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  1. Remember when a basic no1curr British band blocked Britney & Madge from no.1?

    Busted in the UK at that time weren't a no1cur band though they were huge and it was their home country unlike Britney and Madonna
  2. What about all the other girls that performed?

    Xtina was the best of the night that's probably why
  3. Why did Christina disrespect Whitney like that?

    Looool it wasn't that bad at all. Madonna's tribute to Prince was down and out pathetic, Xtina's was good. I enjoyed it tbh I thought she pulled it out the bag
  4. If Beyoncé was the one who paid the tribute to Whitney..

    Whitney would have wanted Xtina to do it over Beyonce and rightly so, Beyonce's vocal ability isn't nowhere near Christina's hen
  5. gaga looks like a million bucks in here, why?

    How did she stand getting a tattoo on her armpit? I'm so ticklish I would die
  6. Local Artist drags Taylor

  7. Local Artist drags Taylor

    Since always
  8. Predict AIWFCIY's peak on billboard this year

    It's already one of the best selling singles of all time and unlike all the other best selling singles, it's still selling and charting well internationally every year, so eventually yeah it's gonna be the best selling single ever.
  9. Predict AIWFCIY's peak on billboard this year

    2016 peak: #16 2015 peak: #11 Just a reminder that she's a legend and AIWFCIY will soon be the best selling song of all time and a guaranteed top 20 in all big markets every year (side note it peaked at #5 in the UK last year, truly a local bitch ) With her AIWFCIY movie coming out I think it's gonna break into the top 10, I predict #8 tbh hens.
  10. AIWFCIY already top 50 on iTunes moo5

    1. Sylk

      a 23 year old self-written, self-produced, self-sung song oh wow come people never do that

  11. More legendary: I Will Always Love You vs My Heart Will Go On

    IWALY, it smashed and did amazing even without a 1bil+ grossing movie. If it wasn't for the Titanic being such a huge box office hit then MHWGO would have flopped (if it got a commercial reception similar to The Bodyguard, it wouldn't have sold well at all) but IWALY was going to smash regardless and it did.
  12. Local Artist drags Taylor

    Dua Lupa didn't lie though. Kanye is better than that slut who opens her skinny little hot dog legs and gives her big pudding hole to any man in the industry
  13. Oh Holy Night: Celine vs Mariah

    Mariah tyvm
  14. Petition to refer to Taylor Swift as Miss Nazi

    Miss Nazi it is, although I will still call her the slut she is from time to time because she has slept with the whole industry
  15. Blind Item: "Singer Paid Every Penny"

    Nicki is vile and so are the people who choose to still support her, they are basically condoning paedophilia by continuing to stan her. Disgusting.