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  1. A male with a penis beat Rihanna within an inch of her life. I think she's allowed to RT a pic of them being blended.
  2. Discussion

    Cristiano Ronaldo is a tax evader and alleged rapist with a grossly overinflated ego so please let's not glorify that.
  3. You should move Janet to the front of the list. Start with Control and listen to the present.
  4. Happy new year, gorgeous! Here's to another year of getting people pressed. Little do they know that Winnie always wins. 😘

    1. ScatsusGifsallah

      Thank you legend, every year it takes less and less effort. This year simply viewing a thread should do the trick. 

      Youthful legends, like us, only wub1 

  5. Not even a judge? How dreadful.
  6. Not at all. One can find a valid reason to protest virtually any country throughout its history, but it doesn't mean that activism should be all or nothing. The former is impossible, and the latter is a lazy excuse for sitting out completely. Lorde's detractors screaming about Russia are missing the point - artists could easily make a case for boycotting the USA because of its current administration and police brutality against racial minorities, the UK for its fatal austerity program, Australia for the conditions of its detention facilities, and so on. Should artists just give up touring completely because there are no ~unproblematic countries left? No, that would be stupid. They might as well have concert dates on international waters and uninhabited planets only. Lorde boycotting one tour date that Palestinian activists specifically asked her to because of a human rights issue doesn't mean that she's a hypocrite, and it certainly doesn't mean that she endorses the atrocities occurring in Chechnya and elsewhere. If she stayed silent about social issues and didn't protest anything she would get dragged for complicity and failing to use her influential platform for positive change like Taylor Swift, and if she protested every single nation with an inhumane or corrupt government she would have nowhere left to go. Who knows, in the future Lorde might decide to boycott Russia and other countries people were asking her about if more activists reach out to her with open letters, but until then it's useless to attempt discrediting her Tel Aviv cancellation with whataboutism. It's impossible to take a stand for everything, but something is still better than nothing at all. Despite all of the backlash she's receiving, she made the right decision.
  7. Never have I been more nervous for a fave's live performance. So many people tuned in to see Mariah fail again tonight, but she didn't give them the satisfaction. After ending 2016 on a bad note she's been able to turn it around and have a pretty good 2017, and New Year's Eve was the final test that would either make it or break it. It didn't blow me away or anything but I didn't expect it to; it was safe and restrained and that's exactly what she needed. She looked so happy with herself once it was over, like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. I get that feeling too after my piano recitals, and I'm not a celebrity being televised who destroyed her career the year before at the same venue. For most people this was probably a really average performance, and it technically was, but as a fan it wasn't just about the music, it was about Mariah proving she's still got it and that she's not a laughingstock. I'm sure people will say what they want to say anyway but I'm personally beyond proud of her for keeping her composure throughout and even just signing up again for an event that already brought her so much humiliation. What she did was so hard, not musically but mentally and emotionally. #LambilyForever
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      Luann Teresa both legends 

  9. Did I stumble onto a photo of your place?




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    Unstanned JK Rowling.
  11. All of the dumbass comments he's made lately are leading me to believe he's hiding something of his own tbh. He's best friends with a pair of brothers who are predators so it really wouldn't surprise me if he was one himself.
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    We love a legend @Royale yes!