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  1. Hermione

    The people have spoken. Bring the hammer down!
  2. Hermione


    Let’s Have a Kiki - The Scissor Sisters Pretty Girl Rock - Keri Hilson I Don’t Want It At All - Kim Petras Fashion After All - Poppy Phresh Off the Runway - Rihanna And pretty much any RuPaul song. Supermodel, Call Me Mother, U Wear It Well, and Sissy That Walk come to mind.
  3. Hermione

    Omfg I'm so tired. Permaban this guttersnipe already. I know I seem obsessed with posting about her lately but I really did used to be a fan so that's why I'm so angry.
  4. The semester is almost over for me, which means I'm done with research papers and finally have time to write for fun again. I wrote this poem last night as a fun warm-up exercise, I hope you guys like it! And if you don't, well, it was just for fun. This is the tale of Miss Nicki Minaj A tragic example of self-sabotage Once at the top but she's fallen so far Her own pride and jealousy tarnished her star A break would do wonders, she's so dull and tired Her Grammyless album so uninspired Surrounded by yes-men who feed every whim Her future in Hollywood looks rather grim No other celebrity's had such a year Even Iyanla can't fix her career We mourn for the sweet girl who sang Super Bass She's dating a gangbanger, sucking his face When Cardi arrived she turned green in an instant And let's not forget that she shaded two infants She finds brand new ways to be vile each day Everyone cheered when the shoe came her way She's not the queen, she's not even a jester She acts persecuted but she's nowhere near Hester She's tweeting like Trump and it's getting embarrassing Girl, put the phone down and check into therapy "To freedom!," she yells like she's Harriet Tubman But she's a few kilowatts short of an oven Her gigantic derriere makes young girls hate themselves But let's be realistic, can she even wipe herself? She feuded with Lil Kim but met the same fate They're washed up and bitter, infested with hate When you stream her songs, know it's bankrolling predators And like Sesame Street, L's her most sponsored letter.
  5. It's possible... Lately I've noticed a trend of women Nicki's age settling for less and latching onto the first guy they can find because they have baby fever. It's happening to Porsha on RHOA right now and she and Nicki are a year apart.
  6. Also, I hope I'm wrong but I have a premonition that she's going to try to get pregnant with this guy. You heard it here first...
  7. Came here to leave this exact comment. Why is it taking so long? They're on the same level at this point.
  8. Hermione

    Omg you went off. How is what she said anything but defending him?
  9. Hermione

    I don’t usually leave comments this vapid but...LMFAO.
  10. Hermione

    I'm not going to insinuate anything, but this is a very, very, very suspicious pattern. Why would someone willingly surround themselves with people like this time and again? It really makes you wonder.
  11. Hermione

    Damn... This was the year of Nicki taking Ls. She's really out here filling up a Pokedex of child rapists. Her stans are always so quiet in these threads. 🤔
  12. Hermione

    Celeb News

    I don't believe it. She has low self-esteem and she's not going anywhere.