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  1. I'll go with Halo. It's just ICONIC.
  2. Smash Into You I ain't giving no vote to any song by Etta James.
  3. Mariah and Ariana harmonizing with that whistle note.


    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Literally a cultural reset. We need a duet album. ari3moo11

  4. Partition. Ain't nothing Christian about this household.
  5. I agree with all nominations except for the 2 big ones. They feel so random... The worst thing is that she may have 9 nominations, but she probably might win the Black Is King one and maybe one for Savage.
  6. He should complain to Scotter. Didn't he sell Taylor's masters to buy all these nominations for people to believe that Justin and this era in general wasn't a flop?
  7. Get it girls! Well deserved, it's an amazing song.
  8. I'm so happy for her but this feels like a desperate attempt by the Grammys to get Beyoncé to attend the show and perform. While that showcases her power, it saddens me that some artists that might deserve it more haven't been nominated. Like if she had dropped an album called Black Parade [Remixes] it would've been nominated for AOTY too.
  9. Miss Nicki Minaj snapped here:


  10. What a fucking serve


  11. Masculine clothing has too many limits. And the materials are excellent.
  12. I'm joining the next one. Can it be on a friday so that I don't have to wake up at 6:30AM the next day?
  13. I'm trying to catch up with some threads on this section. Haven't been here in months, but I'll try to come by at least three times a week.
  14. The way she ATE here! I don't really like this dress because I can see her white underwear underneath it.
  15. I got myself a green bodysuit from the women's collection because I know I'll look bomb af with some black cargo pants.
  16. We gotta save the Hive sis. A bitch (me) can't get busy with work and college without this section turning into ashes.
  17. I heard that you girlies needed me! When are we having that listening party?