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  1. My Italian Pride is getting weaker as I'm about to launch my Television out the window
  2. On the Italian Television
  3. Wait, is it normal that The 2nd quarter just started for me?
  4. Pence as a spectator, Bush on the playground. Is this a Gop Party?
  5. If The National Anthem is being sung right now, how much time is left?
  6. Britneygaga

    Taylor Swift is a nasty bitch that sings live worse than my dog, Adele is so depressing listening to her makes you feel bad for boyfriends you never had.
  7. Britneygaga

    It's just a post-Gaga song
  8. Britneygaga

    Flawless shade. Although Gaga may save herself
  9. Britneygaga

    Well, since new singers are really bad, she definitely could be.
  10. Britneygaga

    When did she happen? I live in Europe and I don't know this person. Another floppy singer.
  11. Britneygaga

    Anti is bad, Work is shit. The reason why Work went so big is that if Closer could go #1, every shit can.