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  1. Hermione

    Omg yay! And that's interesting, people liked Gimmie Love here. Real Love might be my favorite song on Dedicated, so I was happy she added it to the encore at my show too. I liked Party For One from the very beginning. It's a message I needed to hear at the time and it gave us one of her best videos.
  2. Hermione

    She has a really strong fanbase for a newer artist...I see multiple people in real life who are obsessed with her and wear her merch. Meghan went viral and had some payola and after that she faded away. No one was really checking for her like that, even when she was an it-girl.
  3. Hermione here

    I actually love @Madonna so freaking much. giveup1

    1. Madonna

      OMG cry0 Love you too!

  4. Hermione


    By Taylor's usual standards, yes. Overall? No.
  5. Hermione

    That's awesome! I wish I could have done VIP. There's always next time. Seeing her was literally the best night of my life so far, you're in for a treat! Have fun!
  6. I need my cheesy girl power pure pop; it's been far too long. I hope they give me Independent Women Part I.
  7. Hermione

    Part 2 is in the works
  8. Hermione

    Adding Iggy to the poll really killed any kind of interesting discourse about the others. She rose and fell SO fast, probably more than anyone I can think of excluding one-hit wonders obviously. The rest of the poll choices are still talked about and relevant in the public eye, even if their music hasn't been all there lately. If you talk about the rest in public people won't find it unusual, but if you mention Iggy it's a blast from the past. I mean, Katy and Nicki are still talked about even if it's for all the wrong reasons.
  9. They're going to give the gays everything they want.
  10. Hermione here

    Gotta love getting sexually harassed at work! <3

    And now I'm too scared to report it rip4

    1. Royalty

      You really should report it - I know it’s hard, ask someone to come along with you, but report it!

    2. Dan

      So sorry that happened to you, it fucking sucks and is hard to do, but definitely report it :(katyanna1 

    3. Madame X

      If it happens again you should report it. And bring someone with you while reporting it.

  11. In the wake of her heartbreaking retirement from the music industry on Thursday, Nicki Minaj's former employers have charitably offered her her old job back. Before she achieved international notoriety for her association with and defense of multiple convicted pedophiles and murderers, Minaj was first a server at several locations of the seafood chain. Last June, Minaj went back to her roots in food service for an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she revealed that she was fired for following a customer out of the restaurant to her car, banging on her window, and flipping her off. source 1 2 Y'all be so mad but the Queen stays booked. When one door closes, another door opens!
  12. Hermione

    Omg the editing looks so professional! I'm gagged.
  13. Hermione


    Lover is going to dominate.
  14. Hermione

    Why so defensive? If no one cared about Nicki and her antics then this thread would have zero comments. But alas, it has a dozen.