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  1. can't believe this was never officially released


  2. she should do something like this at the brit awards one year, british gp would eat it up
  3. she has got the face of a dead woman and the pussy to match
  4. yes ugly and old
  5. meanwhile this is mariah carey in 2018 sweetie
  6. omg sooooo ugly she looks like something off the wrong turn, the equally ugly freaks from tumblr/reddit have been liking this photo who are all just as pale/ugly due to lack of vitamin D from sitting in their basements all their life. wow madonna is so ugly and pale she really needs a few tanning beds it's offending my eyes how ugly she is mariah is 47 and has smooth skin and gorgeous colour in her face and gorgeous eyes, non saggy breasts, everything.. madonna pale and ugly with ugly teeth and looks swollen she looks like she has been attacked by a swarm of african bees omg
  7. Here you can see Beyonce attending Britney's POM residency in Vegas: She is fan, and she was there to steal moves and ideas from Britney. She attended the show in 2015 and her Formation world tour started the year after, she stole a lot of things from Britney and was inspired by her, like she has been her whole career. It is of homage and the upmost respect and gratitude that Beyonce has for Britney that she continues to base her career around Britney Spears. As a Britney stan, this is flattering, as I am sure it will be for the undisputed Princess of Pop herself.
  8. they needed updating
  9. how pathetic
  10. the embarrassment of someone voting for xtinct... no sweetie you're way off
  11. which one i have 9 hen
  12. wow she's ugly
  13. she has child bearing hips to birth 8 kids at one time she's that fat and ugly