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  1. Manel


    it's not about making it slower but more fluid. it's made out of pics, so it looks chopped.
  2. Manel


    it was, but after so much time with a ponytail she would've gone bald.
  3. Manel


    i came here just to comment that she looks amazing. i'm glad sis let go of the ponytail.
  4. Manel


    the swing edit on the breathin video is SENDING me.
  5. No it's not Bait Bus (that's super scripted, like the guys always end up having sex with the guy who's blowing them). It's an amateur channel I believe and it's like a glory hole where the guy who mimicks a girl voice (he does it REALLY well) is behind a door and the dudes who go there have like an iPad attached to the door so they can watch porn. It's really weird and I'm sure it could be considered rape.
  6. Well deserved. It's rape. Isn't there an amateur gay porn channel which is basically the same tho? The dude lures straight guys to a glory hole by using a feminine voice.
  7. This bitch is the one that actually stole the show: the crowd was LIVING
  8. Manel

    Celeb News

    THE LOOKS! I swear I want to blow whoever directed this shot and chose those outfits.
  9. Manel


    Kiss It Better and Sex With Me outsold.
  10. Manel here

    I have to laugh tbh


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    2. Kyoteki

      1 hour ago, Manel said:

      Guys calm down, I wasn't making fun of Gaga but of Little Monsters.

      All that smear campaign and shit didn't work ffff

      The smear campaign was all in good trolling. They knew Venom was going to do better. 

    3. Kyoteki

      No.  Seriously 💀

      one of then even admitted. 

  11. You answered your own question sis
  12. Manel


    I mean Beyoncé was supposed to do it but not on Bradley's version, but Clint Eastwood's. Then she quit the project and I guess Clint gave the project to Bradley (who was supposed to play the main male role in Clint's version).
  13. Manel


    Sis is thriving. When she said "I'll never meet the ground" in Shallow she wasn't lying!!
  14. Manel

    General News

    First you get the money Then you get the power Respect