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  1. VoiceOfTheQueen

    couldn't they cut like, everything else but lana's part?
  2. people did react just as poorly. And at least those are business indeed.
  3. VoiceOfTheQueen

    Like Gaga for example...
  4. VoiceOfTheQueen


    i was watching Lana's old homemade vids (i love them) and unintentionally started reflecting on her career. Kinda funny how things changed, turned out she wasn't fake at all (except the lips)
  5. VoiceOfTheQueen

    People just dont wear pasties without reason so...
  6. VoiceOfTheQueen


    Oh welp i didnt know this
  7. VoiceOfTheQueen

    Alexandra, look at what you made her do. This reminds me of those ads for that medieval browser game
  8. faz gostoso ha power
  9. i highly doubt he's even self hating, just power hungry and lazy
  10. Brazilians in the internet tend to be annoying overall, or at least that's my experience with League of Legends and youtube comments. Now that being said, Faz Gostoso could be a hit there. Bitch I'm Loca is a mess but unlike Medellin, it'd actually have a chance here in latin america. Given M's lack of hits since like 10 years it'd settle for that if i were her.
  11. YASSSS gimme dat Vai Malandra/Bola Rebola favela realness
  12. actually most of the pop stars would still be really pretty, but when compared to their glammed up selves we generally see, yeah they look like shit (but so would most of us)
  13. VoiceOfTheQueen

    well, not really. Since artpop she had a back-and-forth thing on whether Gaga with all her costumes and wigs was really her and had meanings (like she used to say) or not that she could never properly explain.