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  1. It’s definitely been very repetitive. Every episode so far has been the same conversations and nothing new has happened, but that might change with the Toronto trip. I also think it’s being hurt by almost everyone having the same storyline: new babies, and men being trash. It’s still better than season 11, though.
  2. @Ruthless Love What are your most unpopular Real Housewives opinions? Here are a few of mine: The revisionist history regarding Phaedra is bullshit. She's a bad person and doesn't deserve to come back, but she was an amazing housewife. I know people say it's good, but I can't get into Dallas anymore and pretty much gave up. I enjoyed it back in season 2 but that's about it. Sheree getting fired was a mistake both times and she should still be on the show. She's the true heart and comic relief of Atlanta. Jill, Gretchen, and Brandi should all have their apple, orange,
  3. "You know what Posche stands for? Piece Of Shit Cokewhore Homewrecker Everyday!" The whole Teresa vs. Kim D feud was a mess but at least Dolores wasn't up Teresa's ass for once. I know you don't like Jersey at the moment, but in my opinion they always deliver (except for season 6). The new girls have all been major successes for the show.
  4. The H is for Homewrecker. "I thought this was Real Housewives of New Jersey, not Tales from the Crypt."
  5. Unpopular opinion: Kim D is an underrated queen. She took on Teresa, Melissa, Danielle, and Margaret all at once and didn't even flinch. Clink clink, bitch.
  6. Also, I gave a huge interview today with an extremely controversial person for my journalism class and I felt like Carole the whole time.
  7. Ewww. I was rooting for her, but some women don't want to be saved and just have to learn the hard way I guess. Obviously it's not on the same level, but Nicki Minaj for example.
  8. This is sad...3 of the legendary season 9 cast are now gone. Sorry but I honestly miss Jill and want her to come back. I hope the new girl Leah is good.
  9. She definitely qualifies too. I have no idea why a homophobe would want to be on a gay-friendly network. At least Marlo backed up her homophobia with messy and entertaining fights (once again, not that that makes it any better but I don’t watch these shows for moral purity). Has there been any update on Amber’s stepson? I think a boring housewife is a far worse crime than a crazy, evil, or annoying housewife. At least those types cause drama and are fun to hate. I get that the viewers’ natural reaction is to want bad behavior to be punished, but we saw how BH went downhill without Brandi
  10. I like everything about Emily except for Shane and the fact that she's a Trump supporter. Not that it makes it any better, but everyone else on the show is probably one too so I don't really hold it against her that much. Braunwyn's husband reminds me of Scientology era Tom Cruise. He just has that energy about him and I feel like it will be further explored if they stay on for future seasons. As much as I hate on Tamra, Kyle, and Nene for example, it would probably be someone a lot more boring than that. As much as those housewives grind my gears, they're important to the show and h
  11. I will never be Team Tamra, unless the other team is Girth Brooks. This is the most I've been excited about a reunion for a long time though. I'm so curious to see Tamra vs. Kelly and what apparently went down between Vicki and Andy. It's so funny to me how public opinion switched on Emily and Gina this year. Last year neither of them were popular, but people liked Gina a lot more than Emily, who they found boring and pointless. Now Emily is a fan favorite, and everyone hates Gina even more than the Tres Amigas. A lot can change in one season. Someone called into WWHL when Emily was
  12. I loved Ramona dragging Vicki but I honestly think they’re both wrong. Jersey and Atlanta put the Housewives on the map to the general public, specifically the early antics of Teresa, Danielle, Nene, Kim, and Sheree.
  13. Also, Caroline and Jill look stunning. I feel like Kim is much happier now and I hope she enjoys her life with her family off cameras instead of coming back to this group. It's not a good environment for her and I think Kim is a good person who just got lost for a little while. I'm always rooting for her.
  14. BravoCon looked so fun. Apparently the tickets were really expensive, but if they do it again I want to go. I was worried beforehand because it sounded like the gay version of Fyre Festival, but it seems like it ended up being a success! Seeing all the photos and videos makes me realize that Bravo (the stars and the fans) is really a community. These crazy ladies have brought so much joy into my life over the years, and if I find out someone else watches them we're instantly friends and have tons to talk about. I've kept up with them for so long and even if I don't necessarily like some o
  15. This is the most excited I've been for a reunion in a long time. We have: Kelly vs. Tamra Kelly vs. Shannon Kelly vs. Gina Kelly vs. Vicki Shannon vs. Tamra (but apparently it got resolved) Gina vs. Braunwyn Gina vs. Emily Tamra vs. Emily We're overdue for a good old-fashioned OC screech-off. Kelly is my favorite but she's so off-the-rails that I can't help but think she might not be back next season. Did you see she just got engaged to Rick Leventhal from Fox News?
  16. Call animal control...There's a cougar on the loose in the OC!
  17. Tamra dressed in a garbage bag...she’s finally in on the joke.
  18. I honestly think both of them are boring and overrated...on this show at least. They both seem like nice people though and are obviously legends. You can't tell me there's not a single thirsty bored trophy wife in LA who's willing to mention it all and get the girls shook. There are probably thousands of them out there. Bravo is just coddling the cast at this point because they see them as "real" celebrities since they're actresses, bring high ratings, and might walk if the show gets too messy. No other city gets this special treatment. Every other Housewives show, including Beverly Hills
  19. Time has been kind to Taylor. She's great on rewatches and was one of the main reasons the show was popping in the early years, besides Camille, Kim, and Brandi. They should add Rinna, Dorit, and LVP to lineup 2 and just cancel lineup 1. I love how Denise is so irrelevant she wasn't even mentioned.
  20. Also, Cynthia's daughter Noelle came out of the closet on tonight's episode!
  21. They're still missing the TRUE queen of Beverly Hills. LVP and Kyle who?
  22. I'm watching old OC episodes from the Gretchen-Alexis-Heather years (the best era of the show) and I have so many thoughts. My first time watching it I was team Tamra over Jeana and Simon, but now I actually side with them. Kind of shocking how differently I view it now. Vicki isn't annoying me as much as I thought she would. Tamra is way worse than her (but I haven't gotten to the cancer scam yet...I think that's when Vicki looks like the worst of the two for a few years). Naked Wasted was honestly worse than Dungeon-gate. Change my mind. Gretchen and Slade are the b
  23. Brandi too... This season is officially dead on arrival if they have to rely on old housewives to make it interesting. Why not just give them diamonds and fire the dead weight, even if it causes a delay?
  24. I think they're a mess in the best way possible. The fact that there are pictures of Jackie as a fan at Teresa's meet-and-greet is hilarious, and Jennifer is basically the East Coast version of Kelly Dodd. It's definitely less classy than the other cities, but it always has been and I don't mind it. And even though Teresa is dumb, I'm still invested in her life and I'm not going to stop keeping up with it at this point.
  25. Really? I loved it and it’s now in my top 3... it’s far better than anything California had served up. And for better or for worse, all the recent additions have been great. The only thing I dislike is that Danielle stresses me out.