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  1. 1 more min guys can you all believe that this is actually happening remember when she posted the pic "new life who dis?" AND NOW WE ARE GETTING AN ALBUM
  2. all of this katy hate started when she released Bon Appetit, if she never went to go selling pies none of this would of never happened and as an african american , i wasn't offened by the obama comment so people just wanted a reason to drag her tbh
  3. hh has stans so wyd, i understand that it is your opinion but i know katykats that actually love hh
  4. i always wondered why toxic was so popular if it never reached top 5
  5. which song ??? but ijr she went from having 6 consecutive number 1's to barely scapping the top 40 with her 3rd album
  6. the obama comment fucked up her career
  7. cause im that you want boy all that you could have boy you got me spread like a buffet bone apple tea bebe
  8. dance with the devil .. ummmmm i think imma skip that song
  9. What are some of the the most shocking/tragic downfalls of one of the pop girls ... in terms of sales, public image, etc ... ___________________________________________________________________________ 1 million first week
  10. if its obvious that you're gay, whats the point of coming out, just come home with your boyfriend
  11. 3rd single oh yes Pearl a bop !! .. ummm why Pearl lol ??
  12. Hummingbird Heartbeat Peacock Bon Appetit Birthday _____________________________________________________ it can start off with her shouting "YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE IM LOOSING MY VIRGINITYYY !!!"
  13. god the interviewer kept maing everything about her
  14. She's my spiritual animal, is it weird that i know literally all the words to this ?
  15. I can hear them now . "EYE ON THE GLASS , THE GREEN NAILS , THE DARK BACKGROUND = SATAN !!!"
  16. Umm you seriously want more features on the album?? We got 3 already damnnn ...
  17. is this real omg ? Music Not The Bling though [emoji846]