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  1. She has no curves she isn't thick she's like a fridge freezer
  2. Q U E E N

    The contracted stated she could not headline any other tour as it would stop people from paying to see her in Vegas, thus losing the casino money. So her team cleverly asked Lionel if he would demote her to 'special guest' so she could still partake on the joint 50/50 tour. She is so humble.
  3. This poor man's fridge almost got took by the ocean current and would have ended up adrift at sea. Thankfully he managed to get it back on to the beach and dried it off, hopefully it's not broken.
  4. Q U E E N

    She was the co-headliner, it just couldn't be advertised as such as it would have breached her contract for her Vegas residency.
  5. Q U E E N

    Contractual obligations meant for her to tour (which she wanted to) she had to do it alongside someone as a 'special guest'. She couldn't be a headline act while at Ceasars Palace dahling
  6. Let's not act as though Mariah isn't credited as producer writer and singer That's why the song is such a hit year on year and will be for generations to come
  7. Q U E E N

    Honestly if you get offended by being referred to as sissy you really should not be listening Nicki Minaj or any rapper in the first place. Some people are such snowflakes, they'll get offended by anything and it's so sad and laughable. Some sad and pathetic people will just look to get offended by anything. This is NOT offensive and not homophobic.
  8. Mariah's impact given that she wrote produced and sang it
  9. Q U E E N

    She had to be named 'special guest' due to legal reasons, she was still under contract headlining at Ceasars Palace so she couldn't legally headline a tour as well, so it was instead renamed to 'special guest'. Queen of legal loopholes as well as music/christmas x
  10. Ariana will be the one who takes the biggest hit from it. When she died there was thankfully only 9 hours left of tracking week for that week so Nicki will still debut at #1
  11. Q U E E N

    I only speak facts

    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      The shade of it all when the bitch came for Aretha on one of the tracks saying "I passed aretha" Bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol3 

  13. Q U E E N

    Poor Madonna, always been in Michaels shadow. He was so embarrassed to have let that desperate woman go on a date with her to the Oscars, she bragged about it constantly and he laughed in embarrassment and even once said he didn't want to talk about 'that woman'! So funny. She will forever be in his shadow, he has numerous classics, everyone loves him, loves his dance moves, isn't a narcissists. Just like Mariah he will go down as a legend with grace and decorum as opposed to a slut and a prostitute.
  14. Michael hated Madonna so he would have been turning in his grave to see her doing a tribute for him. His sister however did a great job, she saved the whole tribute from being a complete disaster and a farce. Thank you Janet.