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  2. Q U E E N

    She is dominating left right and centre and making noise as a pop gal during a time where hip hop is the new pop... she is amazing and absolutely the new Queen of pop. Songs performing well on iTunes? Yes! Charting on the hot 100? Yes! Album? Yes! #1 in US and UK? Yes! Critically acclaimed movie role? Yes! Movie performing well @ the box office? Yes! Do my straight friends love the movie and have all seen it? Yes!
  3. Q U E E N

    Who knew that Gaga would be the one to save pop and smash through the hip hop barriers. Madonna can't even chart on the hot 100
  4. Q U E E N

    Lady Gaga. She’s the Queen of the big screen now too
  5. Q U E E N

  6. Q U E E N

    Her Blackout is coming sweeties
  7. Q U E E N

    It's just what they thought
  8. Q U E E N

    My straight friends thought Madonna passed away in 2011 Most of the straight people who realise she is in fact still with us have scathed her desperate cameo on this song. It definitely won't be a single, it's like having Amanda Knox on a feature!
  9. It might have been increased since I made the thread. Given how well her soundtrack and movie is being received I’d say 200k is likely
  10. IRELAND 1 (New) A Star Is Born 1 (12) 2 Shallow 25 (New) Always Remember Us This Way 26 (New) I’ll Never Love Again First #1 in Ireland since 2011's BTW (single & album) @Yzma
  11. Nicki is the baddest bitch that’s why
  12. #1 album in the UK and 3 tracks in the top 40!!! UK #1 (New) A Star Is Born 6 (13) 2 Shallow 35 (New) I’ll Never Love Again 39 (New) Always Remember Us This Way @Yzma
  13. Q U E E N

    I’m actually glad you feel that way
  14. Q U E E N

    Madonna ruins the song