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  1. She probably won't win it because the Grammy committee are a bunch of racist tasteless clowns, but she's good. I'm glad they got exposed for their biases.
  2. Manel


    All the tracks are so short
  3. Manel

    I feel like doing sold out stadium tours both in the US and Europe while in some of them repeating a leg in the US is quite amazing. Means people not only do know you, they're also willing to pay a good amount of money to watch you perform live, but y'all somehow want to make it feel like not doing well by selling 1.29$ singles (when she doesn't use them to promote her album) is career-ending. Beyoncé's only comercially succesful era was I Am... Sasha Fierce, and that one will probably be her last. But pulling half a million albums sold when you're already +20 years into your career is pretty impressive, specially when most of the FOTP Faves are struggling to be on that level. For example: Both Gaga and Beyoncé released albums in 2013 and 2016. Tell me about how much have ARTPOP and Joanne sold in the US as of right now. Or if you want another fave that doesn't hit that close to home, use Britney who's been on this industry for as long as Beyoncé.
  4. I knew what I was doing. This section needs that interaction and I'm going to clickbait.
  5. Manel


    0:56 She says fucker right? That's why she's bleeped.
  6. By sending Megan some flowers Spring and Floral Queen!!!
  7. Manel

    Same, I wasn't trying to shade him since I didn't know about him.
  8. This is truly hilarious. Ariana really flooding her house for this.
  9. I have a feeling that all songs produced by Bloodpop and BURNS are gonna be HITS.
  10. Manel


    Seeing Dalton pour water on top of Ariana with the shower head while Ariana says "Back to you fucker" but it lowkey sounding like she's saying "f*ggot" is PEAK comedy in my opinion.
  11. Manel

    Sis, I listed people randomly and he's popular in the rock genre from what I've seen, so I am not familiar with him or his music. It's truly not that deep. Ezra wrote Hold Up and is not a direct feature and I know about Coldplay since they have played on a sold out stadium here in my country, so that's why I didn't add them.
  12. Manel

    He's not a popular mainstream artist sis, that's why I put him there.
  13. Manel

    It shouldn't be that shocking to you. Some people have been going to watch the same arm and hair-track-showing choreography for YEARS. She probably does, and she's on her right to choose what she collabs on or not. She doesn't have to collab on songs where she doesn't see any potential.
  14. Manel

    Okay Forum Hive, we've reached "Beyoncé is calculated" time. Let's take a shot and shout #FreeBritney.