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  1. Manel

    Rihanna: Beyoncé (ft. Jay-Z): Ariana:
  2. Manel

    I'm really happy you made it through another day Agugaga. I'm glad the thrill of hating on Ariana daily is keeping your one braincell and you alive.
  3. How this went from a race discussion thread to a thread about Britney Spears is the reason why this forum amazes & scares me on the same exact level.
  4. Manel

    Celeb News

    The way this backfired for her tho. Listen to this edit of her copying Kali Uchis song: Enjoy it Princess Motorola
  5. Manel

    Celeb News

    Mhm... that's a really common flow on trap music what is she even talking about? Sis, take a seat. You look DUMB.
  6. I love how they're accusing her of commiting a racist act while being racist. They just exposed themselves hating on a Woman Of Color (in this case, orange).
  7. Chanel is a fashion legend and created a brand that defined french fashion and what french couture is, so yes.
  8. Manel

    Celeb News

    What about launching something I can actually afford? Like new music.
  9. Yes sis, go for his neck! What's up with these dads thinking they can steal from their daughters? I still remember LiveNation saying Mathew Knowles stole money off Bey's pocket during the "I Am... World Tour". A SHAME.
  10. Manel here

    I found a job!! DING DING DING.

  11. Manel

    Sis aged like fine wine.
  12. Manel here

    I really hope Gaga doesn't get the Cleopatra role. I just don't see it.