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  1. Skinny during both primes
  2. The morbidly obese cunt is shook
  3. Omg how embarrassing for ugly nicki
  4. Britney hit that mark just recently with a residency in a small theatre, Xtina has never managed to do it even with an arena tour Probably because the fat cunt fills up half the place to be fair though Just another day in the shadow for some I guess
  5. Mariah and Janet - legends
  6. no
  7. Screaming at people saying flop
  8. If she could put her big gut away that would be great
  9. Britney - Make Me, Perfume Mariah - Bye Bye, Infinity Rihanna - American Oxygen
  10. You and I is one of Gaga's best singles wyd
  11. She hasn't even tried to make a comeback yet so who knows. Dead Petz whatever that cheap trash is, definitely doesn't count.
  12. Teenage Fever is coming to end careers
  13. Also isn't your fave dead
  14. Not really