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  1. Celeb News Madonna called Cherish corny

    well, it is
  2. Fergie completely embarrass herself at fundraiser event

    it's down, i need another link
  3. Celeb News 'House of Cards' to resume final season with Robin Wright as lead

  4. Music Video Lana confirms that next music video is for Cherry

    i think her last instagram posts are cherry video hints.
  5. Discussion Rank the collabs on Lust for Life

  6. Discussion 'The Queen' appreciation thread

    Had the entire song been slow rock like the bridge it'd be less hated.
  7. Local Artist drags Taylor

    Dualipa Targaryen, the younger, more beautiful queen has spoken. Taylor Lannister is trembling.
  8. Celeb News Servando Primera at the Latin Grammys: "I'm working on a new album for Christina Aguilera"

    chavista de mierda. he supports our government and made a huge bank out of it, so fuck him and fuck xtincta if she works with him
  9. Music Video Lana confirms that next music video is for Cherry

    i love her handmade videos, even UV and HM so i'm here for this.
  10. Discussion Coachella - Woodstock is the best song on LFL, why?

    Because it isn't? Cherry is part of LFL
  11. Discussion Ultraviolence is Lana's worst title track

    HM intro doesnt sound creepy, it sounds like an 70-80s porno intro for me its LFL then BTD then UV then HM
  12. Discussion Rank The Reputation Tracks

    I'm sorry to be off topic but i havent heard the album yet, can anyone tell me if the LWYMMD theory of the different taylors representing the songs accurate?
  13. Madonna avoided to pay taxes

    I think it's not even rich people using that themselves, they have people in charge of doing their finances and in the end all they do is approve or dissaprove. I don0t have too much faith on artists knowing about fiscal paradises
  14. General News Charlie Sheen is accused of raping a 13 year old Corey Haim in 1986

    Not defending Sheen but... "When Corey wanted to fool around again, Charlie was not interested.'" Hollywood IS full of pedos tho
  15. Celeb News People: Selena Gomez and The Weeknd Split After 10 Months

    whatever, Abel and Lana were probably having cocaine-fueled sex the entire time he was with Selena