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  1. damn did i miss the If You Can't Afford me discussion ? aka her best song
  2. Shame on the people skipping DR , Love Me, and Ghost
  3. its literally bubble gum pop just like half of her most popular songs, how can you not like it ??
  4. TEOG because it's about the celebration of life & having no regrets about your choices in life .. should of been number one
  5. personally, It Takes Two has to be skip in order for me to fully enjoy the album ...
  6. im excited to hear Chained to the Rhythm, Swish Swish, & Bon Appetit
  7. tbh i didn't know what pendulum meant until she put it on her instastory a few months backs
  8. i miss when she performed in outragous costumes and crazy props were everywhere but this was soooo good
  9. that song and peacock are the worst Katy Perry songs ever. Especially the part when she sang "I cant keep ig-noring" "im so - ooryy" omg so awful. It should of been unreleased
  10. Well lets not forget that the Obama black hair controversy blew up around the release of the song so it turned some people off .
  11. ikr im sitting here Reading waiting for someone to EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT 212 ISSSS !!!
  12. oh yes being premiered on the Dick Clark new years eve special and the grammys are little promo
  13. zayn's impact xtina & brit can collab with people and get a hit, that doesn't mean we care about them
  14. no one cares , she's a 2015 fad
  15. dont underestimate meeee . I am too lazy too get the link tho
  16. watch karaoke carpool and come back
  17. katy i know you want a quick hit but you need to stand up for what you believe in !!! i know you were tying to see the good in migos but there RATSSS
  18. It looks like she has a gun held to her head for her to clean up her messy image over the past month