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  1. Got the Nile runnin' through my body Look at my natural, I'm so exotic Darker the berry, sweeter the fruit
  2. So, where’s the Cannes Film Festival being held this year?
  3. I'm praying they don't become the new Beyoncé & Jay-Z
  4. So sad to hear about her passing away. She'll always be remembered as Europe's first Pop Queen and will be missed. RIP
  5. Baby, when I go wild like that When I ain't shy like that Steppin' out and look fly like that He ain't touchin' on it Make him wanna go cry like that When I whine, whine, whine, whine He go, "Why, why, oh why, oh why, oh?"
  6. You Right Naked Woman Kiss Me More I Don't Do Drugs Been Like This Get Into It (Yuh) Need To Know Ain't Shit Options Alone Imagine Love To Dream Payday
  7. I swear her website looks like a Facebook Birthday reminder. Anyway, it's really cute
  8. Damn, imagine making a statement like that so people can see that not only are you bitter... you're also stupid.
  9. I personally like it, but it's true that I don't see any songs having the hit potential most songs on Hot Pink had. It definitely is not as experimental as Hot Pink, but that might be due to her becoming more popular and the record label wanting something safer. I think the only song I really don't like is Payday and the fact that the feature is Young Thug (who also ruined Don't Stop by Megan Thee Stallion) doesn't help.
  10. Damn, I love tree-hugging bitches like my sis Lorde. Tbh this concept of embracing nature feels really genuine to her and can't wait to experience this era. And although I'll be watching her at Primavera, I might also get tickets for her tour. Anything so that my sis can get more seeds for her garden and disappear for 5 years.
  11. This was amazing. She seems more mature both physically and through her voice (at least, her voice does feel richer).
  12. Yes, but only 2nd weekend. I think there're still tickets available.
  13. One era with 2 videos featuring Doja Cat? Damn sis, we're being FED.