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  1. Hotter Than Hell by Duallah is such an anthem. We stangaga5

  2. LanaxGaga


    Time after time, writing my lines Having my baby there next to me It's so sweet, pouring you a drink And pretending that nothing means anything This is my life, you by my side Key lime and perfume and festivals Taking our dreams, turning them to things It's like magic, babe, isn't life wonderful?
  3. I need answers and i need them NOW!
  4. LanaxGaga


    Get On Your Knees vs Coco Chanel
  5. LanaxGaga


    Venice B*tch [14 minutes radio mix remix feat. Ariana Grande] is coming
  6. I'm kinda digging this LSD music.

    Thunderclouds is a bop.

    Resultado de imagen para Michelle Obama atrl gif

  7. Elizabeth Woolridge Grant is a ****ing legend

    1. DW

      No she is Norman Fucking Rockwell lana3

  8. This is too much to process
  9. Ready for her rambling about her italian ancestry and how roman gods inspired her to become a star
  10. LanaxGaga


    Sent my scores!
  11. LanaxGaga


    Didn't know Pete Davidson, Blazed, Successful & Borderline were eliminated from the official tracklist!
  12. LanaxGaga


    You wouldn't let anybody speak and instead You wouldn't let anybody speak and instead
  13. LanaxGaga

    I've fallen in love with sacRED again . Title track, Begin Again, All Too Well, State Of Grace, The Last Time >>>>
  14. LanaxGaga


    I'm trying to localize where my wig is after having sweetener on repeat since it's release.