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  1. The Sun's Rod Liddle shamed Emma Watson for speaking on gender equality to the UN. Source
  2. She may have lost the Polaris Prize, but there's always next year for Side B.
  3. And white people make fun of Shaniqua? Ridiculous.
  4. Money. She is rich and famous, and as a result doesn't experience a lot of the struggles that other trans people go through. Okay, but Trump is literally a white supremacist. He straight-up said that he would ban all Muslims from entering the United States, and build a wall to keep out the "criminal" and "rapist" Mexicans. It's absolutely important to who someone is.
  5. On Thursdays I have a three-hour gap between my classes, and I can't go home because it's hard to find a parking spot again, so I'm stuck here doing work. Which songs, albums, artists or genres do you use for studying? I find that Alicia Keys in the background works great for me, I'd love to hear what you guys think.
  6. Yes, but I feel like Carly is becoming more alternative and Grimes is becoming more pop. Maybe they'll eventually meet in the middle?
  7. Would you be here for a Watch the Throne-style joint album from Grimes and Carly? Also with possible collabs from Sky Ferreira, Charli XCX, Tegan & Sara, Blood Orange, Solange, Janelle Monae, Robyn and Bleachers. Their last albums were among the most acclaimed of 2015, and they share plenty of stans. I would love to see what these Canadian Tinker Bells come up with together!
  8. Thank you! I love the gif in your signature. Carly needs that veteran status tbh.
  9. Queen needs her own section. A travesty.