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    Katy Perry right now
  2. Game

  3. I don't know why but comparing all these females to Michael Jackson seems kinds off. Why not Madonna instead of Michael? Seems waaaay more fitting.
  4. Beyoncé gave you a second chance after saying something that disrespectful. She IS a Legend.
  5. @WinnieThePooh Sis, did you actually change the names.
  6. If she doesn't stop dropping these weak ass verses, her next album will go 1x Aluminum foil. I hope she goes hard af.
  7. Discussion

    Nope. I'd would downgrade her career and she would look really bad. I mean, a 48 year old woman picking on/shading a 19 year old girl is not a good look at all.
  8. Event

    My nomination have been sent. I'm ready for the mess.
  9. I really hope Loyalty becomes a single. I'd love to see them together on a video.
  10. You know those things that you didn't know that you really needed in your life? This is one of those things. It just made my day 100% better.
  11. What kind of outdated song is this? Their style, the lyrics, their voices... It's all going downhill.