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    It feels so weird to be posting on here again since I abandoned this game so early (for personal reasons I swear). However, I'm open to merge this season with the one on GGD because the one on GGD is so inactive and members aren't as devoted to the game compared to members here. If I do begin to play here again I promise I won't let what happened the first time I joined here.
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    Björk to unveil a “Silver Iodide" music video excerpt on the moon during tomorrow's solar eclipse Embroidering a map of return in the sky... In partnership with DayStar, Björk has manufactured solar glasses that meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard to view an exclusive fragment of Björk's “VR-infused" 360-degree video for her upcoming single “Silver Iodide" directed by Warren Du Preez and Michael Gondry, which is set to be released on September 1. “The premise of this collaboration with DayStar is of absolutely no possessive manner" Björk says in a candid interview with Good Morning America, which will air a few hours prior to the solar eclipse. “Millions of Americans have galvanized interest in viewing this event and I wanted to take the advantage of it to hyphen my demographic so that others may experience this once-in-a-lifetime by coming together with the power of music." which she adds on with a PSA of her Biophilia Education Program. Recently, she's shared her interest in expanding the programs to what's “beyond unimaginable" and targets the youth in her endeavors to “create a dynamic collaboration between areas of society". The Somerset House—which also held her immersive virtual reality exhibition and an interactive educational space entitled “Björk Digital"—will be holding an event including special guests such as Jackie Faherty, an astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, Michael Zeiler, a cartographer at Esri, a mapping data and technology company, and Björk herself. The diagonal route stretches the length of the nation, starting in Oregon around 9:05 a.m. PT and ending just after 4 p.m. ET in Charleston, S.C., which is also the time-frame in which this event shall take place. This event will be live-streamed through björk.com, and is going to be sponsored by NASA as they take this opportunity to scrutinize the corona of the sun to “fill in gaps" between the agency's larger missions. “Björk's advocacy for the public interest in engaging in educational and public outreach is pivotal to what we need with projects such as SunRISE to gain funds for our missions in the future." The entirety of this project shall be promoted on all social media platforms by NASA and ABC. One of the subject matters of this event is heliophysics, and this is aided by the Polarimeter to Unify the Corona and Heliosphere (PUNCH) organization. “Here's an interesting glimpse of Björk's innovative exhibition at the Somerset House: a constellation of cubesats or miniaturized satellites that composes of Björk floating around a Parker Spiral." says David Muir, a news anchor of ABC World News Tonight. Other notable fragments of the Björk exhibition are replicas of the eight sequential daguerreotypes photographed by William and Frederick Langenheim—whom captured the first total eclipse of the sun that was visible in North America after the invention of photography and also the Advanced CCD imaging Spectrometer (ACIS) and the High-Energy Transmission Grating Spectrometer (HETGS). In addition, Björk will briefly elaborate on how terrestrial weather will be prevalent throughout her endeavors with this album including the highly-anticipated “Silver Iodide". Admissions to this event are currently in-between £24.00—£75.00, however it is recommended to bring an additional amount of currency for this event to access an in-depth look at astrophysics and more. When you first walk in to the venue, a large hierarchical grid pattern inspired by the verses of “Silver Iodide" are displayed, surrounded by lighting inspired by the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) and from then on a monumental exhibition will be accessed for a skeptical audience. Get your tickets now at: somersethouse.com/björk and stay tuned for the rest of the GMA interview tomorrow morning at 8 AM EST, plus an exceptional performance of “Moon", a song off of her 2011 album “Biophilia".
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    [unnecessary post]
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    He released a really great EP about a year ago too. I'm not sure if he'd be pleased with sharing it here but let's just say that it's good.
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    @Harry_CAL Congratulations! Everything about “Midnight" is incredible I can't wait to see even more of your work in the future.
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    W MAGAZINE: EMBROIDERING A MAP OF RETURN ISSUE Embroidering a map of return in the sky With silver iodide... In this issue, Björk proves that she's more ambitious than she's ever been before. Yesterday, Björk announced “Silver Iodide", which will commence the pilgrimage of her subsequent endeavors. However, the release date of the track is inconspicuous which developed into a plethora of her fans to analyze any cryptic messages the singer might've left behind prior to her hiatus. For example, it is highly-plausible that Björk's “Silver Iodide" is a collaboration with Arca, who's relationship can be compared to Joni Mitchell and Jaco Pastorius during “Hejira" and “Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter". Across many social media platforms she included a phrase “embroidering a map of return in the sky", which could be correlated to the song considering the fact that silver iodide (AgI) are hygroscopic stannic aerosols that provide a dense field of cloud condensation nuclei to thicken clouds and induce precipitation. “This lyric scrutinizes a discrepancy amongst a civilization and an individual, however the context in the song takes an approach towards a relationship." Björk says—confirming the rumor in this interactive issue. “In this song, the significant other wants to immerse themselves into being devoted to seeking the latent heat of fusion—which is passion in this case—to plow ferociously and pursue their endeavors together. Metaphorically substantive deviation causes his utopian society to become my soothing characteristics metaphorically and entities sway him towards me." In this photoshoot photographed by Jesse Kanda and styled by Robbie Spencer, Björk is a low-cubic structure, of the zincblende—type which is executed through shards of glass and Jean-Paul Goude's infamous technique entitled “French Correction" whilst