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  1. Well it's not confirmed she's attending, it's confirmed that if she decides to attend she'll have a seat available. But I mean, Jay is nominated for big awards and will probably perform so she'll be there for sure.
  2. Discussion

    I've read that there might be something coming tonight.
  3. DAMN, this girl has real issues going on.
  4. Achievement

    A legend. Also Katy at 9 is lowkey sad.
  5. I mean the entire Miley & Her Dead Petz era was a complete cringe fest.
  6. Celeb News

    I like the name of the album (it's less dramatic than the old one), but that cover looks fanmade af.
  7. I mean I don't know if they did take legal actions on her, so it was just speculation on my part.
  8. Thanks baby
  9. Oh wow... I mean I must say that all the imagery surrounding her has always been kinda creepy. (I mean seriously, babies?) However I don't know why I have a feeling that this will stay on social media and Timothy might never take legal actions against her.
  10. She's so extra. If you watch the video of this scene, they just stand on the elevator posing for like 10 seconds so they can take some pictures of them.
  11. I mean I'd say Gaga for the million discounts all her singles and albums have been through to score them #1's (sometimes succesfully), even when she says she's "All about the music, not the bling".
  12. I'm sure they recorded lots of songs and they might actually drop the album sometime in the near future. (in 3 years maybe?)
  13. She's definitely looking for that #1, and I don't blame her. Everything she's collabed on so far has been #1 material, and I think Perfect might actually make it.