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  1. I'm in the clear! I've never said anything remotely critical of Carly on here, and it will probably stay that way unless she shocks us all somehow.
  2. Hermione

    My fave isn't necessarily the most exciting artist for people to stan, but that's actually one of the main things I like about her. She doesn't get involved in diva beef, stan Twitter, or publicity stunts. Her music is good enough that it can speak for itself and she doesn't have to resort to that. She hasn't let fame go to her head. We never know these celebrities' real personalities behind closed doors but there's never been a negative story about her ego or personality; she's still humble and modest. She isn't bitter over her one-hit wonder status or every single aspect of her existence getting turned into a meme and overshadowing her artistry. She takes it in stride and she's in on the joke. She writes and sings about so many relatable human emotions and experiences. She wears her heart on her sleeve and isn't afraid to be vulnerable. She has a cult following of fans who are dedicated, creative, talented, hilarious, and so much more. It's like a fun secret society that no one knows about. She is a genuine ally to my community and has proven time and time again that she isn't just in it for the money and woke points. She keeps her music, mouth, and outfits clean so I don't have to hide her around my family like I do with other artists I listen to. She consistently delivers quality output on a level superior to most of her peers in the industry. I'm rarely if ever disappointed by her new releases. She keeps the legacy alive for iconic '70s, '80s, and '90s artists that don't get the recognition they deserve anymore by constantly paying tribute to them. She's fully committed to catchy hooks, big choruses, and upbeat production in a time when they're not as popular or cool as they used to be. She's such an unlikely victor in the pop arena that I can't help but root for her. She's so cute and charming and I've always liked the underdog/dark horse.
  3. Hermione here

    I just slid into the DMs of a cute beauty guru who shall go nameless on my "professional" influencer account. Not my smartest decision but we all have a little hoe moment every now and then. wendy1 We're in different time zones but I'll update this if he replies!

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    2. Hermione

      8 hours ago, Mystique said:

      @Hermione , an influencer? Is that how you clock all the tea? wendy1 

      A magician never reveals his secrets. But yes, I’m on the outskirts of the “beauty community” if it can even be called that. I’m still new and small and no one knows me yet.

      That’s not how I got my tea though... wendy1

    3. Winnie.

      The new James Charles!

    4. Hermione

      Omg no it was completely respectful. dead1 And I don't chase straights!

  4. Hermione

    Oh, I completely agree with all of this. I just think we needed to consider the source too.
  5. Hermione

    As if the Barbz actually care about social issues and problematic comments. I’m not defending him, but it’s so transparently obvious that this "expose" is all about getting revenge on him for not acknowledging their dusty fave. And news flash, neither has the rest of the world outside of their delusional bubble since 2016 or so.
  6. Is she still dating the registered pedophile? Keep it.
  7. Now that all the sanctimonious people are gone, here's to one year in hell and many more to come!
  8. You two didn't have to scalp me like this.
  9. Gus Kenworthy upon realizing he wasn't invited
  10. And if we don’t like the way she executes the idea we’re allowed to state that. No need to get defensive; no art is above or exempt from criticism.
  11. I agree. I finally started to like her after Reputation because she did something so drastically different, but after that she did a complete 180 and it's like she's regressed. This new song alone includes: snake references lyrics about haters a music video with celebrity cameos piggybacking onto a social cause We've seen all of this before...it's almost like a caricature of her past songs (Mean, Blank Space, and Bad Blood to name a few), which she pulled off much better. *Before anyone downvotes, this is legit criticism from someone who casually listens to Taylor and wants to like her.*
  12. The most iconic thing I ever did on this forum besides getting Benji banned.
  13. Hermione here

    Big Little Lies and Handmaid's Tale are BACK. legend1

  14. Hermione


    Because the thread was originally about Cupcakke too but that part got edited out once it was proven to be a rumor. That's the only reason I originally came in here, it had nothing to do with Nicki and I imagine it was the same for @Chris Morlock. Trust me, I would literally never click on a thread for a solo Nicki release and replying to you to defend myself will be the last time.