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  1. Fantasea

    if you've heard microphone (unreleased) you'll find this quite interesting.. i wonder the history of this song and its demos
  2. musicmafia is selling the full songs in bundle for only $7000
  3. Fantasea

    great gowns, beautiful gowns
  4. Tracks from the original "This Is What The Truth Feels Like". Written by Charli XCX
  5. Fantasea here

    xcx3 finally leaked omg

  6. Fantasea


    hopefully going to the house of blues, boston one
  7. Fantasea

    it feels... right
  8. Fantasea

    yeah the instrumental for D.U.I appeared on an episode of bad girls club so theres that too
  9. Fantasea

    Born This Way : 165 ARTPOP : 20 end her
  10. Fantasea here

    https://twitter.com/ferreirascunt follow me on twitter, i follow back wub1

  11. Fantasea here

    so many gaga leaks i might just have to stan her ass again

  12. 1. American 2. Bel Air 3. Gods & Monsters 4. Blue Velvet 5. Cola 6-8. I hate the rest equally.