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  1. Mariah and Ariana harmonizing with that whistle note.


    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Literally a cultural reset. We need a duet album. ari3moo11

  2. Miss Nicki Minaj snapped here:


  3. What a fucking serve


  4. I miss y'all so much but I'm so busy with work and college that I barely have time to even think.


    All I do is work, take classes, do homework, sleep and go back to work.


  5. Kanye West scrapping Nicki's "New Body" verse is literally terrorism.

  6. If you want to join the new Beyoncé taglist please reply on this thread I made with mediocre graphics.


  7. Trying my best to keep Beyoncé's section as active as possible.


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    2. Manel


      Let me work on it @Dennis Reynolds

    3. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      "Welcome to the Beyonce section" is also a good topic, and could be done as one thread with the tag list. If you could hit up someone on our Graphics Team to make some cool visuals or do them yourself, it may be encouraging jj2


      By the way, I see that her latest thread/album threads aren't pinned - I look into it a bit and is that because there's some discrepancy over whether the Lion King, The Carters or her last actual solo album wouldn't count as that? I could see it being confusing dead2 

    4. Manel


      @Dennis Reynolds I would personally pin Lemonade. Maybe also The Gift since it's a collab album curated by her, so it would make sense to be included as her latest releases. I'll PM someone from the graphics team rn.

  8. Not me finding out today about Mariners Apartment Complex by Lana del Rey and actually... enjoying it.


    1. Jjang


      Amazing song. 

    2. Manel


      @Jjang It sure is! First time in YEARS that I actually enjoy a Lana Del Rey song.

    3. LÉON


      The only excellent song from NFR! whit2

  9. Damn we're in June. Time flies when humanity goes through the weirdest time period.


  10. Will this be the era where I become a Lady Gaga listener again?


  11. The Gift by Beyoncé is such a great album but those interludes are the fucking worst.


  12. A cultural reset


  13. @Simón. and @Ariana are saying I'd be "Anger" from Inside Out.

    Do I really give off those vibes?


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    2. Manel


      Anger is screaming all the time. I don't want to be the Xtina or Demi Lovato of the forum. @Simón.


    3. Atlantis Princess

      Atlantis Princess

      No, you're really cool actually cheer1

    4. Manel



      You're the best.


  14. Let me remove this Doja Cat badge REAL quick...


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    2. Manel


      @LÉON Yes, it's the "I just found out Doja Cat is a racist incel-loving mess" Remix.


    3. LÉON


      demi1 sounds like a slap. Was her collabing with Dr Puke not enough to put you off ha?

    4. Manel


      Well, she has been on his label since 2013 and the Kesha situation happened in 2014 so I just guessed she was trapped there and whenever her contract were up, she would leave.

  15. Okay, but we lowkey slept on this era.


    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      This was definitely her best post-Bangerz era. 

    2. Royalty


      No, we didn’t

  16. The range!!!


  17. I want to get a Switch with Animal Crossing but I'm broke. I need a Sugar Daddy until I get a job.

    Any offers?


  18. Now... who's that man Ariana appears with at the end? 3:44


  19. Great news guys! I don't have corona.

    Still staying at home. Be safe hoes.


    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      I'm glad to hear that clap3 

    2. Entea


      Proof that the @Royalty is immune to the virus, we're safe guys @Royale @Simón. yas2

    3. Royalty


      I will protect my babies at whatever cost @Entea @Royale @Simón.

  20. So... I might have corona.

    I've spent the whole night dealing with fever and my body hurts.


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    2. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      Oh Jesus, Take care awk1 I hope you will feel better 

    3. Winnie


      You had a good run, but I had more impact ❤️❤️

    4. Manel



      More impact in which failed "I'm leaving this forum" thread? Be more specific.


  21. Charlotte Awbery now has 255k followers on Instagram... WOW.

  22. Billie sweeping? We love to see it.

  23. Azealia Banks is about to drop some fire.

    2 songs. Both bops.

    1. Grams


      Good luck to her. She ain't happening any more.

    2. Manel


      @Madonna Who cares?

      She's making money and BOPS.


  24. Something you guys might not know is that here in Spain the Christmas Holidays last 1 more week and that involves more family gatherings + fights.

    Right now I'm going through the last one for this year, and can't wait for it to be over lol


    1. Gabe.


      stay strong bebe!! xx

    2. SeekingThrill


      Long names, now long Xmas celebration. rih1

    3. Manel


      @Gabe. Gracias amor!

      @Agent X Our names aren't that long tho. That's more common in South America I believe.