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  1. Taylor doesn't have the same kind of selling power Bieber has (although I don't think this is Bieber's lead? It's a complete non-event it's #3 on iTunes in UK atm)
  2. ANTI is the better album
  3. Mariah's was more publicised because she is more famous, Madonna's was way more embarrassing and proved how old she is, she needs putting down
  4. It wasn't famous the song was actually a flop and no one cared for it, no one knows her version. Whitney's is world wide known and one of the most famous songs in the world ever, and don't compare Dolly to Whitney, Dolly is famous in the 21st century for Hannah Montana and that's it. She is a nobody I didn't even think she was still alive
  5. Well no because no one gave a shit about the song or Dolly before Whitney's version
  6. No one gives a fuck about that old bitches version, she owes Whitney her life
  7. Definitely Britney. My friend with 12 days of christmas on itunes years ago got ''Marry the night'' free on iTunes, and she's never been able to delete it since. When it came on the aux with a car full of people recently everyone ripped the shit out of her, she was so embarrassed seriously she went bright red. Everyone was cringing we were all in hysterics like the fuck you listening to that big nosed transvestite for why is she on your phone lame ass? seriously she was about to catch these hands but then she explained over and over that she got it free and can't delete it
  8. She's had the record for nearly 20 years so
  9. Don't quote me if you don't want to be quoted hun, and mute me if you don't like what I say
  10. Why because you can't handle a few home truths? Get out of here
  11. She's a racist person
  12. Kesha
  13. Disgusting racist ugly bitch, she deserves the backlash... she is just as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside and I didn't think that would be possible
  14. The transvestites, the one with the nose, you know the one
  15. Beyonce has not sold more records overall, even with DC included