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  1. VoiceOfTheQueen

    It is probably about sales though... It's just as messy in it's own way
  2. VoiceOfTheQueen

    I don't think so, in this case. I feel they might want to avoid a flop by doing decent promo and for obvious reasons they can't so...
  3. VoiceOfTheQueen

    This is probably the most idiotic thread i've ever seen in BG and i've seen many
  4. VoiceOfTheQueen

    I agree that her insta is pretty....normal compared to most celebrities
  5. Did we seriously need a WW pandemic to get him to write? She is more enjoyable in the books.
  6. Because the point is to have the least posible people outside rn and just two buy two bags of food? (No she does not have to buy the whole supermarket but two paper bags are not lockdown supplies) I like her but this was so obviously for self-promo
  7. VoiceOfTheQueen


    No but since he can't film a video rn because that needs a CREW OF PEOPLE....
  8. VoiceOfTheQueen


  9. VoiceOfTheQueen

    Lower, Looooower Dont want your stupid flop, flop *BTW demo instrumental resumes playing in the background*
  10. VoiceOfTheQueen

    Wow you are so clever. No one here knew that, you are as enlightened as Mike Hughes
  11. VoiceOfTheQueen


    btw salvages it imo
  12. VoiceOfTheQueen

    lol no, i was talking about his facial features looking kinda like her dad's imo, not about his age
  13. VoiceOfTheQueen

    I think he's cute but he does look like her dad
  14. VoiceOfTheQueen

    Ghosttown video was truly ahead it's time
  15. VoiceOfTheQueen

    Lol no, Katy has way more artistical integrity