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  1. Exercise some tough love and block her for filth
  2. Kii he would
  3. I'm don't know actually but he's not the brightest bulb
  4. Send them anthrax
  5. His internet got turned off but on Snapchat I'm going to tell him he's still in the house every single day even after he gets eliminated
  6. Nice try but I voted for you to win and you know it
  7. Everyone else in (and out of) the house hates me so I really can't afford to backstab you at this point Also I'm still screaming at the @Atlantis and @Cosmic situation lmao
  8. You're STD shaming now? Coming from the morally corrupt Kuba I'm not surprised You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation
  9. Speak for yourself Succuba
  10. I came in here expecting this to be bumped from fall 2014. The Australian Rachel Dolezal has been long over, good riddance and amen to that!
  11. Welp
  12. We're just as shocked as you are
  13. Poetic justice
  14. Lady Gaga eat your heart out
  15. Gays can be homophobic too — if you're a regular poster on this forum then you should know that damn well!