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  1. Me too, I will give her another try just because I've heard this one has a really different writing style. I'm in a book club and these girls only want to read young adult fantasy/dystopian shit. I'm so tired of this, it's almost 2020 and there are so many other things out there with more substance and relevance. Sorry but honestly grow the hell up. Thank god I realized my Harry Potter obsession wasn't cute anymore after high school.
  2. I read Daisy Jones and I honestly didn't like it. In theory it had everything I love in books (tons of glamour and drama, pop culture references, feminist themes), but it just felt so...cringeworthy? I know that's how people in classic rock bands actually lived, but it felt like she was trying to fit in as much sex and drugs as possible just to be edgy and it took away from the story. Neither of the main characters were particularly likable, even though there were some great side characters. As for the "oral history" writing style, it felt like she just wanted to write a screenplay but didn't
  3. Has anyone seen emoblackthot’s Paper feature? The narcissism is real...

  4. Adding Tori Symonds to my stan list y'all.


  5. Omg yay! And that's interesting, people liked Gimmie Love here. Real Love might be my favorite song on Dedicated, so I was happy she added it to the encore at my show too. I liked Party For One from the very beginning. It's a message I needed to hear at the time and it gave us one of her best videos.
  6. I actually love @Madonna so freaking much. giveup1

    1. Madonna


      OMG cry0 Love you too!

  7. That's awesome! I wish I could have done VIP. There's always next time. Seeing her was literally the best night of my life so far, you're in for a treat! Have fun!
  8. Hermione


    Part 2 is in the works
  9. Gotta love getting sexually harassed at work! <3

    And now I'm too scared to report it rip4

    1. Kylie


      You really should report it - I know it’s hard, ask someone to come along with you, but report it!

    2. Dan


      So sorry that happened to you, it fucking sucks and is hard to do, but definitely report it :(katyanna1 

    3. Shego


      If it happens again you should report it. And bring someone with you while reporting it.

  10. I’m not a Blaire White fan by any means, but has anyone watched her “debate” with noted predator Jonathan Yaniv? I hate to give her props but she did that. A Monday night well spent. laughcry1

    1. AGNTEA


      Idk, I don't agree on everything with her but she got me a few times were i was like: ugh she's kinda right

  11. Hermione


    Thanks everyone! It really couldn’t have gone any better than it did. Everything was so perfect. Queens supporting queens! She didn’t lie. The haters in her replies are truly pathetic. It WAS the best show I’ve ever been to. If they had been there, they would agree.
  12. Hermione


  13. Carly was truly perfect in every way and somehow surpassed my sky-high expectations... sob1