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  1. That first picture is BOMB. The girls aren't ready at all for this brazilian slayage.
  2. It's not even a drag... She should've said something like "The only wall that should be built is between you and that orange spray tan that you love to use" so that it could be considered a drag.
  3. Photos

    My heart stopped with this one:
  4. I mean calling your daughter dusty is really fucking shady.
  5. Melodrama is really good, but this basically:
  6. Music Video

    She truly didn't come to play. The girls are shaking.
  7. Id' say that JLo has delivered the BOPS lately. Britney has more impact tho.
  8. Performance

    I kinda like it...
  9. Bey has blessed the planet. She is Da Generous Queen. (no need to ask Ms. Ellen)
  10. Knowing their petty asses she'll be a feature on a song where there's no sign of her until the end, where she says something after giving birth to the twins like "Oooh my babies" or "I've been dying to see you my loves", and that's it.
  11. Girl, you're really obsessed.
  12. He needs to get his saggy old ass a hobby for real.
  13. He probably doesn't know and just sent this because he saw it on the media. He always leaks everything so Bey probably didn't tell him shit.
  14. The fact that he added his Instagram handle.