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  1. Mariah's 19 #1's

    I love how this thread has turned into all about me (dahhhhling who's surprised?) but if we could make a separate thread dedicated to me, or I could make a thread where I can do autographs for my fans, then that way we won't derail most threads I comment on I don't mind either way though it's hard to manoeuvre the forums like a regular member (like yourselves) when you're the GOAT
  2. Mariah's 19 #1's

    Don't make me squish you for a second time, remember what happened hun
  3. Mariah's 19 #1's

    her fans will blame coronavirus but stupid love is just not it
  4. Mariah's 19 #1's

    read the articles i sent idiot
  5. Mariah's 19 #1's

    there are anonymous no named daily mail/bbc articles but have to remain anonymous for legal reasons - other countries have reported on it though but the uk media are handcuffed because of a super injunction they did - https://nationalpost.com/news/world/why-the-english-media-could-go-to-jail-for-reporting-on-the-olive-oil-trysts-of-elton-johns-husband https://newspunch.com/elton-john-celebrity-threesome-sparks-super-injunction-debate/ they are both disgusting perverts
  6. Mariah's 19 #1's

    do something about it
  7. Mariah's 19 #1's

    elton and his husband got exposed for hiring rent boys and having sex parties because his husband doesn't find him sexually attractive sooo elton should keep quiet
  8. Mariah's 19 #1's

    No they're not
  9. Mariah's 19 #1's

    conveniently left out that GMAYL was 46 in the UK and SL reached no. 10
  10. Mariah's 19 #1's

    he isn't cute at all he's old and ugly she has SERIOUS daddy issues I have a theory as to why but I won't say it but it's serious and disgusting and if true i feel sorry for her
  11. erm why did thank u next only have 3 singles awk1

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    2. Luca

      Because she went on tour immediately after the album release and probably didn't want to promote it

    3. Mariah's 19 #1's

      i'm not satisfied with that excuse it had so much more potential she could have stretched 5-6 high quality videos and smash singles. lazy!

    4. Luca

      tea sis

  12. Mariah's 19 #1's

    Never Worn White is a lot better, Gaga is embarrassingly trying to cling on to her youth/vile original stanbase whereas Katy has settled with a rich good looking man, is getting married and having a baby. gaga on the other hand with her daddy issues goes to bed with THIS
  13. Mariah's 19 #1's

    @Divine @Hylia @Jake Honestly the racism from @Madonna is disgusting, reducing people to stereotypes and assuming their nationality and bashing them because of what country they are from. Stating that Chinese people stan Mariah because they are censored to the point of not knowing anything else is disgusting and incredibly rude to Chinese people.
  14. Mariah's 19 #1's

    This is extremely prejudice and racist, you're reducing @HninSi to a stereotype.