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  1. The Shallow scene from ASIB is still so fücking good.

    We stan talent!

  2. He Wasn' Man Enough is one of the best R&B songs ever, periodT

  3. I still don't know what to think about ME!gaga5

  4. Can RIAA automatically certify singles/albums ffs? The fact that Crazy In Love is still only gold is criminal gaga5

    1. ajp


      Labels pay for certifications oprah14


  5. Plastique and Vanjie better pull THROUGH cause i don't want to see Plastique gogiveup2

  6. Petition for Beyoncé to sing Can You Feel The Love Tonight solo in The Lion King.


    1. Honey



  7. Late Night Smashes just hit mebey9

  8. Listening to Medellin and La Isla Bonita back to back is such a religious experience cry9

  9. Joy from Jessie & Joy is lesbian? I'm SHOOKmess1

  10. I dreamt i was giving Drake head and then the alarm clock started bey9

  11. You can hate on Madame X's tracklist but the cover is AMAZING.

    The best of the decade and her best since Confessions On A Chart Hit burn1

    1. Venom


      2 hours ago, Madonna said:

      MDNA and Rebel Heart were better than both, Madame X and COADF's covers honestly.

      The standard and deluxe Rebel Heart covers are TRASH, we only talk about the red super deluxe variant burn1

    2. Madonna


      The Super Deluxe & Standard one are garbage. The Deluxe one is the only good one. burn1 

    3. Mariah's 19 #1s
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  12. I should be listening to a new Lana Del Rey album not revisiting her whole discography.

    This fůcking bitch.


  13. Katy definitely seems to be mimicking a more Beyoncé-like career shift right now, transitioning from radio friendly pop girl (DC, DIL, BD, IASF) into a more sophisticated, acclaimed respected artist and performer (4, ST, L). Witness will probably be her 4, underperforming singles left and right but she will solidify a touring fanbase and won't really flop even if it seems like a career lull.

    1. Urbi


      I scream everytime I see this on ATRL

  14. tu,n is my favourite album to play in full tbh (sans Make Up). It's rather chill until 7R and it's great for background noise.
  15. Baby, baby, I've been saving this for you, baby, baby

    I bloom just for you
    (I bloom) just for you
    (Yeah, I bloom) I bloom just for youbey12

  16. DDU x4 & Forever Young punch outsold but it's a cute lil EP. The DDU x4 rihmix is TRASH though. 
  17. Just heard self titled in full after ages and WHEW i wasn't ready to be reminded how superior black people can be over us
  18. She will never top Erotica nor Confessions huh? Their flavors, i-
  19. thank u, next (album) has the potential to surpass Dangerous Woman as Ari's best album if Tommy is the sole producer.

    Poor Max Martin stans.

    Resultado de imagen para Nicki MInaj atrl gif

  20. Rihanna is about to lose her top 10 streak for being a lazy bitch who would much rather focus on other ventures than on her own music, i hate her dead2

  21. Why is Hot Pink by LEG so good?

    1. Nuclear Chicken

      Nuclear Chicken

      Oh this tea. Sophie did THAT.

    2. Hunty Bear

      Hunty Bear

      I like It's Not Just Me a little bit more jj2 

  22. Troye Sivan & Years & Years are coming to Buenos Aires next year.

    My gay heart, i-

  23. We were reaching in the daaaaaaaaaark

    That summer in New Yooooork

    And it was so far to faaaaaaaall?

    But it didn't hurt at all

    And let it wash away, wash away


    1. Satori


      Omg STAN Queen Flo!