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  1. Yes girl, get that year 3000 dick for the rest of your life.
  2. This woman is just amazing. I love her ass so much.
  3. Anyway...
  4. What you didn't know CL is the business! Eating off your plate, let you bitches do the dishes! Skinny little sticks, now back like a throw back! On your knees BITCH, see the ring? Kiss that! Oh oh oh! She got a big ol' head! Refer to me wrong, she gonna see the color red! Pop the bubble out your gum, for my lipstick! Now cheer for the real leader! Dismissed!
  5. She looks fucking gorgeous! https://www.instagram.com/p/BaJVNR0n-Id/
  6. A drunk racist white dude that doubles you in size? That feels like a threat.
  7. When someone is trying to opress yoy by using racial slur, attacking that someone should be considered self-defense. At least if someone insults me they'll get these hands for sure.
  8. What a Queen. I hope Beyoncé never does this tho since I love living my life and I know I'd be on that app 24/7.
  9. I think she would succeed, but I'd rather see a Lauren, Normani and Dinah group (even knowing it's impossible that such thing happens).
  10. Wow that audio... There's nothing worse than men with low self-esteem and lots of power.
  11. Bey: B'Day is one of her best albums. BEYONCÉ (the album) is great, but it's quite overrated. Rih: Unapologetic is fucking great. Work became annoying pretty fast.
  12. Do people remember when Jessica Simpson created gays?