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  1. Jesy thinking she had a worse experience to the other band members because she had trolls targettng her weight (which she could manage if she ate healthily), than Leigh who suffered with racism (and unlike Jesy's weight, she can't manage/control her skin colour). Really hope Jesy flops, she is very bitter and is showing her true colours.
  2. They look SO much better aesthetically with the three that are remaining IMO. They will do really well
  3. Karma! also it's kind of embarrassing that he's pretending to be an outdoorsy person in the same place his ex boyfriend lives, just to stalk him/try and get him back
  4. what a deluded fool that sis is, they need help - and a lot of it
  5. She's already way bigger than Christina and has been for almost a decade lol. Britney - no.
  6. my parents are millionaires not billionaires my love
  7. Ariana's latest album, literally forgot what it's even called Xtina's last 4 albums