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  1. It's down to 17k. OMFG.
  2. here

    My friend got attacked by a squirrel today (that jumped out of a garbage can and pounced on her when she went to throw something out) and it bit and scratched her so she's going to get checked for rabies tomorrow. Veruca Salt teas laughcry1

    1. Driven

      I hope, she is alright. 

    2. Onika

      What kind of Even Stevens Movie experience rip3 

  3. It will always be wrong to joke that a song gave you AIDS, no matter how shitty it is. #JustChrisThings
  4. When you put it like this... Wow, that decline is actually shocking.
  5. I know, but I don't know if it will work. The 1989 era still feels like it began yesterday, even though this is the longest she's waited between albums. Maybe it's just wishful thinking.
  6. Taylor will always have her core fanbase to support her, but I also think she might be overexposed beyond the point of return.
  7. This post is gross tbh
  8. EP

    ^^^The most random FOTP feud of all time
  9. here

    Current mood legend1


  10. Petition to replace Christina and Lana's sections with Carly Rae and Erika!
  11. here

    Screaming because this is actually us dead1

    Carole @Royale

    Sonja @blankdreams.

    Ramona @#Music

    LuAnn @Kuba

    Kristen @Royalty

    Dorinda @Breathless Mahoney

    Heather @GLORY

    Bethenny @Hermione

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    2. Hermione

      No fear, your phonics godmother is here! You will pass with flying covers as I watch over you during the exam lotus1

    3. Royalty

      YAS sluts! I'm fine af

    4. Kuba

      LegAndDairy cry6

  12. Hate it Bethenny Frankel
  13. Fossils and Little Monsters are equally oversensitive about criticisms of their faves.