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  1. the fact that CTTR didn't get video of the year has me so pissed .. if rihanna or katy doesn't perform , IM NOT WATCHING !!!
  2. ok...... where do I begin the first bold statement is an opinion, you cannot stand for the rest of the people on what they think of the cttr performances and etc . The second bold statement made me want to shut my computer off, you had the nerve to say CTTR was not a good video ?? Bon Appetit is up to par in terms off visuals on her standards so wyd ??? The third bold statement is a complete lie first of all, I have not read not ONE bad review from a fan (from the gp, yes) . You literally just mad that up but ok . The last bold statement is so stupid to me because she has been nothing but kin
  3. the gp doesn't like her anymore , give it up gurls
  4. justin beiber od's at a mexican brothel and we all act liked we loved him katy perry has a breakdown and it get large media coverage but the gp loves her again when release her "circus" or "blackout" 2 new pop girls debut in 2018 and take the world by storms with their string of hits kim kardashian takes a picture and post its on all of her social media platforms iconic
  5. cheap ?? those two literally have the most probs and outrageous stages wyd ??