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  1. It's a new soundtrack, i could dance to this beat
  2. They're both in shitty spots in different ways. Britney has an album and the residency but she's basically a robot slave. The last thing i saw Xtina sing was that musical impressions wheel thing but at least she isn't under tutor guidance and she still has dem money stacks. It's more of a "pick your poison thing":
  3. me regarding lady gaga tbh
  4. festive (and tacky) af
  5. I'm young and in love
  6. Of course i am. I started stanning in 2011 for what i thought was a smart woman with the most public persona ever and uncompromising artistic vision. I never expected that just 2 years later the cracks would be showing and just 5 years later the woman i stanned for turned out to be a prefabricated fraud absolutely reliant on her team
  7. What part of "former fan" you dont get? We still care about Gaga, its just our love turned into a love to watch her struggle and fail
  8. Your God is not here
  9. No, since this wonderful thing called context exists. When Gaga was struggling at #4, Katy was chilling at #1. Katy's at #4 now, Gaga isn't even top 10.
  10. ER used the word "was". Learn 2 read
  11. Photos

  12. She was during her "Queen of MVs" era. ____________________________ Now to answer the OP, we'll see next era. Joanne sold decently and she managed to make MR semi succesful but she basically had to use her ace (SB) for that. Artistically wise she lost though. Big time.
  13. i didnt listen to warrior or lotus so i vote joanne.