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  1. "Ugly Hoodrat"...Aren't you white? Yikes.
  2. Hermione

    Celeb News

    Lana been with the shits. End her!
  3. Hermione

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    FUCKING GATHER HIM SWEETIE. Chris Evans also got in a good clock:
  4. Maybe not during the entrance, but I definitely want this song to have some kind of significance on my special day. People sleep on these ladies so much but they have the most beautiful music no one even knows about. 😭 Kacey Musgraves also has so many songs that would be great for weddings. Love Is A Wild Thing, Golden Hour, and Oh What A World would all be perfect!
  5. ***This is just my opinion and I’m entitled to it, I’m stating it politely so please don’t attack me.*** Honestly I was so disappointed on first listen. I still regularly listen to her first three albums in the car years later, and I don’t see it with this one at all. Some tracks are slowly growing on me but I still think it’s her weakest effort by far. My favorite song on here is still God is a Woman, but I love Everytime too. Breathin is fine, but slightly overrated. I can’t help but think it only stands out because of the rest of the album, and that if it had been on Dangerous Woman people would say it’s just okay. The Light Is Coming, Sweetener, Successful, and Borderline are straight-up bad to me, I really don’t know what she was thinking with those. They would work as mid-00s Gwen Stefani tracks, but not for Ariana. I haven’t read many reviews or comments about it so I don’t know how this stacks up to popular opinion. This reminds me of Reputation, where the reception is mixed at first but it ends up being a grower. I saw someone say it reminds them of Yours Truly, but that’s my favorite album by her and I’m not feeling this one. @Divine (and other Arianators who won’t jump down my throat) Thoughts on my thoughts?
  6. Hermione

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    This relationship has more red flags than the Plaza Mexico.
  7. She made herself the spokesperson for this issue.
  8. Hermione

    I have to laugh.
  9. RIP all the brain cells I just lost reading this thread.
  10. How much did Bob Iger pay for this?
  11. Hermione

    @Taylor LMAOOO
  12. Never thought I'd see the day this place shifted more gender-critical... I like it.