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  1. What Kesha Song Are You Listening To?

    Grow a Pear
  2. Single Lady Gaga I Perfect Illusion I September 9

  3. Other Gaga helps an 8 year old girl with lymphedema

  4. Discussion Private Show slays lives

    It grew on me a lot, it's so good to dance to as well
  5. The Animal Kingdom

  6. Which Gaga song are you listening to?

    Blueberry Kisses
  7. Album Lady Gaga | JOANNE | October 21st

    I'm going to be shaking with excitement before I press play, I can't wait for it
  8. Game Fave EMOTION SIDE B Track

    Roses and Cry are just incredible
  9. The Animal Kingdom

    How was she? I hope you had an amazing time
  10. Event Gaga bopping to Perfect Illusion on Snapchat

    Teasing us so hard, it better be good
  11. Single Lady Gaga I Perfect Illusion I September 9

    Nnnn I can't wait