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  1. Nicki's Collection at K-Mart is shook.
  2. Rumor

    I could see Gaga rejecting it, but Xtina? Not so much.
  3. Are we seriously gonna compare who is more black? Like for real?
  4. Are we talking about quality or success?
  5. Hope? Probably. Success? No.
  6. I mean I might not be Nicki's biggest fan, but this bitch is tiring. Like girl, she's trying to get everything she can from that tired one-sided beef.
  7. The blouse is cute tbh
  8. My family album outsold tbh
  9. "bee yawn say smash" and later "bee yawn say happy". So many powerful emotions in 2 texts... Her Oscar is fucking coming.
  10. Yeah the same one who's charging almost $100 for a ticket right now and has made multiple discounts on her songs/albums because #MusicNotTheBling
  11. here

    This is lowkey a BOP


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Dangerous Jim

      oh my god lmfao1 

    3. Manel

      No, they're not humans they're part of the animal kingdom...


      I love you Jesus.


    4. Freaky Prince

      Despacito is shaking in the corner jj2

  12. If you don't think highly of yourself why are you a popstar? Be an underground artist who plays at bars for 5 dollar tips. You gotta think you're the shit but without being overly cocky so that people ride with you. That's why when Popstars start doubting themselves they flop hard af.
  13. Celeb News

    What's up with the states in the middle of the map? Who do they stan? Hannah Montana?