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  1. Hermione

    Exactly. He's gone up against some pretty trash opponents before - KVD, Manny, Laura, James - but he's the common denominator in literally all of these scandals without exception and people need to realize that maybe HE'S the problem.
  2. Hermione

    But it's really unfair to stop paying attention to James's side once he actually came forward with receipts and vindicated himself against their allegations. Tati and Jeffree have so much explaining to do after James's video, but all of a sudden they want to move on and stay above the drama now that they're the ones who look bad.
  3. Hermione

    All three of them are so full of shit. It's crazy how many turns this has taken though and how fast James managed to recover and come out on top. I still don't like him but it's pretty impressive considering the state of his career just a couple days ago.
  4. Hermione

    Tati deleted the Bye Sister video.
  5. Hermione

    Omg this video was so pointless. TL;DW it's just Jeffree backpedaling, making excuses, and congratulating himself for 15 minutes without taking any real accountability or responsibility for himself. He teased all of these receipts and tea he didn't have, just so he could have the last word and act above it all as if he wasn't the most vile player to enter the ring. Just saved you all a view.
  6. Hermione

    Here we go again. Just hit play.
  7. Hermione

    No. James made a new video clarifying everything and honestly Jeffree looks a lot worse than him now. I still don’t like James and I take back calling him a sexual predator (although he could certainly stand to learn some boundaries and be less egotistical), but it looks like Jeffree put Tati up to this so he could be the number one beauty guru. Jeffree is an unhinged racist cyberbullying shit-stirring master manipulator supervillain who had his hand in the pot the whole time and played Tati (who is also not the innocent angel she pretends to be, and seems to be playing dumb and using her gentle motherly image to her advantage) like a fiddle. What a mess.
  8. Hermione here

    I wanna do bad things to you. Slide on through my window!

    Image result for atrl dancing gif

  9. Hermione

    Jeffree needs to have several seats.
  10. Hermione


    Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman Beyonce - 4 Carly Rae Jepsen - Emotion Janelle Monae - The ArchAndroid, The Electric Lady, Dirty Computer Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour And literal dozens more, but these are the ones that immediately come to mind.
  11. Hermione here

    On this day in history, Carly Rae Jepsen activated the Infinity Gauntlet and disintegrated half of your faves' careers with one snap. We're in the endgame now, gays. cry7

  12. Haven't even listened to Side A yet and already excited for this.