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  1. ugh i just live for it 


  2. Lana's a coke whore
  3. Why would Iggy respond to this non-factor? Mature response though, made her look really stupid
  4. Absolutely
  5. omg fifth harmony really fell off


  6. But she's had 0 UK #1's on the official chart (albums or singles ) http://www.officialcharts.com/artist/48638/dua-lipa/
  7. She's a non event in the UK we don't know her over here, she needs a big break she hasn't had one yet and I don't think she ever will I feel like she's too ugly to make it main stream
  8. Charts

    This can't count YT streams since the only thing on youtube is a preview, why hasn't calvin released an audio or lyric video? mess it would have helped the debut
  9. Colton Haynes has really fell off since coming out ew1

  10. That album roll out was so messy
  11. Her power is literally crazy her peers and rivals could literally never I'm sorry
  12. Because gaga was/is an insufferable ugly man-looking cunt and everyone enjoyed seeing the demise of her career.
  13. Other

    So Global and iconic it's actually crazy
  14. tbh shETHER was iconic and that alone deserved for Remy Ma to win. Queen cry0