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  1. As I said... A full minute doing a dance break: She could become a pop girl similar to Jennifer Lopez. Not the main pop girl, nor the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th... but she's there.
  2. I could see her becoming one but I feel like in general she's just excessive in her stylistic choices both in dancing and singing. By this I mean that she might have a great range, but she mumbles a lot and her voice is too nasal for people to understand. When she's dancing on stage I feel her choreographies are TOO explosive and full of energy. She has the skills to kill the choreo, but you can tell that choreo was made by someone who didn't take into account that she's dancing on stage and not in a studio. I mean, look at her performance of greedy on SNL... Why would you have a dance break
  3. The worst thing is that most of the time their bios are written by their team.
  4. Damn, then 2 years till Act II with the tour already done feels like eternity...
  5. She looks like a whole Jesy Nelson. I love her, but girl if you look in the mirror and you could pass as a different race... The look ain't it.
  6. So what would you say are the next 2 acts? Most people seem to believe act ii and act iii will be new albums that have nothing to do with renaissance sonically, but that will be a part of the same project and context.
  7. Get it girl! That bridge alone deserves a #1 by itself
  8. I mean this was a rumour last year, so let's hope it's true and that she only pushed it back to have another baby.
  9. I mean... A round trip to pick him up would've been 4 hours by car on a labor day at 8AM. His parents were probably on their way to or at their jobs. Like I would also try to sort out my fuck up by myself to not bother my parents. I'm really sad about his passing, but that's an understandable decision. Getting on top of the train on the other hand makes no sense.
  10. Yes, apparently they found video footage from a gas station where they could see how he got on top of the train and got electrocuted and fell on the space between the wagons (still on top of the train). This would explain why no one saw the body from thursday to sunday. Then, once the train started moving on monday, that space between wagons opened up and the body fell and that's why his legs were popping out of that area, which is what the news station captured. It's very sad because everyone wonders why he didn't try to contact his parents to help him. The thing is that since he missed
  11. This has been a real tragedy here in Spain. Everyone was worried about this kid. People now wonder what really happened because the place where the body was found was very hard to access.
  12. Can't wait to hear it! They're both talented producers and vocalists so this will be otherworldly.