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  1. I can't believe Lana Del Rey invented music with Young & Beautiful 

    1. Satori


      But she perfected it with Old Money ny10

  2. Melodrama has so many euphoric songsfall9

    Planning to take a hike at night while listening to this masterpiece

  3. I don't get how anyone can dislike Rihanna. She's gorgeous, she releases bops, she's sassy, she's everything. She's a ****ing icon and i won't tolerate any slander towards her rih10

    1. Sugar Baby

      Sugar Baby

      I used to dislike her becuase of her lack of talent but she is honestly everything I want to be




    2. Galactic-Tiger


      I only like We Found Love tbh shrug1

  4. I'm mad for paying dust Florence + The Machine this long

    1. Aidan.


      Its Never Too Late!!

  5. Money Power Glory makes me want to power bottom

  6. Black Panther was AMAZING clap3

  7. Dog Days Are Over is lowkey the most euphoric song everoprah14

    1. Kenya


      it's so good when she does it live!

    2. Kenya


      yesss. She was one of the headliners at Bonnaroo in 2015 and it was the craziest crowd ever.



      I'm in there somewhere ny3 

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  8. Everything We Touch by Say Lou Lou is the definition of POP PERFECTION oprah1

  9. I lowkey prefer Dolly's version of I Will Always Love You than Whitney's wendy3

    1. Sylk


      39 minutes ago, Hylia said:

      Cause it’s superior!

      define superior 

    2. Chris


      2 minutes ago, Sylk said:

      define superior 

      better than another.

    3. Hylia
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  10. The grammys felt so uneventful rip4

    I think i'm reaching that age where i could care less about award shows rip4

  11. Big Eyes (A golden globe nominated song btw) is Lana's most underrated song

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  12. How could i live 20 years without BØRNS music?gaga13

    1. Shego


      Lemme stream 'Blue Queen of Music' sass1

  13. **** with me and get some money

    **** with me and get some money

    **** with me and get some money

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  14. Two episodes in and i must say that Dark (netflix show) is pretty darn good gaga13

    1. Kleth



  15. Happy christmas! xo


  16. My Darlin's is Miley's best song, don't @ me

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  17. The nostalgia kicked in fall3

  18. Dangerous Woman is still THAT album oprah7

  19. I'm the only one who finds Femmebot by Charli and Power & Control by Marina really similar? orangu1

  20. I'm tired of people ignoring me. Really hoping 2018 brings me people who genuinely care about me