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  1. On 11/1/2019 at 3:01 PM, who is you, chiron? said:

    I haven't started it yet but I've definitely nothing but good things about Evelyn Hugo book.

    Me too, I will give her another try just because I've heard this one has a really different writing style.


    I'm in a book club and these girls only want to read young adult fantasy/dystopian shit. I'm so tired of this, it's almost 2020 and there are so many other things out there with more substance and relevance. Sorry but honestly grow the hell up. rip4 Thank god I realized my Harry Potter obsession wasn't cute anymore after high school.

  2. On 9/27/2019 at 11:30 PM, who is you, chiron? said:

    Booktube sings the praises of Taylor Jenkins Reid & after reading the synopsis of a few of her books I'm gonna try Daisy Jones & the Six + The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.


    I read Daisy Jones and I honestly didn't like it. In theory it had everything I love in books (tons of glamour and drama, pop culture references, feminist themes), but it just felt so...cringeworthy? I know that's how people in classic rock bands actually lived, but it felt like she was trying to fit in as much sex and drugs as possible just to be edgy and it took away from the story. Neither of the main characters were particularly likable, even though there were some great side characters. As for the "oral history" writing style, it felt like she just wanted to write a screenplay but didn't have a movie deal yet, so published a script as a "book." It definitely suffered from telling instead of showing, and there are points where massive character development takes place over a couple pages.

    That said, a ton of people seem to love it so don't let my unpopular opinion deter you from trying it out. I don't know what your taste is like so you might really enjoy it. I'm still interested in Evelyn Hugo, because I heard the writing style is really different and that's the main thing I didn't like about Daisy Jones.

  3. 29 minutes ago, ajp said:

    Just got back from tonight’s concert and I had a blast. She is such a great entertainer and has a wonderful playful stage presence. She had replaced All That with Real Love in the encore which was an added improvement cause the audience was so into it. Gimme Love was the only dud song. It was almost like the fans have moved on to Dedicated and they weren’t here for it. Party For One was a huge hit! Who knew that the fans would love it so much but it was such a great song LIVE. Great show, Great audience! burn1

    @Hermione @Dennis Reynolds

    Omg yay! And that's interesting, people liked Gimmie Love here. Real Love might be my favorite song on Dedicated, so I was happy she added it to the encore at my show too. 

    I liked Party For One from the very beginning. It's a message I needed to hear at the time and it gave us one of her best videos.

  4. 51 minutes ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

    Well, unfortunately she did not answer this question! So how it works is that all the questions were printed out, put into a purse and she drew some random ones. If you or @Hermione would like to know, here's some of the tidbits she did share:


    - She said Phoebe Bridgers was one of her favourite current artists

    - Somebody asked where she likes to shop (!), and she mentioned she was late to the game on it but she mostly shopped online now. Think she praised some pajamas she'd recently bought.

    - She said that her favourite role she'd played was Little Orphan Annie when she was a kid

    - Somebody asked how long it takes to make a song start to finish, and this was understandably a ramble that boiled down to "It's always different!"

    - She said Run Away with Me was her favourite song of hers (this is probably a pretty common one)


    So yeah, did that, the sound check and the group photo with thirty other people, which I may or may not share depending on how my third row bulb head appears. Concert is in a few hours...

    That's awesome! I wish I could have done VIP. There's always next time.

    Seeing her was literally the best night of my life so far, you're in for a treat! Have fun!

  5. On 7/16/2019 at 11:34 PM, Hylia said:

    The way this book destroyed me


    On 7/18/2019 at 12:48 AM, Daenerys said:

    i KNOW giveup1 omg kind of want to reread now

    Have either of you read Circe? Is it any good? When I read The Odyssey, the parts with her and Calypso were my favorites.

    On 7/17/2019 at 7:16 AM, Urbanov said:

    Do it oprah7 Don’t forget to tag me!

    Will do! I leave in about 24 hours!

  6. I’m just dropping in to say Eleven and Max are adorable together. I generally think shipping children is weird, but they’re too cute. I love how Max looks out for Eleven and they both get to bond over being the only girls in the boys’ club. They’re so powerful in completely different ways, Eleven with her literal powers and Max with her confidence and coolness, and I love seeing them learn from each other. This show has been failing the Bechdel test for far too long and it’s about time it had some girl talk. ❤️

  7. 4 hours ago, Chris Morlock said:

    omg a throwback



    A post on the FOTP gossip forum uncovered many of Puth's conservative, pro-Trump posts, compiled by a user named Hermione in 2016 – they found these screenshots and uploaded them to the site. At the time the screenshots were made, Puth's profile picture showed his an image of his dog, Brady (his profile picture today is blank).

    The most iconic thing I ever did on this forum besides getting Benji banned. gaycat1

  8. 13 hours ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

    I just bought a VIP ticket to this in Winnipeg. Front row too, should be fun.


    @Hermione @ajp

    Have fun! I’ve never actually seen her live before, but I daydream about it every day.

    I wouldn’t even know where to start with questions, honestly. I’ve seen so many interviews I feel like I already know everything about her, but I’m sure there’s a lot more.

  9. Did the album make anyone else cry? Maybe I was just starved for new Carly, but a few songs hit me really hard. More specifically Too Much, The Sound, and Real Love. They're all so pretty and relatable.

    Sometime this week I'm going to pick up my best friend I haven't seen in months and we're going to drive around and listen to it. I'm so excited! cry9

  10. I don't get why some people are saying she hasn't evolved or grown at all. I'm not attacking anyone but I kind of feel crazy reading that and I'd like to hear what people mean by that. I've listened to her entire discography inside and out and Dedicated explores more influences than anything else she's done. It's a lot less samey than Kiss and Emotion and much weirder and more experimental.

    Half of it is the sugary 80s pop we've come to expect from her, but the other half has ska, disco, whatever Everything He Needs is supposed to be, and a few more. This is the most sonically diverse she's ever gotten in my opinion. And in terms of lyrics, she's more mature and confident here than ever before while retaining her trademark Carly charm. I heard someone call it Emotion's cooler older sister and that sums it up really well. I don't see how this is a step back or her getting too comfortable at all. And obviously nothing reaches the high of Run Away With Me (although a few moments come close for me personally), but it's a far more consistent album all the way through. I don't know why I was ever worried for it, of course she was going to come through. I think people have falsely remembered Emotion as this perfect album with no flaws, and even though it's my favorite pop album ever it certainly has issues.

  11. So much sonic diversity! Some of the songs sound wildly different from each other but are still undeniably CRJ. I'm pleasantly surprised. R/popheads is living for it so far.

    One of my friends (who is on this forum but I don't want him to get dragged so I won't name him lol) said For Sure and Party For One are the only bops and everything else is just Emotion Side C. I wasn't willing to listen to the leaks so I was kind of nervous when he said that...I'm so glad to be proved wrong.

    My favorites so far are Want You In My Room, Real Love, and then the singles we've already heard. I also love that she tried something different on I'll Be Your Girl and Everything He Needs. The influences are all over the place in the best way possible.

    My only complaint is that some of the songs are way too short. But if that's the worst thing I can say, it must be a damn good album.

  12. 1 hour ago, vesp said:

    Right. rip4 When I got to this page I literally closed the book and cackled, couldn't help meself.


    No amount of "softening" fire would turn it into water - a completely different element. rip2 Rupi gotta GO.

    Doesn’t she have plagiarism allegations against her too? I didn’t even bother with her second book and I hate that her style is spawning so many imitators now. I think I gave milk & honey one star on Goodreads. rip4