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  1. the fact that CTTR didn't get video of the year has me so pissed .. if rihanna or katy doesn't perform , IM NOT WATCHING !!!
  2. ok...... where do I begin the first bold statement is an opinion, you cannot stand for the rest of the people on what they think of the cttr performances and etc . The second bold statement made me want to shut my computer off, you had the nerve to say CTTR was not a good video ?? Bon Appetit is up to par in terms off visuals on her standards so wyd ??? The third bold statement is a complete lie first of all, I have not read not ONE bad review from a fan (from the gp, yes) . You literally just mad that up but ok . The last bold statement is so stupid to me because she has been nothing but kin
  3. the gp doesn't like her anymore , give it up gurls
  4. justin beiber od's at a mexican brothel and we all act liked we loved him katy perry has a breakdown and it get large media coverage but the gp loves her again when release her "circus" or "blackout" 2 new pop girls debut in 2018 and take the world by storms with their string of hits kim kardashian takes a picture and post its on all of her social media platforms iconic
  5. cheap ?? those two literally have the most probs and outrageous stages wyd ??
  6. compared to all the other songs on erotica .. yes this is so ironic because i know a radio station that plays 80s music but throws in gwen stefani (no doubt) and a sprinkle of hot 100 top 40 here and there yall are lame if i heard cherish in a store i would die OT : Gambler (why promote that when Over and Over existed ?) Dear Jessie (why did she put budget into this ?) Keep it Together (THIS GOT TOP TEN BUT OH FATHER DIDN'T ?? spanish eyes exist too btw) Fever (this needs no explaination) Bye Bye Baby (i love love love by
  7. THISS !!! like how do people hate Jimmy Jimmy but love LMTWGR I NEED A REASON WHY YOU HATE THIS SONG !!! im not taking up for this awful song and i do understand where you're coming from, but i think that was the type of sound she was going for (new york dark alley, sweaty night club)
  8. happy - http://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-100/2012-08-11 IM PISSED - http://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-100/2012-08-18 WTFFFF
  9. i seen it at a book store for 17 dollars and laughed
  10. so people can stop calling her a flop
  11. Katy Perry 4th studio album "Witness" becomes the Best Selling album by a female of 2017 (Pure Sales) at the US Here the top 10 best selling albums by a Female of 2017 1. Katy Perry – Witness: 186 450 sales 2. Beyoncé – Lemonade: 185 240 sales [1 738 995 sales] 3. Adele – 25: 181 608 sales [9 356 583 sales] 4. Reba McEntire – Sing It Now: Songs Of Faith & Hope: 179 876 sales 5.Lorde – Melodrama: 173 275 sales 6. Mary J. Blige – Strength Of A Woman: 126 730 sales 7. Miranda Lambert – Weight Of These Wings: 125 478 sales [348 555 sales]