaming party for the song, like if they were some kind of fan account -And lastly, the recent meltdowns gravitating around Katy's (lead/second?) single 'Bon Appétit'. Not only it features one of the most..queastionable covers of all time, it also features the well known homophobic one hit wonder group Migos. So, FOTP, will KP4 be as messy as the ARTPOP era? or it will reach even a new high?
  11. Part of me thinks this is a bop, but at the same time i don't wanna give my streams to some homophobic trio
  12. She knows he is homophobic trash, right? Katy sis...
  13. Celeb News

    My set's impact
  14. The BeyHive, especially on twitter. You can't even say "eh, her new song is okay" without being targeted as a racist redhead