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  1. if you've heard microphone (unreleased) you'll find this quite interesting.. i wonder the history of this song and its demos
  2. xcx3 finally leaked omg

  3. Born This Way : 165 ARTPOP : 20 end her
  4. https://twitter.com/ferreirascunt follow me on twitter, i follow back wub1

  5. so many gaga leaks i might just have to stan her ass again

  6. 1. American 2. Bel Air 3. Gods & Monsters 4. Blue Velvet 5. Cola 6-8. I hate the rest equally.
  7. Good Girl Gone Bad: 20 Rated R: 55 Loud: 10 (-) Talk that Talk: 40 Unapologetic: 35 (+) Anti: 80
  8. got a new snapchat if anybody wants to add me tehe1

  9. i need new albums/ep's to listen to drop some down below! 

    1. Americunt
    2. Chris


      Reba McEntire's #1's album! ~from 2005 lol1

    3. Hunty Bear

      Hunty Bear

      cute little disco EP! it's a really easy listen

  10. 1. Blackout 2. Femme Fatale 3. Circus
  11. i need more snapchat friends cry9

  12. i love cock

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    2. Urbi


      me too

    3. Rico




    4. Quill


      So it's one of your favorite tastes? Not only that but the smell of it is amazing?

  13. i need to stop clicking spoilers when i dont want to be spoiled
  14. where can i listen to cupcakkes new album 

  15. everybody and their grandmothers are coming out to hate on nicki and ... im here for it
  16. my ideal f3 would be nina charlie & valentina