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  1. here

    I'm going to Ariana's concert here in Barcelona. My mom bought it for me because with the recent events she realized that I could've lost one of my favorite singers, and that at the end it's money spent on music/art not on parties and drugs.


    1. Sylk

      That's so sweet! Hope you have fun cry7 

  2. Also thank you @Entea for being the best host ever. It's been fun and can't wait for the next edition.
  3. 7th is not that bad. Congrats @Kristina! You always sweep like the Queen you are.
  4. I should've given you that 1 point tbh
  5. The only 2 Melissa Lavigne stans on this earth give each other the most points. A real life coincidence.
  6. @Virgin Mary Only 2 points. Brexit did y'all no good.
  7. Disqualification sounds nice.
  8. He really does. But Spain got them 6, so I'll shut up.
  9. @Kristina YAAAAS at them 7 points. I knew you would recognize talent.
  10. @StrippedX Thanks for those 4 points sis!
  11. United States tanking. Also these countries need to start giving Spain more points.
  12. Photos

    Her boyfriend looks like an old Andrew Garfield. She looks gorgeous tho
  13. Single

    It's a cute song, but it sounds just like all her songs.