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  1. They do but no one buys music in Latin America
  2. the MOMM in BTW was good. The rest was a mess but that part was good.
  3. Discussion

    another one in the basket?
  4. Kesha, Nicki. I voted Brit but i'd change that one to Mariah
  5. i love the way this thread makes me feel
  6. welp it's out?
  7. are you dyslexic?
  8. They both lost. They both lost awfully in different ways but the end result is pretty much the same.
  9. So many people missing the joke Selena btw
  10. Rumor

    There would be less self-pity in ARTPOP videos probably
  11. The YMBQ is on her way
  12. No, this is her Sept of Baelor tho The YMBQ hasn't arrived yet.