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  1. RIP all the brain cells I just lost reading this thread.
  2. How much did Bob Iger pay for this?
  3. Hermione

    @Taylor LMAOOO
  4. Never thought I'd see the day this place shifted more gender-critical... I like it.
  5. I was surprised that Liberation was as good as it was, and also by its sales.
  6. Hermione

    Welp @#Music is truly over lmfao
  7. Hermione

  8. Hermione

    At this point it's anyone who acknowledges biological reality. "TERF" has been run so far into the ground that it is now basically a meaningless silencing tactic against women (and more specifically lesbians).
  9. Hermione

    You will get shit for this, but honestly you're not wrong.
  10. As a former Britney stan, this whole relationship is giving me KFed flashbacks.
  11. He seems like the type to "shower" every few days with Wet Wipes...
  12. Those acrylics though...
  13. This song legitimately goes off. I've been following Keiy's career for a minute because he's cute to me, but didn't know he was capable of this...color me shook. It's actually good, and not just "good for a CW actor trying his hand at being a Troye Sivan clone."