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  1. Manel

    Celeb News

    I know sis, I'm saying that I'll fight her for being this rude (ofc, it's a joke).
  2. Manel

    Celeb News

    I'll fight her. LIKE FOR REAL.
  3. Manel


    Honestly, I don't know why y'all give these publications so much credibility. It's nothing other than an opinion. The writer was shady af and used that review to drag Madonna, but it was a fun read. Let's move on bc no one will remember it in a week.
  4. Manel


    The hater was so obvious. I'm surprise they got tricked.
  5. Like honestly, what producer hears this concept and goes "Being insensitive with people who are trying to escape poverty and afford healthcare? Loves it". The level of stupidity.
  6. We're gonna stan this bop and the video. A CLASSIC.
  7. Manel

    I already sent my votes! @Entea sis, there should be 9 votes available since the user's country is the 10th.
  8. This ffffffffff But honestly, I know this girl and she's just as annoying to the Hive. She acts as if she's some sort of leader of opinion and she's just a jobless girl with no hobbies and no friends who makes videos on the Internet to get the attention she doesn't get in real life.
  9. Manel

    I won't be able to attend the final show but can't wait to see what other members have brought this time.
  10. Manel

    It has aged like wine for me. I don't play it on repeat so I don't get tired of the songs so everytime I listen to one of them it's like the first time.
  11. I'm just tired of these dance videos... The songs aren't that good (Thinkin Bout You bops tho) and the videos are all the same.
  12. Manel

    Girl, his account is now public and he's still worried about charts and shit while he was about to die on monday? MAKE IT MAKE SENSE. Another Gaga stan being a fraud. https://twitter.com/LGMonster95/with_replies
  13. Manel

    She actually has done it herself and through her publicist. In an interview in 2011 she said that from time to time she comes across things on the Internet and she appreciates her fans' support, but that sometimes they need to tone it down (Have in mind this is the era when EVERYONE was saying she faked her pregnancy). If you add the fact that she isn't as active on social media (IG is managed by her team) and she hasn't done an interview in A WHILE... Anyway, her publicist posted this this week: