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  1. does she even know the words and she sounds shit
  2. She is bearding him, her contract will run out soon
  3. p!nk has consisntely had hits and good album sales since the start of her career, she plays it safe and it works everytime so good on her tbh
  4. Gaga will never be on any of the faves levels, even Kesha is better than that man
  5. available on my 22nd birthday thank you mariah i know you did that on purpose hon ttyl
  6. Omg it's not even Remy Ma/Cardi B ending her career anymore it's herself
  7. Less than 2 months till I see Mariah live for the 1st time moo5

    1. Urbi

      I've seen her last yaer. She was great cry6

    2. Spencer Pratt

      Was it one of her christmas shows hon 

    3. Urbi

      no, regular tour cry6

  8. She's still a fad in 2017
  9. lol i do drugs it's not a bad thing hon yolo is right
  10. She's a fad
  11. Lol it's some random stan on twitter is it not