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  1. Her taste is still awful in fashion and men as well
  2. For me Work Bitch is still number 1 but Slumber Party comes really close. My final pick is Pretty Girls. I still enjoy the music video (except the Samsung Galaxy part )
  3. Achievement

    At least it's number 1 somewhere It's truly the most underrated single of the year.
  4. Celeb News

    Umm that girl is too irrelevant and ugly to play Britney. It's a Lifetime thing tho No one cares
  5. Demi has younger fans so she is a bigger streaming force. Gaga has the sales tho Body Say is also the better song I think.
  6. Performance

    She was great. I loved Work Bitch, Womanizer, Slave, Toxic and ...Make Me (VMA performance was better tho). Stronger and Crazy performances were kinda weak. She needs a new set list in the UK.
  7. I feel like it's the new Big Fat Bass. She performs it here and there but she won't release it as a single because of the lack of interest by general public. Personally sometimes I love and sometimes I can't stand this song.
  8. She stopped promoting properly since In The Zone era. Vegas has nothing to do with this I guess.
  9. Noo queen Mary was the best part of the show (with the 2 tv hosts).
  10. Music Video

    Most tragic winner song since Lordi's mess lbr
  11. Me and I guess her label (if she has one) did
  12. VMA performance received good to mixed reviews tbh Even her infamous UK X Factor performance helped Womanizer to stay in top 10 for couple of weeks. btw is this tv show popular?
  13. I guess she will still try to push ...Make Me