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  1. she is overhyped to the max and people thing that supporting her is the cool thing to do.
  2. yes and that's pretty much gone now and that's ok, i mean she already built her empire and is still a household name and the biggest of the younger icons (sorry bey). Britney does not and will never have the same amount of passion and drive as before and i believe that most of her fans stan her for nostalgia purposes.
  3. i'm also 16 and i'm actually a girl and can't relate. It seems to me that you guys only stan personality or maybe looks rather than the music and it's message.
  4. I could never understand why grown ass men and women stan artists whose material is specifically aimed to children and teenagers (Justin Beiber, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendez etc) . No shade but i find it crazy that a 30 year old can have the same music taste as a 6 year old . I know they have catchy fun songs but to go that extra mile........................ I also agree about the Chris Brown one. If Chris had actually showed some remorse and redeemed himself then i would understand people forgiving him but he has literally never changed and it's sick how al
  5. real talk, does it not bother you that Britney can't sing or really perform anymore? The only thing i like about Britney at this point is her sweet personality tbh. I'm due for changing my pro pic. I think that Christinas voice and relatable/meaningful songs are enough to stan for her i mean i started stanning her in late 2015 for Christ sake and i still can't get enough of her
  6. i don't get the hype with Got 2B real tbh. The legends panel>>Got 2 b real>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> this flop show
  7. she's not pregnant just fat there's a photo shopped pic of her belly tho
  8. britney is more liked christina is more respected britney is more successful christina is more influential britney is a pop icon christina is a vocal icon
  9. i didn't even realize until you pointed it out aka it's minor she looks fine
  10. it's probably because the song is doing well on the dance chart and Nile Rodgers did promise a mv if the song went #1 so