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  1. that would be cool to debut the video that references basketball on a NBA Awards
  2. just because it was her longest number 1 doesn't mean it was the biggest hit her best number 1 tho
  3. well bedtime stories kind underperformed for her standards but ok ... because the majority of the gp thinks she's a racist culture vulture and thinks she's going crazy (haircut, odd interview behavior, etc ...) her image this year is pretty fucked up ....
  4. i put rumor in the op and i type that before the show even started wyd
  5. why all my black friends like Katy Perry and I do too umm Black Entertainment Television tf ?? ... and who is that boy on the right ?????
  6. she looks like clone .. Thats not katy perry
  7. The ex-acts rivalry is so stupid : Selena vs Ariana and etc .... They're both not gonna last till 2020 so whats the point ??
  8. Honestly, I dont see the issue with Birthday being a single ...
  9. i think that was their intention ......