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  1. wow this is better than any xtina video ever
  2. out of the top 20 on itunes already
  3. Hahahaha look at you fuming sis do u wanna cuddle?
  4. same here sweetie
  5. but it literally took me less time to find out than it did for you to type that sentence hun x http://kworb.net/youtube/topday.html
  6. well an xtina fan isn't exactly going to make a thread pointing out these kinda facts
  7. Fall In Line is set to debut with less than 3mil in 24 hours slé you fat warthogs
  8. But it literally reached #17 again weeks later
  9. Britney reached #17 on the debut alone then managed to hit the same peak (#17) weeks later after her VMA performance. She is a legend with star power.
  10. look at you copying me lol... cute
  11. Who’s talking about music videos this is about janets performance last night. None of madonnas recent televised performances come close to Janet’s dancing last night sorry
  12. Janet danced better than madonna
  13. Gaga missed out
  14. that we know of