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  1. While i do think Gaga is an opportunist and an hypocrite, I do not think her career is exactly in shambles rn, although she's clearly not the early 00s juggernaut she was. I also don't think she was being intentionally rude, i think she just didn't recognize Zendaya was Zendaya until the very end where she hands back the mic and kinda has a micro "realization" look but (imo) plays dumb And yes, Zendaya is a good actress and so far she has been slaying, probably the best actor to come out from Disney in a while. So no need to drag her
  2. i remember the old days when the Rihanna joke was that she did an album yearly
  3. i think whoever uploaded that vid to YT is a LM fan cuz she looks awful in the thumbnail
  4. That one sucks i will forever defend this remix of hers. This one should have been the original
  5. Idk if that accent is bad or good honestly, considering the real lady also had a thickass accent. Maybe she'll get some noms but honestly she's playing herself. Again.
  6. tbh i think that her studies kinda make her be ultra verbose. Sadly that can be a double edged weapon
  7. she graduated in philosphy so she literally has a degree on that
  8. Mte. Ariana sings circles around everyone else but imo she sounds the same, tho i concede RnB is just not my thing
  9. I thought it was her worst video until the Twist tbh. I think it's fine. The best she has done in quite a while imo. It reminded me of her work during TFM I think RoM and 911 have been her best basic and artsy videos in a while to be exact
  10. Do you honestly think she gives a shit anymore? She went from the hardest working to "slightly less lazy than Rihanna"
  11. What i disliked about this performance is more about the missed chance than about the performance itself (Although yes, Ariana outsold). Gaga had the potential to do something really cool and unique given the nature of this specific VMAs but we got a more or less average performance, just longer. I'd say that The Weeknd and the rapper with the Police car ones were more creative