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  1. Manel

    The way Bey is gonna get dragged...
  2. Manel


    This is a fucking SCALPING!! I personally ADORE the Mood 4 Eva, My Power and Black Skin Girl segments. They're spectacular.
  3. Manel

    Celeb News

    Can't wait for "If It Ain't Me" ft. Normani.
  4. Manel


    I personally don't mind fragrance if I'm gonna rinse it off. Now if that moisturizer has fragrance we're gonna have a problem. I've also read that it's not THAT moisturizing, so I think it's a bad combination after a toner that contains witch hazel. Right now I feel like I might only get that cleanser.
  5. Manel


    I think she meant as in they have a natural fragrance due to the ingredients that are used, but she said it's not perfumey. And witch hazel personally does wonders for my skin, so I'm down. As long as there's no alcohol, everything's perfect for me.
  6. Manel


    A side project. It's a visual for The Gift basically.
  7. I'm so excited for this. I have a feeling that we'll be getting similar vibes to Safe & Sound and I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT.
  8. Manel

    This and also the soundcloud rapper era. Literally every single one mumbled in their songs and they went #1.
  9. It looks bad but it also seems so fucking dull.
  10. A certain response in this thread is just. Not them asking us to not stigmatize mentally ill people right after saying that Kanye has always been a bit crazy.
  11. Manel here

    Kanye West scrapping Nicki's "New Body" verse is literally terrorism.

  12. Manel

    Ariana's small percentage of mediterranean does wonders.
  13. Manel

    Lana, Mariah, Katy Perry and Taylor.
  14. Manel


    Well, that makes two of us.