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  1. dewlusional

    K. J.Lo feat Pitbull fan.
  2. Mixing up cities is her signature now. Touring force problems
  3. dewlusional


    I loved that the audience appreciated the Make Me... performance. A new classic
  4. dewlusional

    To the GP he was still a newcomer. Me, Myself and I was his first hit lbr
  5. dewlusional


    I saw her in Paris last week and all people were living for it.
  6. dewlusional

    I don't know her tbh
  7. dewlusional

    That bitch with the holy flop trinity: Bionic - Lotus - Liberation
  8. dewlusional

    The only desperate attempt was Pretty Girls The Rihmix went number 1 thanks to her TTWE was a hit already long before the remix G-Eazy was a newcomer during the creation of Make Me...
  9. dewlusional

    Because she is not attractive tbh
  10. dewlusional

    Hm I would choose between MLJ, FTM, JAF and FIL
  11. dewlusional

    BL it was random and she was totally overshadowed by Shakira. That Perfect song is useless too but I always forget about it. Pls do the Xtina version next
  12. dewlusional

    I don't think so even tho I'm still shook that 'Bed' is flopping
  13. 'Sweetener' will be her 4th studio album right? In this case the underperformance is kinda expected. I mean Xtina's 4th album's the iconic flop called 'Bionic'
  14. Still shit number. She should show some skin to reach more people
  15. dewlusional

    The new goal is to reach 100k in the long term I see