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    1. Hylia


      The way everyone else just goes about their business lmfao1 

    2. Hylia




  2. I have THE worst love life. It’s such a joke at this point.

    I found out that the guy I was talking about excitedly a few days ago is racist; he says the n word and everything. laughcry1

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    2. Chris


      Halsey is not declining either meg1


    3. Luca


      I'm really not shading their popularity. It's not rocket science that TOP's impact compared to 2015 has been decreasing. What does Halsey have to do with anything mentioned in this comment? bebe1 

    4. Chris


      cos your avi is halsey and they needed a comeback for your statement, which is false.

      but so is theirs


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  3. Have fun! I’ve never actually seen her live before, but I daydream about it every day. I wouldn’t even know where to start with questions, honestly. I’ve seen so many interviews I feel like I already know everything about her, but I’m sure there’s a lot more.
  4. These are some of my favorites too. The Sound is criminally underrated.
  5. My sexy bi taken barber mysteriously showed up in my DMs 10 minutes after my appointment ended. gaycat1 I went to high school with his bf and I’m not like that but omg my power. gaycat1

    Edit: I left him on read and he just asked for my IG with a ton of emojis rip2

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    2. Hermione


      He’s in his mid to late 20s. And I don’t know his boyfriend personally.

    3. Hermione


      This was only my second time seeing him and he also cuts my (homophobic) dad’s hair so I’m really hesitant about this going anywhere.

    4. Chris
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  6. Vanderpump Rules is the perfect summer show to binge-watch. What a hot mess. legend1

  7. I wanna do bad things to you. Slide on through my window!

    Image result for atrl dancing gif

  8. Did the album make anyone else cry? Maybe I was just starved for new Carly, but a few songs hit me really hard. More specifically Too Much, The Sound, and Real Love. They're all so pretty and relatable. Sometime this week I'm going to pick up my best friend I haven't seen in months and we're going to drive around and listen to it. I'm so excited!
  9. Yes! It sounds a lot like these songs to me, but still original.
  10. I don't get why some people are saying she hasn't evolved or grown at all. I'm not attacking anyone but I kind of feel crazy reading that and I'd like to hear what people mean by that. I've listened to her entire discography inside and out and Dedicated explores more influences than anything else she's done. It's a lot less samey than Kiss and Emotion and much weirder and more experimental. Half of it is the sugary 80s pop we've come to expect from her, but the other half has ska, disco, whatever Everything He Needs is supposed to be, and a few more. This is the most sonically diverse she
  11. The drop at 1:28 in Real Love... Wasn't expecting that at all and it elevated the song from average Carly fare to top 10 of her discography. OMG.
  12. So much sonic diversity! Some of the songs sound wildly different from each other but are still undeniably CRJ. I'm pleasantly surprised. R/popheads is living for it so far. One of my friends (who is on this forum but I don't want him to get dragged so I won't name him lol) said For Sure and Party For One are the only bops and everything else is just Emotion Side C. I wasn't willing to listen to the leaks so I was kind of nervous when he said that...I'm so glad to be proved wrong. My favorites so far are Want You In My Room, Real Love, and then the singles we've already heard. I also
  14. On this day in history, Carly Rae Jepsen activated the Infinity Gauntlet and disintegrated half of your faves' careers with one snap. We're in the endgame now, gays. cry7

  15. For an epic fantasy series with a satisfying ending, look no further than Lord of the Rings.

    Image result for kenya shade gif

    1. Hermione


      True...but all of them are better than a certain other one! interesting1

    2. Madonna


      Poor Game of Trash. I'm so happy I never gave in to people pushing me to watch that shit only for it to end in such a disappointing way that actors and creator both agree that it's shit.


    3. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      I haven't actually seen the eighth season of GoT yet, so I can't comment on its quality, although the seventh was kinda feeble. Overall I would definitely say I prefer Game of Thrones to The Lord of the Rings, at least the show/films (haven't read the books). I actually rewatched all of the LOTR films pretty recently and although I really like Fellowship, I'm not too fond of the latter two films.

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  16. Influencer representation in the media is at an all-time high. We've come so far! legend1

  17. James Charles and Constance Wu completely overshadowed Kim and Kanye's new baby. They DID that. legend1

    1. Chapman


      wait she was upset over her own tv show getting renewed? what the fuck rip4 

    2. Hermione


      Lol yes. A spoiled brat.

  18. Not posting it as a news thread because it's still just a rumor, but I heard that JT from City Girls got knocked up by one of the prison guards. dead1

  19. Seeing Endgame at 8 EST tomorrow!

  20. My dad is trying to embarrass me at the Easter dinner table by showing everyone my cinnamon challenge video from 2012. dead1

    1. ajp


      Just wait until your wedding day ari11

    2. Holiest Dreams

      Holiest Dreams

      Electric chair him (literally)

    3. Chris


      What such an old video dead1


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  21. 2019 is shaping up to be the return of the kind of pop we love...Beyonce, Ariana, Madonna, Carly, Lizzo, Marina, Taylor, and probably a few more I'm forgetting. What a much-needed change of pace from the last few years. legend1

    1. Ariana


      Rihanna hopefully gaycat1

  22. I'll be whispering Julien  💖

    1. ajp


      OMG! This song is what we needed and deserved oprah7