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  1. When the chorus of into you kicks in


  2. Million of americans tweet stuff like that (and worse) everyday, but EdGyYYyYy!!!
  3. rat So the Rat can overlook homophobic shit if the person in question brings her $$$, but if not, you're doomed. Wow.
  4. We're all just looking for connection

    Yeah, we all want to be seen

    I'm looking for someone who speaks my language

    Someone to ride this ride with me


    Can i get a witness? (Witness)

    Will you be my witness? (Witness)


    1. Rosé.

      I thought it was "write this rhyme with me" fall6

  5. No Sia no ratings
  6. I wouldn't describe him as hot..
  7. If the guy is hot, the gays will eat it up as well as girls since he's bi. The straight boys could also use him if the guy in question is masculine enough and is cool, so maybe
  8. Me: I don't like Lorde, she's overrated

    Lorde: *Releases Melodrama*



  9. SJW are the worst and they should be banned from having an opinion
  10. Discussion

    Only 15 days to see the legend. Wig is evaporating as we speak!
  11. buy melodrama on iKoons

  12. Idk if this is a ww event, but happy father's day to my dad wub1 glad that i have a non homophobic dad who will support me no matter what, i love u <3

  13. This isn't Touch It so there isn't a reason to wake up!
  14. Melodrama is Lorde's best album while Blandness is Katy's worst, you tell me