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  1. LGBT

    The guy I literally just stopped dating, we had only been dating like 3 weeks at this point, and we had no condom and it was late and he was just like it doesn't matter and that he's not bothered (he's a bottom) and stuff and to just do it and that he ''trusts me''. He tried to manipulate me by saying ''Oh so you think you have something?'' turning it around on me when really it was me thinking if you're willing to go there with me after 3 weeks then what about someone you were seeing a couple of months ago, were you so easy to just say fuck it then too? He was abusive and I'm so glad I never succumbed. It's so easy to be manipulated or get carried away and that one time can cost you your life (I know it's not a life sentence, people live normal lives, but like it stops you having children of your own, and all other shit). It scares the shit out of me but good on him for talking about it and making it less of a stigma
  2. Celeb News

    mess i ran in here thinking it was for a performance. i hope they do perform it and do a music vid tho cos the song goes off as does nickis verse
  3. i mean she's not
  4. Celeb News

    They're both janet jackson that's the point... what the hell
  5. Charts

  6. Charts

    I think it's a lovely tribute to the victims. it's clear everyone feels the same, people are singing it at concerts (recently at a little mix and shaun mendez one) to show unity, love and support and buying the song is doing the same
  7. Charts

    A tribute to the victims clearly... it's a touching song. it's not ''funny'' in the slightest.
  8. Tinashe only has slumber party, she's boring and shit and small as fuck she can keep the hell away from me on that red carpet i swear
  9. where's her collab with nicki
  10. lol what kind of over reaction? there's nothing wrong with this move along
  11. stitches is known everywhere more than 212 but 212 is the better song
  12. i swear if this disgusting act has affected ariana's or any other act's confidence.... they are not to blame. no one is. i hope long term it affects no ones ability to perform for their fans, especially since its something they love doing. sure take as long as you need to recover, please do, but like do not let this affect you long term. don't let these evil cunts win this is what they want! 

    1. Fantasea

      spencer pratt spills the tea.