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  1. We stan a legend and a closeted sapphic legend congratulating a producer legend
  2. If the full version of the song turns out to be yet another love song to a woman (sung from a North Carolinian perspective) i'm gonna cackle
  3. Don't forget the mess with the signed Chromatica copies https://gagadaily.com/forums/topic/333927-strange-signed-chromatica-cds/
  4. Wait until it is NOT an Enigma-type of mess before bragging though, pls
  6. There is nothing explicit, except Ivy perhaps. But it's not hard to see if you are looking it from that lense. And even easier to see if you interpret her Lover being Karlie Kloss Anyway, if anyone wants to fall into the rabbit hole, feel free to serve yourselves in this channel She also gets into lyrical analysis in most other videos, but these two are new and succint
  7. Gaylor speculation is mostly based on the queer reading of her lyrics, so let's not. If she doesn't want to people to speculate she might be queer. She has outright said she wants her fans to dissect all the easter eggs she puts out there so it's hypocrital to say STOP SPECULATING when said easter eggs seem to point out that, oops she isn't straight
  8. In light of Taylor calling Zoe Kravitz, her COVID roommate (because god knows rich people need other rich roommates to split bills) the CAT WOMAN OF (HER) Dreams and my own boredom this Wednesday night, i decided to make this thread. Long story short, she has been singing about women all along: Emily Poe, Lizz Huett, Dianna Agron and most "recently" Karlie Kloss. According to the theory, Taylor was in a long term relationship with Karlie and they broke during the Lover era. She was the muse of Reputation-Evermore, which is why the last two albums are 1- depressing af 2- gay af, ser
  9. She's literally having the same downfall as Lil Kim and reacting the same way: by delusionally screaming I'M DA QUEEN until she doesn't chart anymore
  10. Sad for who? the Little Monsters who live vicariously through Gaga's success?
  11. So much... Yet not enough 🤷🏻‍♂️ Not what she wanted at least. A Til It Happens To You 2.0 vibe except all the cocksucking did at least achieve a nom that time