conveying emotion through the saturation and hues of the image; or chromostereopsis—which describes the phenomenon of binocular stereopsis that depends on binocular disparity and Björk explores this technique in this issue aided by “The Mill", a New York-based company that specializes in VFX and augmented reality projects. The cover is a customized LED screen in lieu of a typical magazine spread and it includes DuoSkin, a rapid fabrication process for prototyping on-skin user interfaces. DuoSkin devices communicate using Near Field Communication (NFC) and can be operated between a 4-7 inch range, and the induction process causes an RFID chip embedded in the magazine to be powered up and respond by sending out a radio signal, which plays a catalogue of Björk's signature songs, including a distorted snippet of “Silver Iodide" which it is able to do due to the bidirectional transmission ability of the electronic components. The “DuoSkin" design is a facial recognition map of Björk's face in the cover. In addition, the hues of the canopy are customizable which can be changed through several Apple products (including tablets) and Android devices. In addition, users can also access new music on Björk's “Biophilia" application, which will be relaunched by the end of September. This is to compliment the juxtaposition of “Silver Iodide", which as of now has an unannounced release date. This innovative issue has a 3.5" millimeter headphone jack and consumers may use any pair of headphones, and may be also support Bluetooth devices. Throughout this photoshoot, Björk includes abstract geometric sequences such as the Hilbert space, Euler's identity, and the Fibonacci sequence to further develop a fascination with nature. Thus, an upheaval of metaphors and formats to articulate her perspective of lust through nature has been prevalent throughout the record. Björk in this issue pokes fun at the mass-consumerist society marked by violent political conflicts through new narratives which is depicted by her hysterical mannerisms to further develop her “Björk Digital" catalogue. The usage of cuts, camera movements, and dissolve on many images in the magazine gives the impression of viewing a painted scroll in several of the photographic and lithographic prints in the W Magazine issue. This is based on ‘The Legend of the Grand Scroll-Maker' by Chikamatsu, a seventeenth-century writer for the puppet theater. Prelude to Silver Iodide Playlist: 1. Silver Iodide (15-second distorted snippet) 2. Desired Constellation 3. Mutual Core 4. Hidden Place 5. Notget 6. Venus As A Boy "Technology is enabling women to work outside the already formed hierarchical systems. I'm not just a fountain of blood anymore."—Björk As of now, the exhibition at the Somerset House will relaunch, however the dates haven't been fully planned yet. “The exhibition shall include panoramic visuals and progresses the technological advances that I've been working on for several years. Our point of convergence this time around revolves towards education and depends on the skill that users have already prior to our exhibition; whether it'd be topology or ASCII code affiliated with Project Euler, our exhibition is definitely worth the spectacle." she says cunningly. When asked about her sheet music book [34 Scores for Piano, Organ, Harpsichord and Celeste] and how she'll expand her versatile catalogue she stated: “As of now I've refrained from composing my song with a rebellious approach like I have done in the past with songs such as “Pluto" from Homogenic, however as I've matured creating arrangements has been at the utmost importance in crafting an album. I wouldn't say that some songs on the album are rather eerie to the causal listener per say, but there are certain elements—such as the shepard-risset glissando on “Silver Iodide" and how it has a complex rhyme scheme—that seem inaccessible to a large demographic at first. I've also studied the changes in notational strategies that are innovative with new music technologies whilst staying true to my people's roots. At the moment, Lou Harrison is my favorite composer as he's known for his exquisite sonorities and a large portion of his work was comprised of what seemed the most natural. This album is a healing process for me and it already feels exhilarating to know that I'm one step closer to sharing this work with the world each day. Also for the first time in my career in terms of songwriting I was inspired by infamous country songwriters such as Bobby Braddock solely because of how explicit and how effective his storytelling is." A Brief Synopsis of: “Silver Iodide", written by Ben Kaye. In this photo, Björk is surrounded by the melody hexany of the chorus of “Silver Iodide". A cacophony of whispers eerily introduces the track, followed by irregular syncopated staccato strings as she chants about her gnomic soliloquies and burgeoning desires. Due to the overwhelming support by her contemporaries, we had to ask what modern artists she's currently listening to. “Well, I've been listening to a few artists that I've been writing songs for which I won't reveal. Let's just say that once you listen to the songs, it'll be very unexpected in terms of stylistic choices. However, if I had to choose any artist specifically it'd be Lorde, what an incredible songstress! If she'd be interested in a collaboration I would be all for it." However, currently she wants to open the fundraiser to have Biophilia's application to be supported by Android devices to further develop her educational campaign to the people of Iceland. “I'd like to further expand the Biophilia Education Program to even more places across the globe. I'd like to be a pioneer for the youth in some way." -- “Silver Iodide", along with its accompanied video directed by Warren Du Preez and Michael Gondry, is coming soon! For the meantime enjoy Björk's immaculate discography and subscribe to björk.com's mailing list to be the first to receive any Björk–related news. The innovative “W Magazine: Embroidering A Map Of Return" issue is available to purchase now!
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    I love how this article looks! It's very polished and realistic.
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    I'd like to participate in this game however I'm not sure if it's too late to join. If so, I'll begin to write articles for the unbeknownst artist that I chose to promote. I've had experience with playing Create A Label before, however those replicas aren't as elaborate as this game. Lorde and Charli XCX are killing it by the way.
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    Diamond Heart - 40 A-YO - 65 Dancing in Circles - 100 John Wayne - 130 Perfect Illusion - 75 Million Reasons - 80 Angel Down - 165