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  1. My sexy bi taken barber mysteriously showed up in my DMs 10 minutes after my appointment ended. gaycat1 I went to high school with his bf and I’m not like that but omg my power. gaycat1

    Edit: I left him on read and he just asked for my IG with a ton of emojis rip2

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    2. Hermione


      I gave him my IG and now he's liking all my pics going pretty far back.rip2

      Relevant song is relevant. wendy1

    3. ajp


      Hopefully, it progresses to Want You In My Room lol2



    4. Hermione


      It looks like it's headed in a This Kiss direction. If I find out they're poly I'll flirt, but otherwise I'll have to shut it down before it goes too far. rip2

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