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  1. Not Musty Brown collabing with Ciara... I mean, I get it that she doesn't have that much to loose considering that her music isn't as relevant as it used to be, but like sis, out of all the artists in this world you choose that?
  2. This song hits so close right now. I mean I am a man, but... some dudes out there are shady af.
  3. I mean, I'm not like the biggest Nicki Minaj fan rn, but the song just dropped, she's a feature, the roll-out was SUPER bad and it's the first solo single of the main artist... It's not like Nicki can pull a miracle.
  4. I have a feeling I'll love this album!
  5. I think she said this would be her last album with her age as the title.
  6. I'd pick every single song over TWYB I hate that song so much
  7. If I Were A Boy vs Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) Halo vs Radio Disappear vs Diva Broken-Hearted Girl vs Sweet Dreams Ave Maria vs Video Phone Smash Into You vs Hello Satellites vs Ego That's Why You're Beautiful vs Scared Of Lonely Save The Hero vs Why Don't You Love Me I Am... - 3 Sasha Fierce - 6
  8. Damn, so she got that amazing deal with Netflix, that alleged 100 million dollars deal with Disney and now Amazon Prime? Sis is the queen of streaming platforms.
  9. This song is so beautiful and her voice fits perfectly. It's so fucking soothing, it makes me want to get hugged and caressed. I need it on streaming platforms though. I can't do this whole "play it on Youtube" thing (like Still In Love (Kissing You)).
  10. Kim Petras... She looked a mess and the mask made them lip fillers pop too much.