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  1. dewlusional

    I don't think so even tho I'm still shook that 'Bed' is flopping
  2. 'Sweetener' will be her 4th studio album right? In this case the underperformance is kinda expected. I mean Xtina's 4th album's the iconic flop called 'Bionic'
  3. Still shit number. She should show some skin to reach more people
  4. dewlusional

    The new goal is to reach 100k in the long term I see
  5. dewlusional

    Yeah but even 'Rich Sex' debuted a number 88 exactly the same position as Britney's iconic 'Radar'
  6. dewlusional

    I feel like Nicki is more mainstream even at her trashiest period. I like bopping to some of Cardi's songs but she and her brand is much cheaper than Nicki's.
  7. dewlusional

    Maybe it's a promo single but I expected it to debut at least top 50 on Hot 100 since we are talking about Ariana and Nicki
  8. You are just mad that all of Floptina's former or current boyfriends are ugly af I don't blame her tho. She knows her level
  9. dewlusional

    The only track I love and put on my playlist is Deserve. I feel like she will pull Ashanti numbers
  10. dewlusional

    Wow. RCA is really not spending much coins on her lately
  11. Her Vegas show selling good at least?
  12. dewlusional


    Glory still sounds so fresh
  13. dewlusional

    Loves it
  14. Her taste is still awful in fashion and men as well