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  1. Manel


    Rihanna and honestly, Normani too.
  2. They ripping the gays off. Specially black gays.
  3. I just read the title of the song and my ass started twerking on its own.
  4. When your white faghag doesn't understand the bend-&-snap technique:
  5. Manel


    Should we really be celebrating that the creator of "Make Me" is in LG6? That's a question I'm throwing out there but I already know the answer: no.
  6. The arrangements on "Run This Town"? POWER!!! She's unstoppable.
  7. Girl I didn't know what to expect since sometimes y'all write in English and other times y'all prefer Gaylish. Glad it was Gaylish and it actually meant that she did amazing.
  8. Seems like the superior songs are really winning huh?
  9. Manel

    Jamaica and Spain deserved better. Y'all are ugly. Congrats @Maria!
  10. The amount of STAR power. She's the real deal.
  11. I just don't see how they could do as good on a song together as people seem to think. I'd prefer a Beyoncé collab.
  12. Manel

    I'm pretty sure Rihanna will win over Gaga. People are thirsty for new Rih music while Gaga has been everywhere with ASIB (thanks to the production company pushing her songs to get that Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe hehehe). The only thing Gaga could do to compete is go back to a more Pop sound. Basically old Gaga. Is that gonna happen? Probably not.
  13. Queen finally getting the award she deserves.