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  1. Manel here

    I miss y'all so much but I'm so busy with work and college that I barely have time to even think.


    All I do is work, take classes, do homework, sleep and go back to work.


  2. Manel


    It actually is.
  3. Maybe we could also get some Motown type of sound? I just want her to drop a One Night Only kind of bop.
  4. As a recording artist? Don't think so. But I'm sure she'll get more gigs.
  5. Manel

    Just because I Am... Sasha Fierce is Beyoncé's worst doesn't mean that it's a bad album. It's just an album that lacks any sort of personality. That's why a certain demographic (yt gays) would love for her to go back to that sound like Gaga did. And that's why they can't stand her and spend their time hating on her; because she doesn't give a fuck about what they want.
  6. Our Queen turns 39 today! Share your favorite Beyoncé moments or some of your personal stories that have somehow involved Beyoncé. HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN!
  7. Oop, sorry I've been super busy with work. Added!
  8. "I'm gonna fuck you up in the parking lot!"
  9. Manel

    I AM WHEEZING!!!!!!!
  10. Thank the Lord Ciara was allowed to keep it, because she sounds amazing and I couldn't imagine anyone else but her rocking that song.
  11. Manel

    Nope. Still prefer the Haus Labs version.
  12. Manel


    A whole ass bop. I play it everyday on my way to work.
  13. Manel

    The way Bey is gonna get dragged...
  14. Manel


    This is a fucking SCALPING!! I personally ADORE the Mood 4 Eva, My Power and Black Skin Girl segments. They're spectacular.
  15. Manel

    Celeb News

    Can't wait for "If It Ain't Me" ft. Normani.