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  1. Her dad obviously felt it was the last option, or he has asked her and she has said no, I can't imagine given that even he is so egotistically with his shitty cafe, that he would beg for money on a go fund me as a first resort. She has said no!
  2. Kanye has always been trash wbk sis! but Gaga shouldn't pretend to be charitable and this loyal girl with Italian roots and her close knit Italian family and pics of her serving coffee in the family business... no darlen your dad (who according to online sources is also a millionaire) is out here begging for $50k that he has himself, you have yourself, and your charity is a fucking tax avoidance scam. put that in your big nose and sniff it you former coke whore.
  3. Imagine letting your father beg for $50k on a gofund me page which is mainly used for life saving surgeries/transgender operations/meaningful operations etc when you're a fucking millionaire apparently 250 times over. Gaga is a pure fucking scumbag and her Born This Way foundation is a tax avoidance scam
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    It's the best pop album by a pop girl in the last year btw
  5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8163247/Lady-Gagas-father-shuts-GoFundMe-asking-50-000-help-support-restaurant-staffs-wages.html Lady Gaga's desperate dad is out here literally begging for $50k to pay the wages of staff, asking for DONATIONS... A profitable company, and with grants available, and this complete free loader wants to be paid in donations because of his famous daughter? I can't believe this man has the audacity to BEG for money from complete strangers and will happily take it instead of asking his daughter who is APPARENTLY worth over $200million? Disgusting behaviour and clearly this is where Gaga gets her self-serving, greedy, and immoral personality type from. This is how the rich stay rich darlens, by getting others to donate in gofundme for their own personal gains! There's literally a pandemic and this immoral family is expecting everyone to part with their own money (WITH A LOT OF PEOPLE OUT OF JOBS FOR THE NEAR FUTURE!) when he is also apparently a millionaire Oh and I will be taking this to twitter and it will go viral and everyone will boycott his restaurant and it will go bust, bookmark me!
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    I love how this thread has turned into all about me (dahhhhling who's surprised?) but if we could make a separate thread dedicated to me, or I could make a thread where I can do autographs for my fans, then that way we won't derail most threads I comment on I don't mind either way though it's hard to manoeuvre the forums like a regular member (like yourselves) when you're the GOAT
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    Don't make me squish you for a second time, remember what happened hun
  8. Mariah's 19 #1's

    her fans will blame coronavirus but stupid love is just not it
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    read the articles i sent idiot
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    there are anonymous no named daily mail/bbc articles but have to remain anonymous for legal reasons - other countries have reported on it though but the uk media are handcuffed because of a super injunction they did - https://nationalpost.com/news/world/why-the-english-media-could-go-to-jail-for-reporting-on-the-olive-oil-trysts-of-elton-johns-husband https://newspunch.com/elton-john-celebrity-threesome-sparks-super-injunction-debate/ they are both disgusting perverts
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    do something about it
  12. Mariah's 19 #1's

    elton and his husband got exposed for hiring rent boys and having sex parties because his husband doesn't find him sexually attractive sooo elton should keep quiet
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    No they're not