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  1. Celeb News Bryan Singer Sued for Raping 17 Year Old Boy

    Looking like a Benedict Cumberbatch wax figure that got attacked by a swarm of Tracker Jackers. Amen! #PoorDat #TheJigIsUp #ByeBih #ICantStopCryingWeDidItKids
  2. Celeb News Gaga’s makeup artist: she’s an asshole (talking about Wendy Williams)

    Well duh. Wendy has built her career off of kicking people while they're down and making fun of their insecurities.
  3. Ringing in the festive season with a new set!


  4. Celeb News Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter accused of rape - he responds

    I don't "stan" any artists because you can't trust anyone at this point (especially not men), but BSB were the only males in music that came close for me. Nick and his delusional fans defending him across social media are canceled.
  5. Nicole Scherzinger read to filth

    Do NOT watch if you easily get secondhand embarrassment.
  6. General News Hate crimes rose by 5% in the US

    OMG, Ann Coulter is such a reliable source.
  7. FOTP Big Brother 7

    I respect Hannah's decision to end Big Brother, but I'm really going to miss it. This game was my favorite part of the forum, and even though I had posted before, my debut season was where I really started coming out of my shell and getting to know people on here. Not only did it help me make friends, but it satisfied one of my most carnal desires: I secretly live for drama. I'm not proud of it, but I've always loved watching a good mess go down and I'm sure I'm far from alone even if people don't want to admit it. It's interesting because my offline life is very drama-free, but I still have that craving to stir stuff up or at least watch it unfold from the outskirts, and this game was a perfect opportunity to relieve that dark side of myself without engaging in any risky social behavior with real consequences. One of the main reasons people watch reality TV is for the mess, and I played my part exactly like I thought that particular crowd would admire. It didn't always make me popular with the audience and other players, nor did it do me any favors within the game, but I did everything I thought would be entertaining to see on a real show no matter how grimy and slimy. Without a conflict or villain there would be no plot, and without a plot there would be no show. I mean, honestly, who wants to watch a show where everyone is getting along? So I made secret alliances, I sent threatening messages, I threw my friends under the bus, I emotionally blackmailed people, I used people as pawns and puppets, I pushed people's buttons and played innocent, I delivered low blow after low blow, and I purposely made myself a target just for the thrill of confrontation. And you know what? It was fun. Not everyone appreciated this diabolical drama-starting character I crafted, but I'm thankful for the people who were able to laugh along with it and join in on my fun. I know I went too far sometimes and I apologize for that, but I don't have any hard feelings for any of the people I came for outside of the game and I hope they don't have any in return. Lastly, I'd like to thank Hannah/Justice Chen once again for all of her hard work, and congratulate Lust for winning the final season and taking me with him to the top 2. Running a game isn't easy, and neither is beating out 24 people. It's been real. Godspeed, FOTPBB!
  8. FOTP Big Brother 7

    #TeamTwirlEndorses #LittleHerminionsUpvote
  9. FOTP Big Brother 7

    And where is your point?
  10. FOTP Big Brother 7

    *top 2 kii
  11. FOTP Big Brother 7

    OMG CONGRATS SIS @Lust I'm about to show these sore losers how to be happy for someone else! You deserve it so much and thanks for helping me get to the final 2 when pretty much everyone else hated me and didn't trust me. I hope we can keep talking even after the game is over
  12. FOTP Big Brother 7

    I never complained at Hannah's expense though! Lust can make his own decisions and I'm not responsible for that.
  13. FOTP Big Brother 7

    Just the same people whining over and over again about how I take this game too seriously but then having real-life meltdowns in the same breath
  14. FOTP Big Brother 7

    Wow I'm actually shook at how neck-and-neck this is