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  1. dua lipa, the younger more beautiful queen
  2. most of the stuff lana does is for fun tbh. her type of fun
  3. Review

    parts of it were released by the company who did the video concept or something like that, but we hadn't seen the full thing. In the webpage, it looked like in the original story draft for the video, the angel was the G.U.Y. and Gaga was Venus living in Hearst Castle/Mount Olympus (whe still can see the angel is supposed to be male in some drawings) while this storyboard seems to be a bit more "final" and include the "Gaga as a fallen angel who gets healed in Olympus" sequence
  4. she actually hates that nickname
  5. I dont regret having stanned for her once but damn, my 2011 self would be heartbroken at this picture. The girl i loved is dead
  6. 22-15 isn't that bad, tbh. The worst part was that he was an ugly 22 years old
  7. Celeb News

    well, it is
  8. it's down, i need another link
  9. Music Video

    i think her last instagram posts are cherry video hints.
  10. Discussion

    Had the entire song been slow rock like the bridge it'd be less hated.
  11. Dualipa Targaryen, the younger, more beautiful queen has spoken. Taylor Lannister is trembling.
  12. chavista de mierda. he supports our government and made a huge bank out of it, so fuck him and fuck xtincta if she works with him