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  1. For an epic fantasy series with a satisfying ending, look no further than Lord of the Rings.

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    2. Hermione


      True...but all of them are better than a certain other one! interesting1

    3. Madonna


      Poor Game of Trash. I'm so happy I never gave in to people pushing me to watch that shit only for it to end in such a disappointing way that actors and creator both agree that it's shit.


    4. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      I haven't actually seen the eighth season of GoT yet, so I can't comment on its quality, although the seventh was kinda feeble. Overall I would definitely say I prefer Game of Thrones to The Lord of the Rings, at least the show/films (haven't read the books). I actually rewatched all of the LOTR films pretty recently and although I really like Fellowship, I'm not too fond of the latter two films.