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  1. He's right lol. You can slap a country instrumental in Video Games and Ride vocals and it'll fit right in, specially in Ride
  2. tbh i think that her studies kinda make her be ultra verbose. Sadly that can be a double edged weapon
  3. she graduated in philosphy so she literally has a degree on that
  4. Mte. Ariana sings circles around everyone else but imo she sounds the same, tho i concede RnB is just not my thing
  5. Technically we came from this to this tbh, considering videogames and the other oldies
  6. I thought it was her worst video until the Twist tbh. I think it's fine. The best she has done in quite a while imo. It reminded me of her work during TFM I think RoM and 911 have been her best basic and artsy videos in a while to be exact
  7. Living for this hot mess, whether intentional or not. The video she just posted is also such a hot mess
  8. Do you honestly think she gives a shit anymore? She went from the hardest working to "slightly less lazy than Rihanna"
  9. What i disliked about this performance is more about the missed chance than about the performance itself (Although yes, Ariana outsold). Gaga had the potential to do something really cool and unique given the nature of this specific VMAs but we got a more or less average performance, just longer. I'd say that The Weeknd and the rapper with the Police car ones were more creative
  10. Future Nostalgia Don't Start Now Physical Levitating Hallucinate Love Again
  11. I... Don't wanna be that guy... but i have mixed feelings. Not for being naked nor her body. She looks great for her age and better than many people on their 20s and I liked the pic on IG anyway I have mixed feelings because this pic really really really shows how much shit she has done to her face. She truly doesn't look like her younger self imo and while maybe she doesnt give a fuck, it does kinda make me feel sad anyway
  12. I think she became a TT by proxy. In the latam countries JBalvin is getting dragged for mocking Shakira. JBalvin dislikes Shakira for cancelling they collab after he mocked Rihanna and it has been mentioned quite a lot
  13. i agree on the principle that if black voice actors aren't given equal chances, they should at least have this. But if they were given equal chances, i'd be here for anyone playing anyone
  14. I can imagine Madonna vocals specially during the bridge and the yeah yeah yeahs. The rest not really but we'll see
  15. I remember in 2015 when Brandon Flowers served us the best pop album of the year and everyone ignored him
  16. Imo Frankie Grande isn't/wasn't ugly per se, but he's not aging well, seems to have gotten lip fillers and makes unflattering fashion choices. All along the annoying personality Anyway, surprised he hasn't showed up yet. Charlie Grant serves basic white boy but he is very cute anyway https://scontent-mia3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/fr/cp0/e15/q65/68449414_2354114587977176_1761574552917245952_o.jpg?_nc_cat=104&_nc_sid=110474&efg=eyJpIjoidCJ9&_nc_ohc=LNW2QrqBj4oAX9arhIM&_nc_ht=scontent-mia3-1.xx&_nc_tp=14&oh=f6ab300179b7fe6b0e6ce0418a15b856&oe=5F14A846
  17. If she feels sexual attraction to women she tecnically falls into the bi spectrum but given that for all purposes she lives as a cis hetero woman... Yeah, congratulating her for that doesn't feel right.
  18. Something I really like about Enigma is that it's the only song that (imo) feel lies lyrically with the album visuals.
  19. I dont understand the shape of the fairy things. I only see some sort of mouth