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  1. The hitting part and being healed by monday is obviously related to sex practices not abuse tho. I honestly relate so much to what she said fffffff
  2. Glad this one is good because the D&G one she wore in Milan was... a mess.
  3. Tell me about it sis. Here in Spain football players have been caught with prostitutes and minors and no one says anything, but the moment Pique (Shakira's husband) was rumored to be homosexual it was blasted all over the news and they were going IN on him. I hate football and the media.
  4. Football in general is a really homophobic and hypermasculine sport.
  5. tbh! The moment when they see the camera is quite key and you can kinda tell the fear in their eyes to what could happen.
  6. Sure, the way sis was hugging his man with his legs is really straight.
  7. As a cancer who has been with a scorpio I can confirm this.
  8. If she said 'white' then I'll stan her even harder.
  9. Manel

    General News

    This was lowkey viral when it came out. Like my entire TL on Twitter at the time became Marina stans because of this song.
  10. I think she said "wack" but you never know with Mother.
  11. Manel


    This song is gonna blow my fucking scalp off.
  12. Well Miss Excellence better get her ass on the studio and record some excellent music.
  13. Manel


    Can she come up with something else? Sis is milking Havana like Dula Peep did with New Rules.