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  1. No shade, but i wonder how does she feel at needing that type of clothing to look in good shape?
  2. Celeb News

  3. Album

    I feel pretty confident R.Kelly was a forced feature in the album to give buzz for his then-upcoming album, specially since Gaga had the lyrics for the solo version since like 2012 (we called it "The Stage" back then)
  4. i knew this thread was about this song just by checking the title. I prefer the movie version but yes, this slays
  5. I'm not even a Madonna stan I like most of Ariana singles actually
  6. Cause she's perfect and she's worth it and above all she deserves it
  7. I dont mind Mi Gente becoming Despacitio 2.0. I already think it's better than despacito That being said, this collab sounds less organic than doritos
  8. Discussion

    I'd rename Erotica into Deeper and Deeper.
  9. Tinashe. She still could but it doesnt sound likely
  10. the manifesto of mother monster was so cool
  11. i'm not gonna fuck his personality (granted, i cant fuck his body either)
  12. Mod Notice Do not make fun of or shade specific illnesses.
  13. cripped, fat whore