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  1. Yeah, we're living in a 'smaller world'. Technology has advanced so much that people need to be entertained constantly and get bored and move on to the next thing 15 minutes later. Also as stated above, like fashion, music is stuck in a cycle. Because of this, nothing really shocks us anymore. We don't look at rehashes of the 1970s or the 1990s and think "wow!!" because nothing new is being brought to the table we haven't seen before.
  2. Iggsus outsold
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    Congrats to Katy!
  4. LGBT

    "Localnet" where? Mosul Residency 2018!
  5. Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm and Va Va Voom Demi Lovato - Really Don't Care and CFTS 5H - Work From Home Meghan Trainor - Nø
  6. Oh fuck. Murder of an American citizen usually has serious consequences.
  7. The more the merrier, I say
  8. Lol but who cares about what that woolly mammoth thinks?
  9. i'd be here for them being friends, from what i've seen both of them both of them value friendship a lot. idk how taylor would go about it with her break though
  10. lmao
  11. Also she said "f****t" in some of her old tracks OT: Beyonce though. She made her coin off Lemonade and is now having a baby with her "cheating" husband.