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  1. Y’ALL. Our gorl went to the ER for kidney failure, back pain, and a bladder infection. Also claims she got checked for diabetes and still doesn’t have it. rip4


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    2. Hermione


      @Darth Sidious She's over 600 now...ObesetoBeast (her dietitian for like 5 minutes) clocked and exposed her!

      @Madonna Her content is unwatchable. I prefer to stay updated through her brilliant parody/reaction channels such as Katie W and Zachary Michael. This video is an iconic intro down the ALR rabbit hole.

    3. Madonna


      WOW lmfao2 She's the very personification of gluttony. A consumption monster. Not only addicted to fast food and soda but also addicted to spending money on a shit load of stuff.

    4. Hylia


      She’s so brave! A warrior xx