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  1. Sizzily


    But a monthly thread until February: "How much did Gaga have to pay the NFL"
  2. That's quite something. Hope the commercials get better.
  3. Sizzily

    Venus. The instrumental has so many cool things going on.
  4. Sizzily


    All this is so great to hear. I really want to hear Sinner's Prayer.
  5. I like it. For me, its better than her last 5 music videos.
  6. Sizzily

    Music Video

    I'm glad it turned out not to be a piano. I don't think it would have fit with the style of the video.
  7. Where has she been? She put out a single and disappeared. I hope this date is true.
  8. Sizzily

    Celeb News

    Every time there's news about Joanne, its something that hypes me even more.
  9. Sizzily

    Celeb News

    I can't imagine having that kind of relationship with a legend.
  10. I love the Cracker Barrel promo at the start. Nothing quite captures east Tennessee like Cracker Barrel
  11. Sizzily


    No. But Dope was.
  12. I can only imagine PI at the Superbowl.
  13. The key change slays everyone.