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  1. An outtake from the shoot:
  2. Behind a cut because... well, you'll see.
  3. Are you guys really thirsting for Scooter? ...Him? ...Seriously? ...Unironically? Do better in 2020.
  4. Hermione

    Okay. I totally agree that this was messed up of Lizzo and I hope this poor woman wins in court. Celebrities shouldn't be using their platforms to shame service people, especially knowing how crazy their fans can be. But the idea that Lizzo is even remotely on the same level of problematic as Nicki and Cardi is laughable. Call me when she supports multiple rapists and wishes AIDS on people. Anything can happen, but she has a long way to go.
  5. The Voice audience and People's viewership overlap...Middle America housewives love both of them. That's why they keep getting picked. The vast majority of them are also white.
  6. It's pretty obvious by looking at past winners that People's Sexiest Man Alive is a public relations bidding war...and yet their choices are still better than the annual ATRL list.
  7. Hermione


    It's a mess, but I kind of love it? They really said men are over.
  8. Hermione

    This is getting to be a bit much. It should honestly be considered sexual harassment to do this to someone.