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  1. Hello, Monster. Unfortunately, you are the first player to be eliminated from season 1 of FOTP Survivor. As the show's co-host and interviewer, I have some questions for you to answer! I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability! Who would you say were your favorite and least favorite tribe members? My favorite ones were the ones who didn't vote me out.. so none. Least favorite? The ones who voted me out.. so all of them. Did you have any strategies or alliances? Any tea you'd like to expose about other players should go here too if you please I was clearly out of the loop, so no. In your casting interview you said you planned to win, but you got voted out first. How do you feel about that and what would you have done differently? I feel like it is an ultimate kii. I would have definitely NOT fallen asleep right before the first challenge bc that made me seem inactive and that's what got me eliminated! And, just for fun...what is your opinion on fellow tribe member Zachary admitting that he drinks under the legal age? Not y'all tryna start drama now. Guilty as charged. Are you open to the idea of returning for future installments of the game? Probably, I'd love to be that flop that returns to flop even harder! Excellent. Sorry that things didn't work out for you, but thanks for playing with us! Thanks for having me!
  2. Hello, Royalty. Unfortunately, your performance in season 1 of FOTP Survivor has been more comparable to a peasant or serf. As the show's co-host and interviewer, I have some questions for you to answer before we banish you from the island! Well too bad I can't be on 2 spots at the same time! But okay Draco Malfoy, ask away. Who would you say were your favorite and least favorite tribe members? Did anyone get on your nerves? I love Zachary that's all I have to say! Were you in any alliances? Did you plan any strategies that you eventually would have carried out had you not been eliminated? Well I wanted to check but I got thrown out of every PM I was in so I guess I wasn't in any! My strategy for the eventual next time would be to actually be active but yeah. In your casting interview you said that the reality star most similar to yourself is Trisha Paytas, who recently walked out of the Big Brother house. Could it have been an omen of yourself getting eliminated in this game? A ironic case of life imitating art? Well no because Trisha walked out on herself and I was eliminated because I wasn't active probably, so that's not at least a bit ironic. Get your facts straight, Pansy Parkinson! You act like it's a bad thing I wasn't active, but I had some more important things to do! You are the second member in a row of your tribe to be eliminated. Y'all ain't doing so hot. Do you have any advice for its remaining contestants on how they can survive in the game? Don't fuck it up Will we be seeing you audition for future seasons? No Thank you for playing! Ariana Grande is iconic
  3. The look that Cheryl gives her at 0:09 is killing me. She's asking her "You okay sis?" with her eyes.
  4. Kuba you're doing amazing sweetie; this was explained so well. Post this on r/gendercritical and watch the upvotes come rolling in!
  5. Girls Aloud is one of my all-time favorite girl groups but Sarah is trash. She has assault charges, she cheated on her boyfriend while in the Big Brother house, she does drugs and parties too hard, she fat-shamed Trisha Paytas, nobody from Girls Aloud speaks to her anymore, and she was always the weakest link of the group.
  6. I forgot he lives there and now I'm really worried. @Manel if you're reading this, please give us a sign that you're okay.
  7. Omg mess
  8. Me too! I'm screaming at this over here You went off and told zero lies!
  9. Gender is bullshit, so yes. It's sad that so many people have recently been duped into accidentally reinforcing rigid gender roles under the guise of being progressive, including myself up until a few months ago.
  10. Dead at how random the question is