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  1. omg i love when pop stars pop up in everyday situations !! in my geometry class, we were doing a worksheet were we had to find the volume of Lady Gaga's hair !!
  2. honey we love Katy for the music but when it comes to charts & selling this era , we are being realistic with ourselves . She cant get a hit anymore AND. THATS. JUST. THE. WAY. IT. IS
  3. well i guess i'll have a rihanna avi this week [emoji88]
  4. The best album of 2017 literally came out less than 5 days ago and is already behind Ed Sheeren ... I WANT ANSWERS , WHERE IS HER FANBASE !!!! WHAT ARE THOSE 99.8 MILLION FOLLOWERS DOING ?!!
  5. i think she's still popular but not in a positive way . I still see her on celebrity gossip shows & i see people talking about her on non-stan twitter (they're making fun of her but heyy talk is making her relevant) ...
  6. does your fav still get talked about in the media (gossip shows, celebrity news, magazines, etc.) or is she/he a fad from the past that no one cares about anymore ? whether its good press or negative press, is your fav still a hot topic to the gp ??
  7. i kinda forgot black hair Katy existed i've got used to short blonde messy katy
  8. in Roulette when she sings "A bubble of trouble" bish whet ... but my fav lyrics are the most of hey hey hey .. "i can be zen and i can be the storn yeah"
  9. i start clutching my pearls when he asked the question i was like "please please please answer wisely katy omg " ....
  10. 1. Witness vs Roar its a classic though, sorry not sorry 2. Hey Hey Hey vs Legendary Lovers3. Roulette vs Birthday4. Swish Swish vs Walking On Air5. Deja Vu vs Unconditionally6. Power vs Dark Horse7. Mind Maze vs This is How We Do 8. Miss You More vs International Smile9. Chained To The Rhythm vs Ghost10. Tsunami vs Love Me11. Bon Appetit vs This Moment12. Bigger Than Me vs Double Rainbow - I CANNOT CHOOSE 13. Save As Draft vs By The Grace Of God14. Pendulum vs Spiritual - I CANNOT CHOOSE15. Into Me You See vs It Takes Two
  11. i think we are the only ones sis we stan true talent
  12. im just curious on why that made the cut