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  1. Mariah's 18 #1's

    anti smashed and it had little promo tbh... just look at lotb, it was a guaranteed #1 if she bothered to do a video she would have got one easily. instead she failed to promote it at all and took down the live performance from weeks before it started to really take off. she doesn't need to do much to have a really good era. touring is always a little lacklustre with her but she makes up for it in literally every other department
  2. Mariah's 18 #1's

    why is it a.r rahman & the pussycat dolls ft. nicole scherzinger? i thought that bitch was in the pussycat dolls?!
  3. Erm Katie Price does these kinds of videos, and she's A-list, luv!
  4. Mariah's 18 #1's

    Dua if this next album spawns more hits
  5. late to the party but Ke$ha slayed the AMA's gag1

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    2. Mariah's 18 #1's

      and he's saying it's deluded because it's big. but it's big for a reason... can't you fathom that

    3. I Brings That Levity

      Indeed it is big for a reason, that reason being sheer delusion sweetie. mj1

  6. Mariah's 18 #1's

    Why does she look like an irrelevant drag race contestant voted out in the first week
  7. Mariah's 18 #1's

    Sam Smith reminds me of an actual sweaty hairy pig warthog with bad breath
  8. Mariah's 18 #1's

    Bad Guy deserves to win both, if not then Lizzo should win. Ariana's song about cultural appropriation and being a rich bitch is both nauseating, and disgusting and sends the wrong message to her young fans
  9. Mariah's 18 #1's


    is this even a question, bitch! Teenage Dream is the only correct answer sis
  10. Mariah's 18 #1's

    This + Jesus is King
  11. Mariah's 18 #1's

    erm fatina's latest album spawned 0 hot 100 hits... even though her deluded stans proclaimed it was her big comeback and the GP was rooting for her, she couldn't chart. Not even with the help of streaming juggernaut Demi Lovato
  12. it's over for these bitches already


  13. Xtina's is a feature so she doesn't belong in that list. Britney and Mariah also share 2 diamond albums. Christina doesn't even have 1. Because she's fat.
  14. Mariah's 18 #1's

    No one dressed as Xtina because our Brit MADE that performance what it was and all the headlines were on her
  15. Britney's residency made over 100mil Xtina's will be lucky to do 30mil when it's all said and done hun... she just doesn't have the demand when everyone is already so fat in vegas why pay to see a screaming fat pig? I just don't know if she'll cope for much longer in that city she'll end up putting herself in an early grave cos imagine the food she'll be eating oh darling that red chair would NOT turn around now because even with all that exercise on stage she is just eating and eating and eating. my friend works backstage for her show (there's only like 15 people working there compared to britney's 150 staff for her show) and he hates it and says that they have to constantly do food shop runs and instead of doing costume changes she eats loads of food and gets grease allover her fingers/face and she's not even bothered