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  1. here

    Does anyone here know anything about astrology? Give me the tea on Leo and Virgo compatibility.


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    2. Hermione

      2 hours ago, BEAUX said:

      you guys might agree on things IF and i repeat it because some of y'all suddenly refuse to see it when we talk long-term relationships .. IF you both agreed to compromise... because the virgo's "i will keep to myself" nature will def. need to change (lbr now)... also the leo's ever-annoying "oh, they need to make an effort to win me" will have to be changed as well... 

      The leo will eventually take the 1st step because they are always key initiators of possibly everything...

      the sex will be bomb though ;) so there's that.

      My parents are leo and virgo so yeah.. i have to be honest and give you the tea1 , both are great but in relationships, you'd need some communication and understanding, like meet half-way. both of these signs are simply way too comfortable being self-sufficient and that's the truth tea most won't admit, knowing that and embracing it will let you know how to deal with it.

      Thank you. I could definitely compromise for the person I'm thinking of. I like independence in others and I'm very independent myself so the self-sufficient part won't bother me. I don't like being needed, I like being wanted.

    3. Saiga

      I'm leo and I've been seven years with a piscis... you shouldn't read into it. jj1 

  2. Why are people even surprised? Everyone except for the most biased and delusional of Barbz has known about this tea for ages.
  3. This just goes to show that you don't need to resort to trashy gimmicks and publicity stunts to sell your album.
  4. She was in the girl group along with Nicole, whom she once said would do anything to be in the spotlight. She left before the first album was released, though. The girl group evolved out of the burlesque act and both are part of the Pussycat Dolls brand founded by Antin.
  5. Robin Antin's (the founder of PCD) occupation has been edited to "Hollywood Madame" on her Wikipedia entry. The girl group member who committed suicide is presumably Simone Battle of G.R.L. source
  6. ^^Nobody reply to the edgelord. He lives for it and you'll just be giving him more fuel.
  7. You make good points. I shouldn't have assumed, but I also know for a fact that a good amount of the people in here criticizing it are white and have never dealt with that and are telling POC how to feel. I still don't feel bad about what happened to this guy though; he got what he deserved and hot soup is too kind.
  8. here


    Image result for rhobh season 5 reunion gif

    1. Driven

      Someone should edit the 2nd one to say "Because you don't get dick anymore, bitch."

  9. Gossip

    It's probably just a burrito baby but I hope she's prego for the amazing celeb gossip that would ensue
  10. You're so lucky to have met her! What did you guys talk about? And yeah, she was completely right about that but people didn't want to hear it. They were too busy playing oppression Olympics to listen to what she was saying and realize that she was making valid points.
  11. A lot of the statements being put out by the men of Hollywood are just empty platitudes and lip service, and people are praising them for doing the absolute least. I haven't seen a single man say anything nearly as bold as Rose. I like her too, and I think she's misunderstood. She's assertive and doesn't fall in line, and a lot of people don't like that.
  12. Definitely. She's been tweeting about the whole scandal nonstop and she's even been going in on Matt Damon and Ben Affleck too for pretending they didn't try to help him hide his harassment.
  13. Because he's high-profile himself, and gave a lot of these women their careers. :/ No matter how famous they are, they can still get blacklisted from the industry by studio executives for speaking up. He probably thought he was untouchable and counted on them staying quiet for the sake of their careers. Thankfully they have strength in numbers, and are coming forward anyway.
  14. @Vertigo-go Also, the reactions in this thread versus this one are very suspect. I'm still confused.
  15. You know it. Everyone who's not in the group being attacked wants to say how they would react in such a situation, but the truth of the matter is that they don't know and they don't really have any business policing the reactions of those it was targeted against.