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  1. The difference between Godele and Hitlor...

    This clown is bandwagon stanning Adele now?
  2. Is Taylor scared to attend award shows?

  3. Billboard spills the tea about LWYMMD's chart drop

    I swear Taylor must have pockets deeper than Bill Gates. She buys positive reviews, buys her own albums, buys her own singles, buys youtube views, what's next? She pays people to see her tours?
  4. Charts HDD: reputation 1.4-1.5m (Update)

    Fourth 1M debut in a row But wait... some people in Battlegrounds told me she'd be struggling to do 500K?
  5. Upon strong preorders, can Reputation sell 2 Million First Week?

    I don't get the "But will it serve longevity?" drags as if she doesn't have some of the longest Billboard chart runs ever
  6. ACLU reads taylor swift for blood for trying to silence a journalist

    Libel isn't protected under free speech, sorry.
  7. Fighting with civil rights groups is not a good look for Taylor

    Prove they do?
  8. Fighting with civil rights groups is not a good look for Taylor

    No they don't you fucking lunatic lmao
  9. Achievement Preorders of reputation already at 400k!!’

    LMAO didn't that Salvatore person say she'll be lucky to exceed 130k first week now her music is on streaming??
  10. When will Taylor flop?

    Double that of 1989 btw
  11. Who's your mom's favorite pop star?

    PJ Harvey, Debbie Harry and Bjork.
  12. worst current pop-girl rolemodel?

  13. Pop girls who are fading

    U know what? Bye. LMFAOOOOO.
  14. Achievement Ready For It 24hr view count: 20.4 million

    Not bad for a 'decline era'
  15. Music Video ...Ready For It? (Music Video)

    I really liked it! At first I wasn't keen but it's a grower.