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  1. VoiceOfTheQueen

    Kesha is a more traditional beauty, even if some of her recent fashion choices arent the most flattering
  2. I think it's too early to tell but in any case she might also go the Lana route and find her indie niche yet remain relevant somehow
  3. Billie still kinda wins because she's having this success with her first album and without having a very mainstream or universal image and music
  4. VoiceOfTheQueen

    I'd give more credit to One Kiss for starting the current retro thing than DSN tbh
  5. VoiceOfTheQueen

    That's what i was gonna write originally but no. The color and that stuff is cute, so i'm sure it can still be salvaged into something actually aesthetically pleasing
  6. VoiceOfTheQueen

    I want that wig to be styled differently so much.
  7. VoiceOfTheQueen

    Looking skinny hot has nothing to do with making a Bond theme (given the previous singers before Eillie) and Lana would still rock it. However, she's right about Lana looking like shit compared to her BTD-Paradise self. She also probably got that Harvey d, Lana being Lana she probably loved the cultural moment, just like her "living poor for fun" period before BTD Wtf is the thing about the black co-sign tho? Does she really think that BJ is iconic for her? And the whole "Losing grammys" thing lmao, she wasn't even getting nominated before.
  8. VoiceOfTheQueen

    They look very much similar tbh, the main difference being that Zayn reads more as a bicurious fuckboy who would too while Maluma is a total bottom (and also a fuckboy). So my vote basically depends of my sexual mood
  9. VoiceOfTheQueen

    This. This is why unstanned Gaga in first place
  10. VoiceOfTheQueen

    Ermm, y'know, races aren't a clear cut thing in that regard. Her dad being from here doesn't make him any less black, although he might have less "african" features. In any, african-american is an arbitrary term Regardless she was still born in the US, afaik. She probably had the similar experiences to an interracial child from a non-latin black parent anyway
  11. A huge classic like shallow? Thank God she doesn't. She has actual classics
  12. VoiceOfTheQueen

    I mean
  13. VoiceOfTheQueen

    Cyndi Lauper i think.
  14. VoiceOfTheQueen

    I love both but I prefer All The Lovers. It has the better build up and the better chorus. I also think it's amazing how the video manages to make a skyscrapper-sized orgy and manages to make it look clean and beautiful.